How to find and hire a good web or app developer

Coding is an art for nerds. And the same nerds develop great digital platforms. If you’re a start-up or an established business looking to hire a good developer, as you either don’t have time to invest in it or expertise for DIY, then you need good developers who can help you with it. Whether you need to build an mobile app, website or software, you need coders, designers, integrator and implementation experts to fill in the expertise vacuum. Now, the question it where do you find them and what criteria will you have to hire a developer for your requirements.

In today’s day and age where developers in Lincoln Illinois are leaving the state, it is difficult to find and keep good developers. And if you’re in Georgia or Proviso or Rockford where literally there is a shortage of global Tech Talent. On top of that recent curbs on immigration and H1B visas will make it that much harder for us to get the right deserving coders and developers to create amazing solutions.

It’s not that there aren’t any developers in the state of Illinois, in truth, there are thousands of Tech Entrepreneurs and professionals who would be able to do your job, but the costs and timing of the work also need some deliberation. So, we’ve zeroed down on top 5 tips that can help you choose good developers for your projects.

  1. Decide what you want and for what

Do you want just a web presence or a full-stack website that is responsive and feature rich with modern parallax and dynamic features? Or Are you in a need of a mobile application or software that can help you connect with your audience or solve day-to-day operational challenges? You will need to clearly define your requirements and research the platform you want your developer to work on.

If you can’t tell Laravel from PHP, then we suggest you get a free consultation from someone with detailed experience. Someone with authority and knowledge will tell you what should you do and steps to take before you start head hunting. Clearly, mention your requirements for a developer for the tech solution and service you’re looking to get.

  1. Get your budget in place

Create and set a realistic budget for the developer you want to hire. There are thousands out there on the freelance market who would work at dirt cheap rates and only select few deserve your work, and then there are those geeks, who would demand respect and exact compensation for their services. You will need to get real about money. Get realistic about your company’s position and what you can offer.

Developers may dress and talk like fools, but when it comes to money, everyone is a genius. Clearly lay out your plan for them to assess their future and your requirements. Setting clear expectations about compensation and salary will help you in the long run.

  1. Seek technical experience with reference

Before you hire a developer or a development company to do your work, better seek similar reference for your work. Most will oblige with their latest and best work and some will shy away from mentioning. Usually, when you speak with one of their clients, they will spill the beans as to, how was their work experience with them and that should help you determine what’s in the store for you. The more the better.

If you have nothing but a project idea and a smile to offer then, you’re looking for a full-time developer to work for you or a partner who can execute your idea. One thing to keep in mind: during this process, you will get emails about offshore teams and cost-effective outsourcing options. Unless you know a local agency or a native who’s willing to help you set up a meeting or a contract, this is a risk you probably don’t want to take.

  1. Listen and understand stories

Imagine a dark cinema hall full of people across different development and social backgrounds, age, sex, nationality, groups, and preferences but all transfixed with the unfolding image and possibly thinking about different outcomes. Same is the way with storytelling. Every developer has a story for your project, on how he will introduce each change and mitigate villains based on his experience. Add drama via visuals and special effects through animation and navigation points.

And while money matters most developers care more about what they’ll actually be doing in your project. Therefore, it is imperative that you listen to their stories and evaluate them if they would fit your organization. Show them that you’re thinking seriously about hiring them and they would show you ways you can cut corners, save time and complete a successful project.

  1. Going Local 

The best option is to go local. Either you’re hiring a developer, hiring a local agency or an offshore partner who has a mainstay in your vicinity. You would be able to speak to a person over a coffee or a pint in a pub and discuss your project in detail. They would be able to give you ample suggestions on how to go about it from marketing to implementing and inadvertently divulging details of networking and technical excellence.

As written in this articleConfining one’s search to one’s immediate vicinity is a mistake that is less common these days. Modern technology makes it easy to meet with people even if they are on the other side of the planet.”

You can also select a very good offshore partner like i-Verve Inc which is based in USA and who has the expertise and the right blend of people to brew perfect malt for your project. They provide Free Consultation for projects and are very supportive to local businesses and startups for their Web, App, and Software development needs.