How much will it cost to hire a Xamarin developer?

According to estimation, approximately more than 800,000 developers have preferred Xamarin to build native mobile apps for different industry verticals. This is the reason why the Xamarin developers’ community is in great demand and cost to hire Xamarin developers has increased as compared to that with the other similar platforms. This write-up throws light on the key aspects like

  • Why should Xamarin be there for your app development?
  • How to find and hire Xamarin app developer.
  • The cost to hire Xamarin developer.
  • Benefits of Hiring Xamarin mobile app developers.

As more and more of the businesses are going online, the demand for the mobile apps has increased to a greater extent than ever before. Considering the figures, 62% of businesses have either developed a mobile application or are in the process of building a mobile app. It is rather the mobile apps that fetch the best ROI to the businesses which are built with native flavors.

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Why is Xamarin preferred for the app development?

The reason behind the increase in the demand of the Xamarin app developer is the cost-difference over the native app development cost. There is no doubt that the Android and iOS native app development tools are free yet some affiliated tools are required to be paid. On the other hand, Xamarin IDE is free. However, the features like Xamarin app development training and Xamarin Test Cloud are to be paid.

Xamarin being a cross-platform app development tool is the most convenient platform for the development of an app for both Android and iOS.

  • To date, Xamarin has remained the first choice for every business owner since the day one of its launches in May 2011.
  • There are approximately 1.4 million developers and 15000 business organizations across the globe using this cross-platform tool.
  • This tool has proved its worth mainly because of the comfort of developing the business logic of mobile applications using a single codebase.
  • Xamarin has been being used by various industry verticals be it a media, transportation, gaming, finance, or healthcare organization.
  • There has been a worth noting growth 33,14% of the client base of this platform in the USA only during 2016-17.
  • Moreover, there has been a significant increase in the search on Google for Xamarin as the keyword and Xamarin app developer from early 2016 from the countries like Denmark, India, South Africa, New Zealand and Belarus.

How to hire a Xamarin app developer?

The hiring process of a Xamarin app developer may not be any different from the process of hiring any other platform developer. However, you need to take care of the following aspects while hiring a Xamarin developer considering the prime requirements of your application.

The general considerations while hiring mobile app developers for cross-platforms will obviously the balance between the demand and supply of the developers and the apps.

Secondly, it is equally important to consider the location to hire a Xamarin app developer. For example, in the case of the USA and Canada, the demand for the Xamarin freelance developers is two times more than the supply.

Considering the above two aspects, you can hire the Xamarin developers with the following steps:

Hiring from the Local Market:

You can hire Xamarin app developers from the local market simply by posting jobs on different social media platforms. However, when you hire a Xamarin developer from a local market you may have to bear certain additional costs like insurance, government compliance cost, besides the salaries to be paid to them.

Project-based Outsourcing:

This is a very convenient mode of especially when you intend to get your complete project developed by an outsourcing company or Freelance Xamarin developers. In this mode, the burden of the team formation and management, entire project management, will be shifted to the hired agency or the outsourcing company. The main disadvantage of this model might be in the form of the misinterpretation of the requirements, delays, and additional cost of paying the professionals like business analysts, less control over the development process.

Dedicated Teams Model:

In this mode, you can contract with an off-shore Xamarin app development company and Hire Xamarin App Developers for your project. In this mode, the dedicated resources will directly be reporting to you and you will have a considerable control over your project development phases.

Checklist before hiring Xamarin Developers:

Having decided the type of the Xamarin developer, you need to evaluate the capabilities of the developers in the light of the experience and expertise the developer has on Xamarin platform with a proven history of developing cross-platform apps.

If you’re creating a new app from scratch, you may need a more experienced mobile developer with the experience to take the project from the beginning and see it through to completion. If you have a smaller budget and are doing more simple updates, you can specify that you need a junior or intermediate-level developer.

The cost to hire a Xamarin App Developer:

Xamarin developer’s salary differs from country to country and depends on the kind of the project you wish to hire a mobile app developer for. Usually, the Xamarin developers are expected to possess deep knowledge about programming with C#, .Net framework and Xamarin or Visual Studio. Considering the knowledge and expertise over these platforms, the average cost to hire Xamarin developer ranges between $ 20 to $50+ per hour depending on the time frame, project requirements, and complexity of the projects.

Benefits of Hiring Xamarin mobile app developers:
Before we dive deep into the topic, let us have a look at the benefits of hiring Xamarin mobile app developers:

  • Pocket friendliness
  • Native API access
  • Improved developer productivity
  • Automated testing,

You’re Turn:
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