8 reasons: Why enterprises prefer to develop apps and software with .NET technology?

Enterprise applications that meet the high performance and customer usability require a technology that is trusted, scalable and makes the business efficient in the long run. Microsoft .Net technology delivers unfaltering user experiences and meets the growing needs of an enterprise. Large businesses these days are looking for enterprise application development solutions that can be built fast and offer flexibility for future growth.

And Dot Net technology can adorn virtually any and every application with its endless adaptable features and versatilities. So much so that 75% of all enterprise applications run on one or the other dot NET platforms.

Most Important Notice – Microsoft Announces End of .NET Core 2.1 Support From August 21-2021

Let me remind you that, it’s not easy to completely master and remember all the traits of ASP.NET development but somehow, it offers all the things you want for your enterprise software and application. Like Jack of all trades.

Whether it’s ASP .NET or Microsoft .NET Framework or any other customization, you name it, .NET can fulfill all your requirements with its nearly endless adaptable features. There are umpteen reasons why developers, designers, coders and owners of enterprises like to work with .Net technology; the top 8 reasons to work with .NET framework are listed below:

Ease of use
It has one of the biggest class libraries among the coding languages and developers can use it effectively. Moreover, Microsoft has made ASP.NET open source web platform for building modern web apps and services.

Features you will get – Build your very own Full-Stack ASP.NET Web Developmental environment

It also integrates very easily with all the databases including ODBS and clouds. The way it gels with MS SQL and SQL server is nothing sort of Awesomeness.  Some of its amazing qualities are:

  • Creates reports and diagrams automatically from your databases
  • Integrates with all major cloud platforms including MS Azure, Silverlight, AWS etc.
  • Code debugging line by line and auto-refresh to know if it’s applied or not
  • Assigning temp value to variables to test different cases
  • Know value of variables on hover and in real-time
    And the list goes on…..

Dot Net is made for scale. It is versatile to add or remove any class, component or suite with the drop of a hat for any size or expansion or decrease in preposition values. Dot NET framework encompasses all the capabilities to build a great application that can run anywhere. It meets and enhances emerging needs of modern enterprises. Applications developed with Dot Net are fully customizable and competent to handle huge loads when they spike.

Also, it removes the need of re-investing in new software as business grows or department expansion, it just scales itself to adapt to changing scenarios. Of course, with the help of application extensions and great .NET developers available on hire for their technical support.

Development Arsenal – Technical Support

Asp .Net is one of the most widely used platforms for web and enterprise mobility apps development, .NET developers are easily available for consultation and hire. You can virtually decide the scope and few more features with the help of ASP.Net development companies like i-verve who are known for amazing .NET development and provide a free consultation for .Net projects. They can also help you choose between cloud storage and database options.
Not only professionals but an array of applications an enterprise can utilize with .NET include:

  • Office 365 Development and Services
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • CRM and ERP portal Development
  • SharePoint Development and Services
  • Commercial websites and Social portals

Compatibility – Integration with Existing Systems
With Dot Net application development, developers can easily build apps & software that runs seamlessly on tablets, mobiles & desktops with uniform user experiences. Much of the .NET environment configuration, parameters & code can be reused to suit application development within .NET framework. Also important for enterprise applications is backward compatibility & easy integration with existing systems.

It also allows integration with multiple systems and platforms by consuming XML documents of any type. Moreover, component reusability allows access to applications on-the-go. Cross-device and platform compatibility, modularization and toll improvisations ensure that .NET becomes compatible with every platform and languages that are known to mankind.

.NET has the ability to adapt with every coding language and platform. It can virtually merge any and every application whether it’s new or old, modern or legacy. It can contribute towards combining mobile applications with desktop and web software and share coding and data for native and hybrid application development.

Not only its adaptability adds a layer or security, it also is the shortest way to test the feasibility of any development work. We’ve worked on customizing projects for industries like Accounting, Manufacturing, Aviation, Utility, Pharmaceutical, Government, Staffing and HR and much more.

With .NET applications, enterprises can get round-the-clock support from Microsoft for their .NET project development. It is backed by a strong and vibrant community of dedicated Dot Net developers who regularly contribute in various forums for technical glitches and troubleshooting steps.
It almost requires no maintenance once implemented with technical support like:

  • Less re-writing of development codes
  • Easy integration of new modules and features with current development
  • Modification time and component re-arrangement requires less time
  • Contracts available with your project developers on term basis with data-driven support

For enterprises, application security is non-negotiable. And Microsoft .NET platform offers top-notch security features when it comes to app and software development. It builds sophisticated and very secure enterprise applications with pre-built features like:

  • Code checks,
  • Encryptions,
  • Character validations
  • Code Access security (CAS)

Cross Platform Compatibility – Cloud Integration

Dot NET works great with every cloud but it’s gelling with Microsoft Azure is simply amazing. Azure is an enterprise-driven hybrid cloud solution that provides data storage and database integration. It can work both with new applications as well as legacy software and take a drill down of data and store it safely on clouds.
DotNet works great with different cloud platforms like:

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  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Cloud
  • Microsoft Azure
  • IBM SoftLayer and BlueMix
  • RackSpace and Heroku

.NET platform’s maintainability, ease of deployment, scalability and reliability make it one of the most preferred frameworks for enterprise application development. The added benefits of reduced complexity and increased security add feathers to its credentials. Its cross-platform capabilities have increased its demand to build solid, powerful and secure applications for enterprises of all sizes, resulting in increased operational efficiency and improved ROI.

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