A Complete Guide to hire RoR Developers for a Successful Web app

Old School Tactics to hire the best Ruby on Rails Developers

Let’s face it – You have a wide range of options for web apps development. You need to select the right suitable programming language for web application development. One needs to be a cautious selector while selecting programming language for your first web app.

Highly flexible, startup friendly, and well-supported -What else can we say about Ruby on Rails framework? A bunch of successful startups can tell you why they chose Ruby on Rails development for building their websites and apps. It is a powerful framework that is used by several small, mid-sized, and large enterprises in the programming world. Before we get into the details and pinpoint specific reasons why Ruby on Rails is popular, let us have a glance at the benefits of RoR development.

Let’s list some of the major reasons what makes RoR a promising technology:

Consistent: Ruby on Rails developers follow standard file storage and programming conventions that help to build scalable web applications. It helps the Ruby on Rails programmers save a lot of time while developing RoR web apps.

Time-efficient: You can hire RoR developers to build the best web apps. There are many plugins and modules that allow the coders build web applications faster. Ruby on Rails developers can build the web apps 30-40% faster than other frameworks and programming languages.

Cost effective: A good Ruby on Rails app development company can help you get budget-friendly web applications. You don’t have to spend a lot of money for the web app as this framework is distributed under the MIT license. Many Ruby on Rails gems are available and can be downloaded for free from GitHuB to add the desired features and functionalities to your app.

High quality development: This platform encourages test driven development (TDD) as well as behavior-driven development (BDD) approach and so, one can expect excellent quality and bug-free development.

Scalable: If you expect to expand your web application, in the future as you expect more users for your application, Ruby on Rails app development can be the right option as it is a scalable solution.

Secure: RoR comes with a few built in security features and so, it ensures secure web apps. Coders can follow Secure Development Lifecycle to assure security. Ruby on Rails never stops adding new security patches and features to build highly secure apps.

Ruby on Rails Development for MVP for startups and small businesses

MVP (minimum viable product) is the best way to launch your first web app as fast as possible. Startups and small businesses can cut down the development time and costs also. Being a concise programming language, RoR developers do not need to write endless lines of complex codes to build MVP. This framework is a great open source web framework, and has a large number of software libraries that are available for free. As Ruby on Rails developers have access to pre-built, and thoroughly tested codes, it can make complex web apps also.

Still wondering what makes RoR ideal for building a MVP? You can build a functioning prototype quickly, minimize expenses, and development time also.

MVP development with RoR gives you opportunity for:

  • Quicker time to market
  • Reduced development costs
  • Highly stable and secure app development
  • Offer frequent app updates

Should you hire Freelancers or RoR developers from agency?

Once you’ve made up your mind for building your Ruby on Rails web application, there are two options you’d have: Hire a freelancer or an experienced company. Some startups and small business owners feel that it may be a great idea to hire freelance Ruby on Rails developers rather than hiring an agency. When you hire freelancers, you may be putting your project as risk as you may face a lot of challenges as there is a lack of possibilities of lack of work responsibilities and expertise. When you hire Ruby on Rails app development company, you work with a team of expert RoR developers and other professionals to ensure that you get the best solutions.

At i-Verve, we have a team of proficient and skilled coders who make use of the latest Ruby on Rails development tools to eliminate the pain points and challenges of clients’ projects. We follow Agile methodology to deliver hassle-free and well-organized RoR web apps. As we are available round the clock, you can hire dedicated RoR developers from us who can work on your project according to your preferred timings and can be available in your time-zone.

Unlike many freelancers, we put a lot of emphasis on producing high quality code and high-performance applications. Clients can be assured that they get reliable and qualitative services at market competitive prices. We offer flexible hiring options for RoR full stack web developers.

Factors to consider while hiring RoR developers for your project

Technical projects hiring may be a lot more challenging for startups and medium-sized businesses. Hiring the wrong agency or choosing a misfit partner can result in wastage of time and money. When you hire the right company for RoR web app development, you get skilled technical resources to build impressive web applications.

Here are some tips to help you hire the right RoR development companies:

Experience and track record

Years of experience in the industry, number of projects, and proven track record are some of the factors that one should consider while hiring senior RoR developers. It is advisable to go with the companies that have worked on similar projects in the past. Check the portfolios, read customer testimonials, and case studies to get a fair idea about the capability of the agency.

Functionality and methodology

It can be a good idea to check the process and methodologies followed by the companies. You can choose a company that follows an Agile methodology. Check the time factor and make sure that they follow standard industry practices and have strict quality control methods.

Capability and expertise

If you are unable to judge the technical expertise and skills of a company, you can ask them questions and clarify your doubts before hiring them. Do not hesitate to ask as many questions as you may have and hire the company only if you’re completely satisfied with their answers.

How to get Ruby on Rails consulting services?

Flaky agencies, poorly written code, bug after bug, and a web app that crashes several times – This can piss you off. Right?

The expert Rubyists working with us deliver the best web applications and game development using Ruby on Rails. Our RoR consultants deliver the best RoR consulting services according to the clients’ exact requirements and business needs. You can talk to a few RoR consultants and compare their services to get seamless solutions that help your business grow.

What makes Ruby on Rails Great for Ecommerce?

Did you know that Airbnb, Amazon, and Groupon use Ruby on Rails Ecommerce? As it can be coupled with NoSQL databases like MongoDB, flexible APIs, and JavaScript-driven templates, it can be used for building user-friendly ecommerce websites that deliver speedy performance. RoR has highly flexible web architecture and quicker time to market makes it a preferred choice of several eCommerce business owners. This amazing platform offers great administration and content management of your online store. Using the right tools, we build awesome user-friendly eCommerce stores using RoR.

Which project management method should be used for RoR app development? – Agile vs Waterfall

Agile methodology involves breaking down the project into small incremental levels that are known as sprints. This method of project development offers great flexibility to the developers as well as clients. The most important benefit of using Agile is that it prevents the development and delivery of a completely unusable product. The clients stay informed about the progress of the project at each and every stage and the RoR developers can alter the development type if needed.

On the other hand, waterfall methodology focuses on the completion of each phase before the next one is started. It follows a sequential order that is planned before the project is initiated. The complete scope of the project is known in advance and it requires the involvement of client only at milestones.

Depending on the project requirements, we choose the right methodology for your Ruby on Rails project. We offer the best RoR consulting services and suggest the best possible method for your web application.

How much does hiring RoR developer cost?

Usually, the hourly rates for hiring dedicated Ruby on Rails developers ranges from $ 15 to $ 50. We suggest you to interview our available resources and go Agile for your next RoR project. Our RoR experts have in-depth knowledge and expertise to build robust and scalable web apps. Hire world class programmers from our experienced pool of experts and you’d never regret.

How can RoR developers at i-Verve help clients reduce the development hours/project time? – Get cost effective RoR solutions by hiring dedicated RoR developers from us

If you do not have a technical background, you may not be aware of the nitty-gritties of RoR web app development. Our expert RoR coders have huge expertise in using all the possible gems available in the gems library to plan your project in the minimum possible time. They focus on improving market effectiveness and efficiency of the web app. Leveraging their experience and skillsets, they help you get the most out of the Rails technology. With years of experience in working on Rails technology with the right combination of advanced solutions in cloud services and CMS, we develop exceptional solutions that help your business stand out of the competition. Reach out to us to get a free consultation for your next project and our team of experts would be happy to assist you.