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Friendship between Healthcare Industry
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Healthcare mobile apps development have become a popular choice of several patients and doctors. It’s very convenient for the patients and fitness freaks to use their mobile devices to work for their health. Such mobile apps can track the state of one’s health and signal if something goes wrong. mHealth apps allows doctors to refer to the medical history of the patients remotely and give advice or feedback to patients or their respective family members.

Types of popular mHealth apps

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is all set to take medical and healthcare apps to a whole new level. this technology touches areas like self examination of patients and allows doctors to conduct complex operations without patients.It reduces the clinic visit frequency and decreases the medical costs also.

IoT & Wearables

The need for health and fitness apps has been on the rise since the last couple of years. Patients can keep a track and monitor their fitness levels and doctors and hospitals can manage their administrative tasks with wearable devices. IoT contributes to better health and patient care.

Big Data

Big Data helps to address the complex challenges associated with health records of the patients. Doctors can get access to medical history of patients, lab test results, and other data to manage medication lists and treatment plans.


This is an emerging technology & solution in the medical and healthcare industry. Telemedicine can be used by patients to make video calls to doctors and have their sickness diagnosed. Without traveling to the doctor’s clinic, one can avail the suggestions for medication/treatment. It is advisable for chronic conditions.


Preserving patients’ data and critical information and making it accessible when required may be challenge for the healthcare industry. Deploying blockchain in healthcare apps can help to eradicate this problem.

Machine Learning

Machine learning has brought autonomous robotic surgery to make the lives of doctors and patients easier. Machine learning combines visual data and motor patterns to allow machines to conduct complex surgeries.

Benefit of mHealth apps

Diagnosing a health problem and treating it involves plenty of data. mHealth apps bridge the gap between patients and doctors and ensure better patient care. i-Verve has huge expertise in building mHealth apps for doctors, clinics, and hospitals to make the lives of doctors, medical professionals, and patients easier. Want to develop a custom mHealth app to match the app requirements, contact us.

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