How to hire top React Native JS Developers: Tips by React Development Company

The hiring process of any professional is not a quest for the best professional but it is a search for the right professional who fits the roles assigned to him. This is the case with React Native developers too. On one hand every industry leading company is opting for React Native Development and on the other hand, there is less number of prudent react native developer. This article summarizes the overall aspects of react native web developer.

React Native JS:

The first aspect you should think about is whether you should Hire A React Native App Development Company or to do away with a native iOS and Android developer. Considering the hype and hop in the recent times, which is true to a great extent, you would prefer to go for opting to hire a react native app developer. The following are some of the benefits you will have when you develop a React JS native app.

  • Speedier development and great economy of development time
  • Ease of the updates and no resubmission of the react native app for smaller updates.
  • A wider range of rich libraries for loading indicators, social sharing, analytics etc. due to a large following

Why React Native Developer is difficult to Hire:

As stated earlier, react native has a quite large community and has great numbers of developers to hire but the developer best fit to your project is challenging because of the increasing demand for the react native apps development. Moreover, the industry-leading big brands also prefer to develop their apps to react native which is why the react native developer are most in demand.

  • React JS- the technology most in demand:
  • Hiring React Developer is challenging:

What kind of React JS developer should you look for?

There are the developers who have gained expertise in a particular technology over a period of time yet each has his own traits or drawbacks. Considering the requirements of your project, you need to evaluate a developer from the following three angles in terms of competence and traits:

  • