Choosing a Great CRM for Ecommerce Business Made Easy

Online retailers make use of different channels to connect with their patrons. Online marketplaces, ecommerce stores, social media, and more channels are used to ensure that the customers get the best experience when they shop online. There may be some emergencies or issues with order fulfillment from time to time. In order to manage all the orders efficiently and satisfy the customers, online retailers make use of CRM ecommerce integration.

CRM integration with Magento ecommerce helps to streamline the shipments and track the orders easily. Modern consumers expect interaction with the ecommerce professionals at the speed of light. Managing your customers becomes easier when you choose the right CMS system for your ecommerce store. CRM ecommerce integration with Magento helps to track the customers’ online footprints, purchase behavior, and deliver exceptional customer service. Today’s consumers are more educated than ever and they expect advanced detailed information about the products on your site. For instance, shoppers would be happy to know how much stock is available while buying from an online store. They also expect status updates once the order is shipped. Ecommerce store owners can personalize the users’ experience and increase the conversion rates of Magento eCommerce Store.

Who should use CRM solutions?

The answer is very simple. B2B and B2C ecommerce companies can increase their conversion rates and optimize their marketing efforts to make more sales. More and more ecommerce players are switching to CRM solutions to stay ahead in the race. Online shop owners can use custom ecommerce relationship management system that can be used by website owners as well as customers. Magento Ecommerce and CRM work together and ensure a smooth, convenient customer experience that results in more sales and profits.

We’ve listed top 5 reasons why ecommerce websites should integrate CRM systems:

1. Improved demand and supply chain

Ecommerce CRM software offers demand-driven planning features. The ecommerce owners can get real sales data and they can predict supply of various goods. Sourcing the products based on demands becomes easier.

2. Gain competitive advantage

Automated and synchronized data improves the efficiency as it ensures correct order fulfillment and timely delivery of all the products. Manage your prospects better and on-board new customers efficiently with the right CRM ecommerce solution. Streamline all the orders and products delivery to make your business be more productive.

3. Improve Sales team performance

Do you always worry about your team making mistakes for the customers’ orders? CRM integration for Magento store can help the sales team to provide better customer service. The orders will be managed properly and timely communication will increase customer satisfaction. The sales team can cross-sell or upsell more effectively and result in your ecommerce business growth.

4. Minimize Losses & Costs

Without CRM integration, your online store may be experiencing some losses due to manual errors or typos by the team. If you still use manual data transfer methods for your online store, there are greater chances of errors and typos. Using a CRM solution for your ecommerce business can have a great impact on reducing the losses and making more profits.

5. Detailed reporting and forecast

CRM software development facilitates customizable reporting options that show all the actions by your business. You can use this data for budget planning and finding the areas that require improvement.

Key Advantage of CRM solution for E-Commerce Companies

CRM is mostly considered as the software that simplifies the ecommerce business but the key advantages of CRM solution makes it more than just a solution but lifeline for all ecommerce business. It do simplifies the process along with that it also manages your customer data, customer behavior to provide accurate tools to act accordingly.

  • Leads/Contacts management + Lead recording
  • Competent Business
  • Data/Report Management
  • Workflow automation
  • Brief study and reporting
  • Forecast/Prediction
  • Enhance clientele homage
  • Sales management/Administration
  • Consumer association and support management through ticketing, emails or live chat
  • SEO management and Performance Analytics to well-organize business
  • Social media channels management

Yes, we all see change and with the change and passing of time, there are various other features in the market like organization roles setup, AI- based chatbots and many more have land themselves, looking to which competing and standing tall in the market CRM has some additional advanced list of features that can be considered and choose to proceed with that makes it an effective CRM.

eCommerce websites should integrate a CRM solution that provides the following functions to ease your routine management problems

#1 Assembling Significant Customer Data

Assembling important information of the customers can be obtained by having them creating accounts. While filling the application form, customer enters several information like email, contact number, and more that ecommerce website can use to better serve in future.

Data is always oxygen for any business. The collected data is precious to an ecommerce business that can be used to approach each customer on the basis of their likes, taste and in most systematic way.

#2 Re-Engaging Customers

CRM Implementation Services always supports ecommerce business in increases their sales by encouraging them with extra purchases, personal coupon codes, newsletters, loyalty points, and notifications about discounts. Giving VIP treatment with promotional offers always helps you in attracting customers that ultimately increases sales.

#3 Email Marketing

Email marketing is the act of sending a commercial message in bulk with specific approach to all the customers at a time. Email marketing has proved the best solution on ROI that is provides, studies by the EConsultancy and Adestra.

Good CRM system supports retailers in approaching each customer specifically with the feature of automatic email marketing campaign. If no action is been taken from the customer’s end, CRM email marketing system will send them a reminding email with the new updates of your shopping carts.

#4 Allocate factual Analytics

Analyzing and making reports on the basis of market study is possible but not enough to get actual reports of your own business. To get actual and factual reports with accurate analysis in order to get your business increase, get an efficient CRM that is able to give you sales history, in-depth analytics about most in-demand products and services, the successful promotions and many more. Quality CRM also provides forecasting that helps in predicting to preplan about the business strategies.

#5 Customer Support

Human always needs a human to listen. Many businesses underestimate the importance of customer support that results in decrease in revenue. According to an article by Forbes, businesses lose more than $60 billion per year due to insufficient customer support.

