Ruby On Rails + ReactJS = A Perfect Combination..!

In the present scenario, most of the applications are cheering up the dynamic content. All users accessing the mobile applications expect it to be responsive and well engaging. For fulfilling such expectations of end users, one should enhance the technology with a user friendly frontend and strong backend framework.

React – Modern FrontEnd, Rails as the Backend

When it comes to creating an application with high efficiency, better quality, better security and within a minimal budget, the only name comes in mind is Ruby On Rails. Ruby on Rails is used as a backend framework, and there are various combinations of this framework with some or the other frontend frameworks. According to research, combinations like ROR, NodeJs, React, Angular and many more are becoming popular nowadays for building single page applications. Here, the combination of ReactJS and Ruby on Rails is one of the most promising technologies that assures better performance and scalable apps. It fulfills the user expectations at its best, and also helps in faster development of applications.

Among all Javascript frameworks, ReactJS is the new popular pick for every developer or industry looking for single page application development projects. React features the V(view) module where all other frameworks feature complete MVC(Model View Controller architecture/design pattern) module. It is considered as the best user interface building open source javascript library. Since the time it is released by Facebook in 2013, React is getting popular amongst the IT professionals and developers.

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Benefits of React & Rails:

1.Fast Development

When coded together, the development gets faster with React and rails application. Rails framework provides the easy going solutions for any query that is easy to read and write, and React helps in maintaining the front end with lesser code format. There are many ways of building APIs. This creates the most convenient method of development that increases the speed of app development.

2.Trustable Technology

Huge web applications are already built using the Rails framework, like GITHUB, ZENDESK, TWITTER, AIRBNB and many more in the count. Many developers and companies are willing to work with rails. These are the proven modules available to develop the dynamic application of any kind. That makes rails the most reliable technology with the highest development standards.

3.Less Code, less efforts, more output

Both of these frameworks benefit the developers with their lesser code writing features as compared to other frameworks. It helps writing code only by adding libraries or necessary structured components and avoiding the unnecessary codes.

4.Easy Maintenance

Combination of React and Ruby is a better solution for any application as compared to other combinations present out there. It helps in easy maintenance outside the DOM and that in turns gets easy to test app. It presents the best output of the application.

5.Satisfying End-users

An application created using ReactJs speeds up the redirection and rendering of the application that attract users for more frequently for using the application. As such apps offer great experience and enhanced interactivity, app owners and developers can expect more users downloading them.

Summing Up

When one needs to develop an app, the first question that arises in the mind of developer or the Ruby On Rails Development Company is: What to do to get the maximum output from it? For any dynamic application, the best choice can be combination of Rails with ReactJS (the flexible Javascript).