Build your very own Full-Stack ASP.NET Web Developmental environment | Mac OS

A lot of businesses rely on custom application development on the .NET development environment.

The first version of the .NET framework which came into existence was called .NET framework 1.0. Since then, a variety of versions have come into existence and the current version is 4.7.1.

Having one of the best web development environment set up is the need of every developer who wants his client’s business/product to take off.

By setting up a proxy server and even without the access to the internet, developers could easily continue working without any interruptions.

A local web development environment is one of the best solutions if you want to have full control over your website and in case you aren’t sure where to begin, well, we are here for that.

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What are the differences between ASP.Net and ASP.Net core?

The ASP.NET core which was previously called ASP.NET 5 supports cross-platform frameworks like LinuxWindows and Mac. This framework helps in building modern cloud-based applications like IoT and mobile apps as well.

The ASP.Net core is a slightly more advanced version of ASP.Net. The ASP.NET MVC 5 lets you choose among Web API, MVC or even both for the creation of a web application.

There has been dedicated a single aligned web stack for MVC as well as Web API.

The .NET Core is one of the most preferred developmental platforms, maintained by Microsoft and the .NET community on Github.

The ASP.Net core is usually used for building cloud-based web applications over cross platforms while as ASP.Net is dedicated for windows only. When compared to ASP.Net, the .Net Core has a higher efficiency and more performance. It is suited for container-based deployments while as ASP.Net container isn’t as good as the ASP.Net Core applications.

How can I start using .NET framework for mac OS?

.Net is such a framework which wasn’t available over cross-platforms for a long time, unlike the .NET Core. However, with recent updates and a few tweaks, it is possible to use .net for mac OS.

The .Net core SDK need to install in Mac and Linux OS. There is a need for a specific build and the code compiled on Windows could easily run on Mac OS and Linux as well.

The use of .NET on different platforms would mean that developers are going to have access to ASP.NET 6, CoreCLR as well as benefit from shared pieces.

Runtime Components

  • 64 bit JIT compiler
  • Garbage collector


  • Base class libraries
  • NuGet packages


  • .NET Compiler Platform (Roslyn)

You can typically use Visual Studio code as well which is developed for different platforms, including Mac and Linux as well. This framework helps in the building of native Android, Windows or iOS applications.

Why should I choose .NET for my projects?

.NET is one of the best software frameworks which is developed by Microsoft. It enables the building of the most complex apps with the ability of reusable codes using the programming languages such as C++Visual Basic and JavaScript.

  • It helps in the creation of scalable web applications and is one of the most suitable platforms for building applications.
  • This framework comes with a toolbox and a designer in the Visual Studio IDE. Some of the most common features which developers prefer are automatic deployment and drag-and-drop server controls.
  • It also enables the performing of common tasks from simple form submissions and is easy to create and maintain because of the existence of source code.
  • The languages could also be built to be language-independent which allows the user to use a language of their choice.
  • This framework is also one of the most ideal options for complicated web-based app development because it has been developed with ADO.NET which uses features like data-binding and page formatting.
  • ASP.NET isn’t a server side scripting language. It is a Microsoft provided web application framework which is one of the most ideal options to adopt by the large or medium-sized organizations.
  • It is a language independent framework which allows developers to select any language which they prefer for their application.
  • ASP.NET is a framework which is fast because of complied coding and caching. The code gets compiled into the ‘machine language’ right before any visitor visits your web page. At this point, caching saves the pre-loaded information which helps the user visit the web page fast. As the ASP.NET allows the caching of data from the database, your website starts working faster and better after regular visits to a database.
  • ASP.NET has some of the best tools in the Visual Studio integrated environment. These include WYSIWYG-editing, firewall, drag and drop controls along with a robust framework dedicated to make your work easier.

How .NET is helpful for any ecommerce store or similar industries?

Content Management is one of the most important features of an e-commerce website. You are free to manage every single element of your website or store without any hassles and bring in a lot of customers to check out your products.

With the help of ASP.NET website development company, you are ensuring the fact that your customers are satisfied with the service provided which helps your brand to grow and leads to more engagement between the customers.

An ASP.NET based website not only gives you the benefit of content management, but also product management. The existence and integration of product management into your e-commerce store means that you can easily add or delete products to your website and allow a great visibility of the products which you are featuring to the prospects as they can now easily browse through the products now.

There are different frameworks which are provided by ASP.NET for e-Commerce websites and applications.

.NET is also helpful for securing the large-scale applications which include Inventory Management system, CMS and PMS as well.

ASP.NET also provides open source and paid frameworks for e-commerce domains like Virto Commerce and NopCommerce. Using these frameworks, clients can have access to features like Multi-storemulti-vendorSEOCMS support along with a responsive web design as well.

What benefits can an enterprise get when they integrate .NET into their web app?

.NET is a framework which has an abundance of features and could be used for a lot of apps in the future as well.

Business Functions and Management –
Businesses now are constructed, maintained and conducted with some kind of software tool in the background all the time. Businesses make the use of applications and different kinds of software to streamline their businesses process. .NET is used extensively in the creation of supply management app, CRM and other parts of the business as well.

