How to find and hire the best Blockchain developers?

According to some statistics, there were the ICOs worth more than $ 3 billion by the end of the last year and the same is expected to rise with significant growth rate. And so is the case with the second most in demand, after the robotics experts, is the demand for the Blockchain developers.

The balance between the demand and the supply of the blockchain developer might seem to be disturbed mainly because of the increase in the demand for the Blockchain development projects than the increase in the supply of the cryptocurrency or bitcoin developers. In the same way, it is a bit challenging for the businesses to hire a perfectly fit Blockchain developer.

Here are some steps to help you that will help you find and hire the best Blockchain developers:

1. Size of a blockchain development project:

At the outset, you need to ponder over the size of your Blockchain development project and the size of the organization as well. Because much depends on the kind of the projects and your capacity to offer to the needed blockchain developer.

If you are a start-up or a mid-sized organization, it would be preferable to outsource the project and if you are a comparatively large and well-developed organization, you can opt for hiring an in-house expert blockchain developer.

In the same way, you need to think of the complexity and the size of the projects and the elements that might grab the attention of the blockchain developer’s mindset. Therefore, if your project interests the developer, it will lessen the efforts of hiring a good blockchain developer mainly because of the individual preferences and choice of the blockchain developer’s work as filters.

2. What kind of the blockchain development you require:

The second phase of hiring a proficient blockchain developer is to be sure of the projects that ignite the developers to shake hands with you. This has to be so as, remember one fact that, there are many of other businesses as well as your rivals in the queue with loads of offers and monetary rewards attract the developers you are aiming at.

Hence, considering your SWOT, either you can go for hiring an expert blockchain developer or you can outsource it with some a Blockchain development agency or firm or a company.

3. Where will you find them?

The conventional way of finding the best fit developer for your blockchain development projects will obviously not work mainly because of the rising demand for them. Moreover, the nature of the blockchain developers is such that they are not so active on the conventional platforms for the job. You are most likely to find them interacting in their own community on the platforms like Reddit, Gitter, Bitcointalk Forum etc.

4. How will you hire them?

The hiring process of a blockchain developer is a bit challenging as these developers are enjoying their position with higher perks they are offered. Hence you will have to be ready for what they are already being paid by your rivals or other businesses. Secondly, you should think of the options whether you need an in-house developer or you are comfortable with their remote services. You will have to be ready with the flexibility in terms of money as well as the blockchain developers’ tendency to work on their own schedules. In nutshell, you will be required to give them more freedom and liberty to cope with your projects.

5. What are you supposed to offer to retain a proficient blockchain developer?

As stated earlier, blockchain developers are not so conventional and easy to get and therefore your job is not over even if you have hired a blockchain developer. They are the most in-demand professionals and you will have to take care of their longer stay with your company. You can do it with

  • A pleasant and free work environment
  • An increment in their pay considering the current market trends

6. Career progression.

Warm and appreciating approach with them, remember the fact; if you fail to ensure them of a better future with your company, they are sure to change their direction.

There have been introduced a number of online as well off-line courses for the blockchain developers, bitcoin wallet developers in order to fill the gap found today due to impromptu hike in the demand for the blockchain community.

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