How to build an On-Demand Grocery App your Users would love

Do you have a grocery store that is less crowded these days? Are you looking for a strategy that could drive more customers to your app? It’s time to offer something unique to your users in order to attract them. It is possible to get more visits and profits by offering your customers a better and enhanced user experience when they use your mobile app.

Grocery mobile app is a convenient option for most users during the busy lives. Nobody would like to walk into a retail grocery store after being exhausted by office work due to a long, tiring day. Without traveling to a local grocery store or supermarket, customers can get the products delivered to their doorsteps through online grocery stores. Times have changed now. People look for time-saving solutions for purchasing household stuff. That’s where grocery shopping app comes into the picture. No more standing in queues for billing or shopping at an overcrowded grocery store nearby.

Instacart appraised $400 million at a 3.4$ billion valuation. Entrepreneurs look forward to building tap the undiscovered possibilities and establish a successful on-demand delivery business.

Another grocery delivery app — Cornershop — raised $21 million by operating in China and Mexico. There are several other grocery mobile apps that ease the life of the users and make a lot of money.

Before you design a grocery app, you should identify what your users expect. Understand why the users would be interested in your app. Figure out what they need and how your app can ease their problems. There are thousands of grocery delivery and on-demand apps in the market today. If you wish to stand out from the crowd, you should focus on the problems users are facing and try to provide the right solution. Step in the shoes of the user and think of all the aspects of on demand mobile app development. Once you’re able to understand the pain points, you will be able to provide the right solutions to catch the attention of more and more users.

Online Grocery Delivery Solution Overview

on demand app development company should cover every aspect to offer a complete solution to its clients. Usually, a grocery mobile app should have 3 main components — Customer App, Web Panel, Admin Panel.

Customer Panel

It makes app users life easy and should have these features covered.

  • Registration
  • Add to Shopping List
  • Select Locality and set Hyper Market
  • Check out Process
  • List Categories / Items
  • View Order Status
  • Search Products and View Results
  • Order History
  • Notifications related to offers and discounts
  • My Lists

Web Panel

It should have all the features and functionality as an app but help the user access it from the web.

  • Login Registration
  • Series of Products/divisions
  • Choose the nearest Location
  • View status of an order
  • Add to Cart
  • Offers and Discounts Notification etc

Admin Panel

This section makes the client’s life easy by providing all sort of easy to use and manage options from the dashboards.

  • Manage Products
  • Manage Customers
  • Category Management
  • Handle Payments
  • Manage Orders
  • Notifications Management etc

Before you worry about the functionality and features that you want in the app, you should take your time to establish what the business needs, and if you indeed do require an app. Top app development companies have a stringent development process in place that takes care of their clients needs including on-demand service app development requirements.

Here are some of the major reasons why users prefer grocery delivery apps:

  • Users have no or little time to visit the local grocery store.
  • People want to avoid impulsive buys.
  • Users need loyalty or rewards programs through offers and discounts.
  • They think buying groceries online is a cost-effective option.

Study the existing apps and find out what features and functionalities they lack. A survey or research for the related apps will give you a better idea about the flow of your mobile app. Talk to a few mobile app developers to get unique ideas to build your app. Know who your target users are and try to offer them something useful like no other app provides. It is important to understand your target audiences before you start building your mobile app.

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Once you have prepared a list of features you need, you can estimate your budget. Start your business with smaller investments. You can even look for funding for your application.

How does a grocery mobile app work for the users?

eCommerce Grocery apps

eCommerce Grocery apps are suitable for online shopping irrespective of the user location. The customers can select the delivery timings according to their comfort and availability.

In-store Grocery apps

Such apps display all the categories of grocery products in the form of the ambiance of a grocery store. They provide a natural view of the grocery stores by displaying all the products along with their specifications.

Personalized Grocery apps

These apps take the shopping experience of the users to a new level. Personalized grocery mobile apps not only help the users to create grocery lists but also share them with the store also.

i-Verve’s recommendations

Start small and smart locally. You can test your concept with a dense population by doing this. Promote your app before the launch. This helps you create a vast user base through social media, email marketing, referrals, and offline advertising methods. Offer some discounts and coupons to the users to attract them. You can also run contests and other discount programs to engage the users. Got queries? Contact Us.

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