Why Businesses Should Choose To Build React Native App with Expo & AWS Amplify

You might be planning to build a react native app with Expo and AWS Amplify, but do you know why you should go with Expo and AWS Amplify for your react native app development?

Let us understand expo, AWS Amplify, its benefit, and how they help to make React native apps.

What is AWS Amplify?

Offers the easiest way to build mobile and web applications on AWS, also console for building, deploying, and hosting web apps, and AWS device farm for testing mobile apps on real iOS and Android devices.

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AWS Amplify and the CLI enable developers to build, deploy and host your mobile web applications, applications build in react native with Expo empowers in getting new features to your users faster. AWS supports both ways in scaling your application via cloud services and accelerating them to production.

What languages and platforms does the amplify framework support?
It supports iOS, Android, Web, and React Native apps adding more that is deep integration with react, Ionic, Angular and Vue.js for web apps.

How AWS Amplify works with AWS cloud services?

Amplify is one of the frameworks of AWS which is organized on the features you want to add in your apps such as offline data, multi-factor authentication, analytics, and others. When these features are configured using Amplify CLI the necessary cloud services get provisioned for you.

What is Expo?

Expo is a complete tool that comes with (SDK) that supports React native application development. You have to write code in Xcode for building an iOS app and Android Studio for Android application. Expo eliminates the dual coding effect by its advanced features and inbuilt libraries that developers can develop both iOS and Android apps just by coding in JavaScript.

Does expo support iOS and Android from scratch to end?

Yes, Expo is an SDK tool that supports the developer in coding one-time code in JavaScript.

Why you should go with Expo?

  • Facilitates in setting up the project in an easy way and minutes.
  • App sharing is made easy by just publishing an app using “expo publish command link” (using the QR code).
  • Hassle-free creation of .apk and .ipa in Expo
  • Services like Facebook, Google login, push notifications can be easily integrated into your app without any hard work.

Now, this is what you might be seeing something interesting right? Writing on JS and getting developed both iOS and Android at once!

Yes Expo and AWS Amplify does not stop here with their benefits, they have got a lot in them that they provide which has made them super popular in a very short time.

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We will get to know below the benefits of building apps in expo and AWS amplify, which has made many new bees in planning to have their application building react native with expo and AWS Amplify.

1. It allows the developer to test on a real device without having an apple developer account ($99/year). Expo offers a free expo app in the play store and app store to run your app within it. It will not give an experience like same as we get after downloading as you are just in the Expo app but it is cool to test.

2. Expo offers and handles a bunch of configuration steps while deploying your app. configuring by self in Expo gives an awesome experience to beginners who usually do not come from a mobile development background.

3. Expo is a complete tool that comes with SDK which enables it in handling multiple features of an app like camera, maps, analytics, location tracking, accelerometer, etc. yes there is no doubt that most of these features can be implemented using open source packages but having everything at once a place has what made Expo Bravo.

4. Updating your app

  • Having built an app traditionally in alone react native, to release new versions, the developer has to create a new IPA and APK file and again they have to re-submit to the associated store.
  • Whereas in Expo JavaScript code, is hosted remotely, thus your app will download any changes and updates made within JavaScript. All you need to do is just re-publish them.

Wrapping up

The release of expo version 33 will enable developers to make users experience the power of native UI widgets. Expo allows building iOS, Android, and Web apps with one code base that saves time and faster delivery.

AWS Amplify is one of the frameworks of AWS that accelerates the development process and vanishes the pain of managing AWS services and strengthening server-less computing and ensuring one back-end support for Android, iOS, and Web clients.

If you are looking to build a universal React Native app with AWS Amplify and Expo, then hire react native developers from a leading React Native App Development Company who fulfill your requirement within a time frame.