Cross Platform App development with React Native – Agile, Smoother, and Cost-effective

This write-up is especially meant to be for the benefits attached to the most in demand the React Native apps that have changed the phase of businesses across the globe. The first we need to be clear about the fact is that every business, in today’s era, is expected to be compatible to multiple platforms- cross platforms due to the sky-high numbers of the mobile users. This is the reason why the demand for the cross-platform apps is triggered at a rocketing speed to a greater extent. Moreover, let us be clear about one crucial aspect that cross platform development offers the same functions and features on different mobile platforms like Android and iOS on different platforms which you cannot expect from a hybrid app.

“Robust and Adroit Cross-Platform Mobile Apps development and designing by combining React Native Existing Libraries, Native Components, Flexible and Standardized development process that runs smoothly on multiple devices and saves the client up to 80% of the effort they were supposed to apply earlier.”

The basic difference between the hybrid apps and the React Native apps is of the behavior and performance on different platforms. A Hybrid app is a blend of the native app and a web application and mostly run on a base of website view.

Whereas native apps are developed on the prime languages like Java- for Android and Objective C or Swift for iOS. This element makes the Native apps agile with the best performance. Most of the social media apps like Facebook, Skype, Sound Cloud etc are very good examples of native apps.

Why you should choose to develop a React Native App:

The first and prime reason for developing react native apps is that they are efficient, highly compatible and scalable requiring less investment of time and efforts.

In terms of the benefits that you can count on the React Native apps are:

1. Coding in Platform-specific language:

The development process of a React Native app is comparatively agile and easier than that of a Hybrid app. You have ready made native components in react native apps and hence it is easy to render the JavaScript code to the languages of various mobile platforms. As a React Native Developer, you just need to weave a code in JavaScript and then to adjust it according to the platforms like Android or iOS considering the user interface. This simple development process makes the React Native App development agile and efficient.

2. Run on Flexbox and SVG:

React Native App development is coupled with the advantage of Flexbox which offers the developers a layout of the user interface compatible with every screen dimensions of mobile devices. This is economic in terms of time as well as cost as the developers don’t have to adjust the codes for different operating systems and their updated versions.

3. Minimum Number of Developers required:

Only one prudent JavaScript developer is enough to do away with the development of a React Native App as there are numerous ready made components compatible with different functionalities like GPSBluetoothcamera, and push notifications. All that your developer needs is to be good at platform specific programming language. Yes, you can also integrate an Android or iOS developer, if you are determined to keep the release date of your app.

4. Ease of conversion from a Web app to React Native App:

If you are virtually there with a web application with a React then it would be much easier for you to convert the web app to React Native app as you won’t require drafting the React codes from the scratch. You will have to just modify the layout and style of the server. This is going to turn out to be economic in respect of time as well as cost.

5. Consistency in terms of UX:

The most you will earn through your app depends on the user experience your app offers to the end-user. One of the best advantages that you can grab with the React Native apps is that you will always find consistency in look, feel, and use of your app. In other words, the user interface and experience of a react native app will be the same be it Android or iOS platform.

6. Saves upto 40% Development Cost and faster ROI

Hire dedicated React Native developers for your dream cross-platform mobile app development who uses open-source cross-platform technology to develop the app faster and stay strong longer in the market to get better and fast ROI with the quick launching of Android and iOS apps with one-time coding.

The less development time saves up to 40% development cost and helps in generating faster ROI. Several famous companies like SkypePinterestInstagram and more are using React Native where they have experienced the phenomenal market support from businesses and developers due to its popularity, availability, and cost-effectiveness has made the first choice for cross-platform app development.

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7. Faster Delivery with single codebase

With the single codebase for multiple platforms, now you can prevent yourself from coordinating separate teams or individual experts of a specific technology, testing and maintaining apps separately for a specific app.

We can say it now, ONE PROJECT, ONE TEAM with TWO PLATFORMS.

Cross-platform App development Benefits for product owners and software developers –

1. Cost-effective

Enterprise Cross-platform applications development are cost-effective. How so?

  • UI elements specific to each platform
  • The common codebase for app’s general business logic
  • A problem of two can be solved at once fixing a bug in the common codebase
  • One time unit tests writing that saves time and resources for testing
  • 80% of the codes can be reused

Using simple codes, you can perform a complex task in React Native, which also ensures the high-speed responsiveness and agility of web apps. As a business owner or entrepreneur, starting a new venture/ journey expecting the fast ROI with less investment and in a limited time, you cannot just invest in an idea you have. Hiring an expert cross-platform app development team of react-native can assure you the fast ROI in limited investment.

2. One product, One team and Two Platforms

Entrepreneurs or business owners who wish to have their apps developed in cross-platform need not worry to have separate teams for separate platform app development. A single team holding expertise in programming and various set of technologies will be enough to hire to meet your requirements.

Advantages for End Users using modern cross-platform apps

1. Ideal for prototyping

React Native empowers the app owners to release the app faster on both the platform before their rivals. It is ideal for prototyping as it offers a single codebase to be reused for multiple platforms. Choosing react native for your cross-platform app development helps you in hitting the market with complete security, without compromising in the quality and end product.

2. Greater Target Audience reach and easier marketing

React Native helps you get Mobile apps developed for both platforms where you can target audience at the same time by promoting and offering sales channels for various businesses.

React Native developers code in such a way that it proves to be search engine favorable and helps your app and business rank grow which helps in greater reach and easier marketing.


The React Native App Development is gaining more popularity day by day because it turns out to be advantageous in respect of the time to invest, money, and above all- the overall performance of the application from the point of view of the end-user. Moreover, there can be more technological advancements in the current framework which is sure to give the react native apps a shiny future so far as the cross-platform development is concerned.