Dedicated Resource Model: A Cost-effective and Futuristic Engagement Model for Businesses

Dedicated resource model is a type of business engagement model which is preferred by a majority of the clients who seek a professional IT team for building a website, mobile application or software. This is due to its cost-effectiveness and efficient time utilization. It gives a company the flexibility to choose the kind of talent it needs and manage them in the way they want.

The practice of hiring new talent one by one and making a team is not only long and tiring but also is costly. Research suggests that by using the Dedicated Resource Model, one can bring down the project costs by up to 40%. It is thus beneficial for any business to outsource their work and directly hire a team of skilled professionals for a specified period of time in which those IT professionals only work for them.

Scope and Use of Dedicated Resource Hiring Model

Usually, businesses don’t have a skilled IT team which can design and develop software, mobile application development or website which a business might need. Even if they have a team of developers, they might not have the right knowledge and experience. Any IT project is created with a view that it will improve the productivity of the company. A business should not risk it by using its in-house developers.

Every IT project needs a dedicated team, if you use your own developers you are not only jeopardizing one but both their work. A dedicated resource model provides you a team as per your requirement.

Using this form of engagement model is best suited for projects where the requirements are unclear and scope of frequent changes is high.

Dedicated Resource Model: Stages of Engagement

  • Client finds the area that needs improvement and decides to use a technology to improve productivity in that area.
  • Analysis is done whether the in-house professionals will meet the needs or talent will be needed from the outside.
  • The client goes through the skills and experience of the professionals they need and choose the one they think fits perfectly for the job.
  • A team is made and discussions are held about the project.
  • Jobs are allocated according to their skills and knowledge.
  • Project is controlled and managed by the client on the PMS platforms and communication is done via Skype, Emails and Conference Calls.

Dedicated Resource Model: Benefits

Clients have full control over the project delivery and teamwork due to the clear project management, progress tracking tools and convenient interaction means. Benefits of the Dedicated team model are quite numeral: … transmission of project knowledge and familiarity with the client’s business domain.

Low start-up cost and no hidden charges

The costs of hiring employees, management and other benefits provided to them, along with infrastructure and system needs to sum up to a very large amount. Also, the model itself is very clear and there is no hidden charge like the ones that other models usually have.

Select your own customized team

You can make your own team and customize it as per your necessity and budget. You can make a mix of experienced and young professionals to make sure you don’t overshoot your expenses and at the same time get the skilled and experienced professional on the key position.

Team alteration flexibility

This is the biggest advantage of this model. The client in this model gets the flexibility to change the team members as the project grows and different team members can be added and dropped as per the project-demand. This makes the DRM model risk-free and future-proof.

Saving your time

The whole process of hiring the right professionals and that too for contract basis can take very long. Dedicated Resource Model is a quick way to directly start the development of a website, mobile application or software rather than wasting time in these unproductive tasks.

Building a terrific product

Experts can be hired who have the knowledge of frontend, backend, UI/UX development and other technologies so that you don’t have to compromise on the quality of the product. Good cohesion and communication between the individuals working on the project will deliver a fruitful result which is only possible if you hire a whole dedicated team rather than hiring freelancers.

Improve Profitability

A technological solution will improve the profitability of a business by increasing productivity of its employees and the accuracy of the system. Both these will help in increasing the productivity while keeping the input cost constant. This will greatly improve the productivity of the business.

Focus on the core business

When your daily menial work will reduce, you will get more time to focus on your core business activity and think creatively about new products. This will help your business grow and give you new markets. Outsourcing IT projects to companies that provide DRM will give you the peace of mind so that you can get this kind of focus.

Proven development methodology

DRM team uses the Agile methodology of product development which ensures that the project is completed in the pre-determined budget and within the time allotted for the budget. The team usually has long experience in working with agile methodology and unless a team has worked on this, it is difficult to deliver the project in time.

DRM is a great way to develop a project which needs to be developed quickly. The only downside of this project is, it would require your company to have your own in-house team of developers or enough technical knowledge to lead the DRM team.

How can i-Verve help?

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