Re-structuring –
No organization remains static for a long time. Your software scales with your needs and the introduction of new business strategies. .NET, in this case, is one of the best platforms for re-designing and re-structuring the current applications to meet the growing needs of an organization.

Better Communication –
One of the main procedures of businesses to maintain their communication outside are emails and chat platforms. .NET integrates with your Outlook and other email services for a better experience and convenience in communication.

Cross-Platform –
When we are to deploy the ASP.NET development services for business enterprises, it should support all platforms. The ASP.NET Development company has made sure that its framework works on every platform. It also helps businesses with more exposure to different platforms. Compatibility is one of the most important requirements on enterprise applications. With the help of .NET application development, the apps and software build is readily available to work on multiple devices belonging to a variety of platforms.

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Building the cross-platform apps with .net core, you need to develop only the frontend with the same C# code for the backend as well. As .NET has introduced standard libraries, they help you develop cross-platform websites with the best potential.

Multi-Tier Software Architecture –
.NET is known to use multi-tier software architecture. It is called so because it separates the functions for various purposes which include data management, app processing and a lot more.

Developers are also able to build flexible applications and can also add a certain layer without having to rework over the entire application.

Ease of Use –
ASP.NET is an open source platform which happens to have one of the biggest class libraries among the coding languages used by developers effectively. The best part is that it integrates with any database easily.

Maintenance and security –
ASP.NET works over the best maintenance and security grounds. It works on object-oriented programming which gets rid of any kind of unnecessary codes which bugs the developers. Reusable code is used along with a bunch of reusable components which saves a lot of time and resources.

ASP.NET also comes with features like code checks, character validation, code access security and encryptions which helps in building secure applications, one of the most common reasons for this framework being the first priority of every developer.

Higher scalability –
.NET has been dedicated to be scaling with the requirements of the program. .NET programs are easily scalable both vertically as well as horizontally to meet the growing needs of the enterprise.

Cloud Based Development –
Cloud-based applications are always one of the best choices to go for. For a variety of large enterprises, ASP.NET core provides the development of a large number of web applications who belong to different domains.

ASP.NET core is one of the most ideal platforms to choose for your business needs. It doesn’t matter what the size of your business is, ASP.NET is going to help your business take off faster than any other framework you rely upon.

Which is the best cross-platform .Net core IDE for MAC OS?

Visual Studio is known to be one of the most powerful IDEs who can help in developing desktop, mobile and web applications. It is available across different platforms, which includes macOS as well.

Most of the developers moved to VS code because Visual Studio isn’t friendly for the lower resource systems.

VS also comes with built-in Git support along with a variety of features, being –

  • Easy debugging
  • Over 10000 plugins for different purposes
  • Refactoring and re-structuring
  • Unit testing (on a mass level)

Start working with .NET framework for your website/application

If you want to set up a local UI development environment, the good news is that most of the elements which you would be needing are absolutely free of cost. You’d need

  • An Operating System
  • A hosting service to enable the user to view the hosted website.
  • Updated web browsers.
  • An Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  • Git Repository hosting service

Operating Systems
For web development, you can choose either of the two OS’s, MAC or Windows because all IDEs and editors are developed for both these platforms. .NET Core supports all major platforms including Linux.

You won’t be needing a heavy configuration as well as there’s nothing to compile in web development.

An integrated development environment

Throughout the whole UI development community, there are a lot of thoughts over the use of IDE. The need for a proper tool and text editors for the purpose of coding is very important since the foundation of coding is based on text. It doesn’t matter if you are choosing a fully-featured integrated development environment or any such text editor, all of this depends on what kind of application you are trying to get built.

If your application basis is simple and needs HTML or PHP, then a lightweight text editor is the best choice. Microsoft has its own development environment, but for events like multi-layering or dealing with complex code, you can even choose an interface of your choice which you feel is the most convenient option for you.

Set Up A Full Stack ASP.NET Web Development Environment Using i-Verve

The ASP.NET framework by far is one of the best remedies for hosting a well built web development environment and can help you achieve engagement targets with ease.

Finding the best developers to get this job done for you should be your top priority. In case you aren’t sure where to start, i-Verve always has a solution for you. You can HIRE .NET DEVELOPERS to implement .NET framework as a solution while saving yourself money as well as time.

I-verve has been working on .NET technologies for over a decade now as a team of Certified Microsoft developers and programmers. This means be if your own website, app or a portal where you need work, i-Verve has you covered. The best part is that their solutions are fast, reliable and secure which ensures that you get the best quality of your product while having pocket-friendly solutions at hand.

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You would also be getting dedicated .NET developers who help you reach your targets with the business model irrespective of the size. Their specialization is in elements like –

  • Development and Web Application
  • API Development
  • Internet B2B and B2C solutions
  • Assistance in corporate sites and portals
  • .NET portal and customization
  • Project and Document management
  • Mobile App backend
  • NET migration and other services
  • Integration
  • CRM and Cloud solutions


Online businesses have a lot of opportunities in this rapidly growing world where everything is connected with the internet.

When you are trying to build a business with ASP.NET, you are giving your users access to some of the coolest features along with minimizing your very own maintenance budget.

This is the main reason why you should choose ASP.NET as a building framework for your new business enterprise and in case you don’t know where to start, you can always hire .net developers from i-Verve who will help you out with the same.

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