Healthcare Mobile App Development a Smart Approach for Patient-centric App by Top Healthcare App Developers

Why focus on patient engagement? The evidence is overwhelming that healthcare providers who engage with their patients and caregivers have dramatically better outcomes. Healthcare mobile app development is the best approach for accomplishing this it offers a streamlined, digital experience that is not only patient-friendly but also high-impact in terms of the business value and benefits for patients.

Design and develop a fully functional medical app that is persistent, looks good and competitive cost are among top challenges for healthcare service providers.

“Mobile health technology is a big industry as per Statista reports it is likely to generate an estimated $28 billion in 2018.”

Laravel for healthcare apps development is part of a futuristic approach to engage with patients and gain a technological advantage in order to provide more efficient healthcare services and get lucrative profits. There are more than 260,000 mHealth apps now on the app market, finding an app idea that resonates with the target audience and fulfills the expectations of both the provider and user is the goal for healthcare organizations.

Producing quality mobile tools and applications is the key to a successful mobile strategy. An experienced enterprise mobile app development company can help with digital transformation while remaining compliant with the healthcare rules and regulations.

Let’s understand the smart approach to get a medical app development strategy…

For Healthcare organizations (Hospitals & Wellness Centers, Doctors & Medical Professionals, mHealth & Wearables Entrepreneurs)

Problem Solved by the App – Identify the problems that need to be solved with the healthcare app. If you want something to be adopted, you must understand the use case very well. So healthcare and wellness organizations should define the problem which they are going to solve by developing a mHealth app.

Target Audience for the App – Know your target audience who are going to benefit from the medical app. Build customer-centric healthcare app to be successful in long-run.

Identify the activities/functionalities – Be it doctor’s consultation, fixing appointments, writing prescriptions, purchasing medicines, or healthcare checkups, medical reports management, information sharing etc.

Privacy and security measures – It should be considered in advance as per Xcertia collaboration between four major health associations, dedicated to establishing and promoting a code of best practices for mobile health apps. The American Medical Association, the American Heart Association, the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (better known as HIMSS) and DHX Group. Health app developers should also understand the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (“HIPAA”). Image by businessofapps.

Guidelines for healthcare apps development

Mobile App Development Company – Research and partner with top healthcare app developers to help you with mHealth application development services.

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For Healthcare App Designers

Design the healthcare app for Simplicity, User Experience, Stability, and Sustainability. Here are top 10 healthcare mobile app design best practices.

1. Design for the user.
2. Keep the flow of the app simple and major functionalities easily consumable.
3. The layout should be attractive and the content should be easy to read.
4. Don’t let the main objective be overshadowed by the abundance of functionality or creative aspect.
5. Create best user experience including a patient-centric screen, imagery, and content.
6. Follow a minimal process to deliver its main functionalities.
7. Personalize the app for the end user’s purpose.
8. Recording and tracking, maintain the data uniformity by tracking the updated medical records.
9. Make sure promotional content and ads do not take up the app space, reduce distractions.
10. Include notification as required and follow up messages.

For Health & Wellness App Developers

As per a recent report by TechTarget mobile app developers skills like DevOps, Cross-platform app development and test-driven development are in high demand including agile development method. Developers need to track these healthcare mobile apps trends to stay in front of what customers, employers, and users want in their healthcare mobile initiatives.

The app should be developed with the goals like:
1. Should develop a mobile-first mindset
2. Concentrate on Cloud-based healthcare apps to be economical
3. Cross-platform development is best for faster implementation of IOS and Android
4. Adopt measures to reduce healthcare mobile application development cost
5. Increase application enhancement capabilities
6. more efficient app maintenance

Healthcare mobile apps are becoming more popular as users adjust to the flexibility and easy access mobile tools offer. Mobile apps for healthcare organizations bring quality care, improve workflow, easy patient interactions, add transparency, engage patient’s family, and minimize cost.

Interested In Healthcare Mobile Solutions? Here are top Healthcare App ideas to serve your customers better.

  • Electronic Health Record
  • mPrescription
  • Process Management
  • Medical Insurance Claim
  • Electronic Health Information Exchange
  • Laboratory Management
  • Patient Gateway
  • Hospital/Patient App
  • Lifestyle Tracking
  • Healthcare Monitoring App
  • General Health and Wellness Test App
  • Doctor Appointment App

Task-driven healthcare application development

Successful healthcare app development requires in-depth app development experience, cross-functional and industry-specific knowledge and expertise. Healthcare app developers at i-Verve have created some of the top engaging, and industry-leading mobile applications for healthcare organizations. Our healthcare app solution’s guarantees for increased patient experience, increase patient engagement, enhance patient-physician communication and, improve outcomes for healthcare organizations.

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