#6 Social Media Integration

Every 5th person in the world is using smart phone now whereas the all new eCommerce website are also now getting built considering mobile to reach maximum customers.

Social media has recorded 5 times increase in last 10 years with the increase in popularity and importance of smart phone and internet that has made social media play vital role worldwide.

Retailers now have social media group and have huge marketplace retailers and users leveraging Social media. An article by Business Insider indicates that in 2014, the top 500 retailers made $3.3 billion from social shopping, and their income from this revenue channel has most certainly grown by today.

Popular CRM Providers for Ecommerce

CRM software development is a huge industry that grows always. Statista survey states that CRM software development industry will grow to $26.6 Billion by 2021. There are tons of CRM software development companies that build custom CRM solutions for ecommerce businesses.

Choosing the right microsoft dynamics CRM development company for your ecommerce business is important. We’ve listed the most popular CRM solutions, and explained the unique features to help you understand the benefits and make the right choice.


This is a major customer relationship software that offers a lot of notable features to help businesses of all the sizes across various industries. Being the largest player in the CRM market, it offers the least expensive plan for around $25 monthly. This platform offers Salesforce IQ – solution for ecommerce sector. Small and mid-sized companies can use Salesforce to keep an eye on all the aspects of their ecommerce business.

Key Features

The major feature of SalesforceIQ is scalability. If your business expands, it’s easier to upgrade to Sales Cloud CRM. It provides highly detailed customer profile to the users. This awesome CRM platform allows the website owners to designate customer as marketing or sales references. Opportunity tracking is a unique feature that helps you keep a track of important data such as communications with customers, milestones, and more. Automatic emails can be sent to team members for reminders. AI feature of this platform is remarkable. Salesforce can be integrated with email and calendar apps to personalize the customer experience.


This is a popular CRM software that is a trusted choice of several ecommerce website owners across the globe. Being prices from $15 each month, this CRM provides features like reports, sales forecasting, mass mailing, and more.

Key Features

Zoho is known for its lead and contact management functionality. It also helps to automate the daily sales tasks. AI feature in Zoho’s Enterprise plan helps the sales team predict the demand and streamline supply. Their amazing Zia software make use of AI and machine learning to help ecommerce owners boost their sales.

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This CRM is suitable for individual operations and small businesses. Startups and small enterprises that want to collect information from customers, build databases, and manage email marketing campaigns can make use of this CRM software. Monthly fee for this platform is $25.

Key Features

Act offers holistic customer view and lead management tools. It can store the changes made offline also and update them as soon as internet connection gets restored. Ecommerce business owners can manage their CRM from the roadside also.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

This is a cloud based CRM tool that provides great solutions for sales, customer support, marketing, and a lot more. It starts from $95 monthly, but offers great value for the money spent by ecommerce owners. It truly justifies that price tag. Predictive Intelligence is a unique feature that helps you build custom email marketing plans and grow your sales. This Microsoft product is also compatible with Windows. As it offers incredible features such as lead management, field service automation, integration with Sharepoint, Word, Outlook, and other Microsoft apps, it is a trusted choice of millions of ecommerce owners worldwide.

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Key Features

Microsoft Dynamics has a mobile app that provides a mobile workspace to the users. The pleasing dashboard is loved by its users. Powerful data tracking, tracking complex orders, organized data management, detailed reporting, and sales force automation are some of the features that tempt the users to choose Microsoft Dynamics. Users can choose the modules and applications that fit their business objectives.


This free and simple to use CRM helps the users manage the customers’ database and categorize them according to their buying trends and preferences. All the clients’ interactions can be stored within your website. It offers a paid version too, which is called Hubsport Sales Pro and starts at $50 monthly.

Key Features

Online retailers can create emails and customize them as per the customers’ segments. It offers detailed analytics to allow online ecommerce owners determine which templates work for them and increase sales.


SAP ensures that online retailers enhance their engagement capabilities and deliver a great customer experience across various channels. It allows the online store owners boost customer engagement and drive more sales by streamlining order-to-cash processes.

SAP Hybrid Cloud for Sales is a paid version that starts from $23 monthly and helps you better understand the users’ behaviors.

Key Features

It is known for its capability of scanning business cards with mobile app. This CRM can be used for capturing the information seamlessly and automatically. It helps your sales team sell smarter and boosts your profits.

Can I have a CRM built from scratch?

Absolutely. Custom CRM software built from scratch can be the best solution if you have some specific needs to be met. You can have the functionality you need and solve your business problems easily. One can get rid of unnecessary modules and scripts and have the features that are needed. This will affect the efficiency and productivity of your business.

One major advantage of custom-built CRM software is that you do not have to pay the license fees monthly. Though you may have to pay CRM development cost upfront, it will help you save a lot of time and efforts in the long run.

How to get custom-built CRM software solution?

i-Verve is a top Magento development services provider company that can help you achieve your business goals. All you need to do is explain them your goals, and the expert Magento developers for hire will provide you with a detailed feature-list. With years of experience in the industry, the company has worked with clients of all the sizes across different industries and helped them get the best value for money.


Every ecommerce store needs CRM integration to simplify their business processes. Whether you choose a ready made CRM software or build it from the scratch, make sure that it helps you achieve your business objectives.