Build React Native Apps 60% Faster than Native App Development (Android or iOS)

Thinking about developing a new mobile app? How fast you want it to be built? Most businesses intend to get their app developed ASAP for multiple platform and devices. In this write-up we help startups, enterprises and business owners learn how to release their app quickly on multiple platform and devices with the help of React Native framework.

What is basically required by the businesses is the shortest span of the app development cycle, easy and quicker deployment of the mobile app and enhanced app performance. The two premier operating systems Android and iOS are there dominating the whole mobile devices application development industry.

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The solution to this issue is building native apps with React Native. If you create react native app, you are sure to get an advantage of developing with industry-leading technology that rolls on well on both the native app development platforms.

If you have a question on how fast app developers can build native apps with React Native or if you are an aspiring business owner, entrepreneur or startup with planning to build mobile apps for your business in future then this write-up will answer your queries on how to develop apps faster.

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What makes React Native different from other frameworks?

When you develop an app on React Native, you get advantages of both the platforms – Android as well iOS. Because React Native developers take the components of both the platforms and you can build react native apps faster. Moreover, you will find no traces of JavaScript after installing the app on any mobile device. Building blocks used in the React Native apps are the same as are found in Android and iOS apps.

Why React Native is the Future of Hybrid App Development – Great Potentials to Promise:

React Native is popularly looked upon as the future of the hybrid app development mainly because of the following reason:

  • When you develop an app on React Native framework, it saves the developers’ time usually spent in recompiling of the modification, each modification is reloaded spontaneously during the development phase.
  • The developers have to only a single code base which is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. It once again saves a considerable amount of time for the developers. Hence you can release your app faster with react native.
  • React Native development is cost-effective too as there is only one code to create, update and that too by a developer.
  • This framework ensures the high-quality performance, better UI and well-optimized user experience which is essential to roll on well in the industry.
  • It would be easier for an experienced JavaScript developer to build mobile apps faster using React Native framework. He doesn’t have to spend much time in learning the ecosystem and language of the different operating system.

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How React Native helps you build mobile apps 60% faster?

Don’t waste time recompiling:

The best facility offered by React Native is that you can build a native app comparatively faster than done on the native platforms. You don’t need to recompile the app as you are at ease to reload the app spontaneously. The state of the application need not be changed even while running a new code.

Use native code when you need to:

The amazing feature React Native framework is packed with is its blend with the components whether they are written in Objective-C, Java or Swift. Moreover, you can build part of the application in React Native and a part of the app using native code to build native mobile apps.

React Native is all about the UI:

React Native is much more focused on mobile UI and therefore, it gives highly responsive UI using JavaScript library and its interaction with the native environment. This is the reason why it has the least load time and a delicate feel as compared to that with a typical hybrid app.

Reusable components allow hybrid apps to render natively:

React native is capable enough to render a look and feel consistent to iOS or Android due to the reusable components with React. In simple words, the building blocks of an app are it Android or iOS are in fact reusable components which directly compile directly to the native platform.

It offers third-party plug-in compatibility, less memory usage, and a smoother experience:

React native is the best option when you have to integrate a third-party plug-in for a particular functionality. You can link a plugin of a third-party with its native module with which you can use the functionality as it is there in the original hybrid app.

You can release your app faster with React Native with the following attributes:

  • Get started in 30 seconds
  • Feedbacks are real quick
  • Java Scripts
  • NPM – Node Package Manager
  • AR Kit
  • Open Source Libraries by Facebook – React
  • Made by Facebook
  • Used by some of the Top Startups
  • It is a cross-platform [Hybrid app development]
  • It is really native – adding efficiency of native apps

React Native is the most preferable framework especially for the JavaScript developers. The reason is the ease of the coding while crafting and inserting any functionality with the same feel and look of a hybrid native app. React Native has almost eliminated the burden of re-coding and compilation. You can trust this framework and top React Native App Development Companies to give a topnotch and smooth feel to your dream app for both iOS and Android.