How eCommerce mobile app development is beneficial for small business?

Unfortunately, most small business owners don’t realize how much-untapped potential lies in mobile apps for ecommerce businesses. If you’re still debating whether it’s a worthwhile investing in eCommerce mobile app development, consider these benefits of building a mobile app for small to large businesses.

Distribution of purchases using mobile on Smartphone vs. desktop in the United States

Here are some of the key benefits of e-commerce mobile app development for those of small businesses.

  • Ability to reach your customers 24/7
  • Can build a productive mobile experience around your brand
  • Can implement effective mobile app marketing
  • Push Notification
  • Implement social sharing
  • Improve online activities and customer engagement
  • The mobile app acts as a direct marketing channel
  • Improve User-experience
  • Reduce the cost to market new products
  • And more

If you want to attract new customers, increase sales, build your brand image, or improve your customer experience then your business needs a mobile app. The number of users is expected to amount to 3,201.4m by 2022.

There can be various reasons that help your ecommerce store run well but the prime among them is, was and shall be the Shopping experience that Customers gain after visiting your ecommerce store via a mobile device. Mobile shoppers sometimes seem to be wavering by nature and it might be obvious too.

Simultaneously, the ecommerce industry is inherently highly dynamic and flexible due to the market forces which have an immense impact of the mobile app on ecommerce business as well as the performance of an online store.

Moreover, a minute glitch while shopping, an average customer switches over to another website benefitting your competitors. If we consider a survey, 80% of shoppers used their mobile devices even while shopping from an in-store for a product review, price, or for finding another nearby store.

This is perhaps the reason why if you overlook the trends prevailing in mobile ecommerce- also much popular as m-Commerce in the industry, you are sure to lose a significant market share and profit as more and more the same scenario exists.

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Why your business needs a mobile app?

The very first and obvious reason is the constantly increasing use of mobile devices and thereby mobile app for business. Secondly, mobile applications can be well integrated and aligned with the ecommerce website irrespective of the platform on which it is made. Moreover, the businesses with their own mobile apps have succeeded at rocketing speed as it is easier to make a deal with fewer taps on the screen. Besides these, there are many other reasons to enter the arena of m-Commerce.

Loyal customers to your brand:
An m-Commerce app shortens the distance between a customer and your brand and products as it puts them upfront. Mobile is an inevitable gadget today and the buyers are usually habituated to scroll through various applications whenever and wherever they find few spare moments. Even if the buyer doesn’t click or interact on your mobile app, he/she is sure to notice its presence with the icons blinking in the apps list. Though it may seem to be a matter of little significance, it works and turns the buyer to your product and if your product or service has some value addition, it will definitely make your brand stronger.

Moreover, mobile apps help you to build a bond of relationship with your customer. Yes, what keeps it roll on well is the user experience that you can offer in a very innovative way to your customers. A well-crafted mobile app serves the purpose of your brand identity.

Better customer engagement:
The success of any eCommerce store depends on how it builds a communication bridge between their products and the customers. Tapping of icons, discount offers, deals of the day, new arrivals etc is some of the best means that always engage your customers with your ecommerce store. Your contact with your customers remains live and long-lasting. Instead of cumbersome or unwanted calls to the customers, it is the best way to make your virtual presence stronger.

You win the game once your m-Commerce app is installed by a buyer as you then get a chance to interact with them through various modes like push notifications.

Easy To Get into Retails Stores:
Technology has made the online shopping process quite simpler. Anything-right from a review to the shopping cart is usually a matter of a few clicks. Moreover, the products are displayed to the buyers according to their previous visits, preferences, and behavior. This is the element that attracts the ecommerce store owners to go for an ecommerce app development. Today, ecommerce mobile app development is carried out that guarantee better performance and user experience.

Compelling features motivate to make a purchase:
Today, you can avail custom ecommerce mobile application development from the companies and therefore you can integrate the kind of the features you wish in your ecommerce mobile application. On the other hand, you can access the in-built features of the mobile devices and can improvise the user experience. For example, with GPS feature, you can provide the best offers available in the locality of the buyers.

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Strong virtual presence through social sharing:
m-Commerce facilitates users to share their products on social media websites. When your products or services are shared on social media platforms with reviews, catalog, and recommendations, your virtual stand becomes stronger.

Do You Have Your Own App?

If you have a negative answer or if you are planning a new mobile app for your ecommerce business, you need to consider the following tips to design and develop a successful mobile app for ecommerce business.

Place Call-To-Action Buttons Thoughtfully

The CTA buttons like “Call Now”, “Click Here to Complete the Order” play a very important role in the success of an m-Commerce application. They should be placed smartly and thoughtfully in order to smoothen the buyer’s journey on your website.

Make strong visibility of your product

The navigation of your ecommerce app should be easy and simple that eases the path of the visitor on your app. At the time of app development, you need to take care of it and it should be aimed at fewer actions to be done while shopping online by customers.

Enrich your Mobile Application with contents

You can make your online store app rich with appropriate video contents using AR technology which assure outstanding user experience to the buyer.

Benefits of mobile apps for customers and users are endless. Mobile apps for business is going to be the standard component in future your decision to develop an ecommerce mobile app is going to set the foundation for your business. Read more on other top ecommerce business challenges and its solutions in detail.

The tips and tricks can still be stretched. However, the discussion comes back to the same point where it began from- ecommerce app are important and it should be made keeping the latest trends, adopting new technologies, security and payment measures with the ability to offer the best shopping experience to the buyers. The design should be responsive in the sense that it fits every device, screen or browser. For advice on ecommerce app design and development, contact us.