E-Learning App Development: Building an Educational App for the Coaching Sectors

Speaking of the educational industryeLearning applications have come into trend over the last 4-5 years which has made universities and schools shift to virtual classrooms. Remote Learning has gained popularity worldwide, especially due to COVID-19universities and schools have no other option but to shift anyhow to virtual classrooms to prevent the virus from the spread and ensure continuity of the educational process.

The worth of the online education market was $188 billion in 2019 which is expected to reach $319+ billion by 2025. With the rise of remote learning, the continuous increase has recorded about the people interested in upgrading their skills through online learning solutions.

“9% of users of the mobile applications use educational applications which stands 3rd on the Apple app store and 2nd on Google play.”

How Education/eLearning App Are Beneficial For Student, Schools, Colleges, and Universities

The market analysis has probably shown that educational mobile apps can empower schools and universities in widening the view of learning. There are multiple categories of remote learning application for teachers, adults, and kids require different solutions. Trending technology like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality ensures a far better view of learning.

The future of eLearning applications depends on the learning approach, future field of study. If we talk about the current time and applications, below are the most downloaded and topping applications in the US charts:

Be it, teachers or students. Tech-enabled online teaching and learning applications have transformed the education system from a traditional teaching method to a prosperous and most admired, benefitted, convenient and effective learning method that helps continue teaching and training amid disruptions like unfavorable weather, lockdowns, and disasters.

“The education mobile app development is enabling schools, colleges, and universities to offer effective teaching without disruptions to students and enables seamless connectivity with the world and syncing everything.”

In the survey, it is found that students enjoy more when the app is designed with a user-centric approach, rich features, easy-to-understand content, and simple navigation. At i-Verve, we have built education applications of more than 15 categories tailored to their niche leveraging our industry expertise with trending techs to create valuable, problem-solving solutions for you.

When it’s about the students and their privacy, building an application in the technology that is insecure and incapable of protecting the data and identity of the teachers’ students and users will be a high threat. To beat this vulnerability, we need technology that ensures high security and various security mechanism.

.NET framework provides a highly secure environment and ensure various security mechanism for keeping the application protected. If you are looking to build eLearning application, you should hunt for the ASP.NET development company that holds expertise in full-cycle dot net development services to create desktop and mobile appsweb portals, and custom enterprise solutions globally.

Essential benefits of developing education and eLearning application

Students these days prefer a quick solution with video solutions and learning compare to the old-school learning method of sitting in front of books and educational software empowers the students to learn anytime and anywhere and remember it for long time.

Check out few essential benefits of m-learning applications:

Increasing knowledge penetration speed:
Without the hassle of printing new books, the eLearning app allows to serve new courses to the students by simply updating the content in the application. 95% of users and students who study from home have reported that it is only possible to add knowledge and learn with the digitalization of the education industry.

Complete control of your operations:
Be it teaching, taking tests, offering rewards or certifications to top students of the class, the education app allows managing all functions and interactions between the teachers and students.

Rapid and non-disruptive connectivity:
Every registered student of the education application can easily join classes with a single click and also empowers teachers to teach students hassle-free.

Appealing content delivery:
Attractive content management helps teachers take the class in a different way that generates a positive vibe of learning and studying such as teaching students with images, graphics, and videos with live examples.

Parent-Teacher Meeting:
The education app helps parents of the students stay updated about their children’s progress with regular Parents-Teacher Meeting.

School Administration:
Helps in saving cost, time and keeps the environment green with its paper-free online education method that offers a one-stop solution for performing repeat school administrative tasks.

Easy video uploading:
The best feature offered by the online teaching/learning platform empowers teachers to upload an educational and informative video to explain a new or difficult topic whereas students can upload video recording as their homework or their doubts to get clear from the teacher if they have any.

Fee collections and Reminders:
Easy to pay, easy to learn. eLearning app development comes with the payment gateway solution that allows parents to pay school fees with ease, keep a record of the paid and unpaid fees also reminds for the unpaid fees. This helps to keep everyone on the same track.

Enhanced engagement rate: 
When the learning is given innovatively with fun activities every day, it increases the students’ engagement by 72%. Application built with natural fun activities with live real examples enhances student engagement rate.

Better audience reach:
As per the study made in 2016 by McGraw Hill Education, 61% of students use smartphones to study and is expected to increase by 80% by 2020. However, due to COVID-19, the ratio has increased to 91% as the entire educational system is shifting to online learning.

Easy collaborative potential:
Mobile application for education allows users to learn whenever they want from anywhere which also enables close collaboration between students and raises the average time user spent inside the app.

The digitalization of the education industry has enabled students to learn, study and gain a degree from any corner of the world.

Our Vision and Reach as an eLearning Mobile App Development Company

Our e-Learning app development team develops and deploys the real problem-solving business solution tailored to the industry niche and needs.

AR/VR-based education apps:
AR and VR can enhance learning and increase learner engagement and allows users to see and interact with the three-dimensional space.

  • Astronomy, Anatomy, Knowledge-based apps
  • Physics, Chemistry, and Lab-based VR apps
  • Geography and Geology based VR apps

On-Demand Learning Apps:
Develop and Deploy an on-demand e-learning experience with interactional on-demand/live video and audio streaming focused on brightening students’ future using custom front-end UI and strong analytics panel.

  • Online Video and Audio streaming e-learning mobile apps
  • Music and video learning apps
  • 3D Book reading and gaming apps

Demand Videos and live classes:
Building on-demand eLearning mobile application based on Artificial Intelligence with a personalized touch that easy and simple to use.

  • Live classes via AWS element and Wowza
  • Video on demand – Vimeo and youtube Supported
  • Secure Video downloading

AI-based test portals:
The concept is specially designed for service providers, educational institutions, and management institutions.

  • Performance tracking
  • Customized test portal
  • Auto-generation of test series
  • Detailed analysis of test

Custom ERP Solutions:
Offer custom ERP solution and ERP integration and building eLearning applications that enable users to access all the features made to use to gain the max benefit of the education with the application

  • Fee management
  • Attendance tracking
  • Detailed ERP solution

Machine learning chatbots:
Developing intelligent chatbots using Machine Learning that helps students in increasing knowledge.

  • Personalized chatbot for training purposes
  • Learning-based Website chatbots
  • Facebook based service chatbots

Our Education and e-Learning App Development Solutions

No worries if you are a start-upagencyenterpriseproduct company, or entrepreneur, at i-verve, we have an expert educational and eLearning app development team with 7+ years of experience who are capable of building robust applications and achieving any complex challenge.

E-Learning Portals:
As an eLearning software development company, we build customized education portals that have easy content management systems and a user-friendly interface for learning aspirants. Be it schoolscollegeseducational institutesmanagement institutes, and service providers, we built education portals for all and make sure the portal is easy to update with the latest information and has all the required features like video and audio streaming for web-based training and other necessary operations.

  • In-depth reporting and evaluation app
  • Result, marks, and syllabus update apps
  • User and course management apps
  • Exam taking and certification apps
  • Proctoring and gaming apps

Enterprise LMS:
We build the business solution in the form of Enterprise LMS that helps you in increasing productivity by having competition between employees, increasing engagement between them, and enhance bonding for real productive work. Customization of the eLearning portal for Enterprise LMS is possible to build a new or enhance its innovative and engaging features to stand ahead of the industry and competitors.

  • AI-based enterprise learning apps
  • Performance tracking and employee engagement apps
  • Talent retention and enterprise reporting apps
  • Online training, tutorials, and skill enhancement apps

Custom LMS Development:
Designing and deploying fully customized LMS development solutions for clients, partners and employees.

  • AR/VR based training apps
  • Course management apps powered by AI
  • Online tutorial apps
  • Online video conferencing apps
  • Cloud-based LMS applications

Custom Mobile eLearning:
Blending the years of experience, expertise, latest technologies, and the passion of building real problem solving digital product to develop and deploy user-centric custom mobile eLearning application for institutions and students which can be used to gain knowledge anywhere anytime.

  • mLearning apps for preschool and kindergarten
  • Language learning apps powered by intelligent AI
  • Student grading and performance measuring and managing apps
  • Curriculum and schedule managing apps
  • Speech recognition applications

When it is about building the e-Portals, the first thing that comes to mind about the security. It is proven that Microsoft-powered .Net technology is the only one that ensures the security of the digital product built in it. To get a highly secure and intuitive and fast performing e-Portal you can hire dot net developers that follow the standard coding method and are highly professional in work and works as an extension to your team.

i-Verve Inc Education & eLearning Software Development Process

Requirement gathering and analyzing:
We get your project details in the mail in written and we analyze them. We further switch to a discussion to better understand the vision and concept, exact requirement, and pain areas.

Wire Framing:
After in detailed discussion, our Business analyst and Education app developer transform your requirements into technical specifications with all the features, navigation model, and functionalities. We send this to you and we proceed only when you approve it.

Choose engagement model and timelines:
After collecting and discussing the project, our experts suggest you the best engagement model based on your project, requirement, features with cost, and estimated timeline.

Project initiation:
Following the engagement model you select, your project gets assigned to the responsible team of developers and managers with in-depth knowledge in the education industry.

After the successful beta testing, our project managers deliver the product as per the decided timeline. We continue to provide support to ensure your project’s seamless functioning.

If you are pretty sure with the development process and clear with your vision, your next step should be to look for an eLearning Development Company that can craft your dream into a digital product and give life to your imagination.

Closing words:

As the internet has made the world small, this is the time where the eLearning applications have the power to educate every student who is willing to study from any corner of the world. There is no doubt that the future of eLearning applications is not just bright but also progressive as it bridges the gap between student and tutor that helps in increasing literacy rate.

The idea is not unique but is also not the end as there are still many things left that are unknown and needed to be discovered. In the article, we have discussed the stats, types of eLearning applicationsfeaturesbenefitstrends, and more.

If you think something that is missing or you are brainstorming to beat the existing educational institution, you should continue and as per the experience, we have come to know that education is the ocean and the solution available in the market are like a needle into it.

To develop an application that is feature-rich and unique from the available solutions, you need to keep few important points in mind from which let me tell you the crux. Always have your WHY strong. If you are confident why users should use your application, you will win. To have the intuitive application built you should contact the eLearning app development company or Hire eLearning app developer’s team that delivers the product without messing it up.

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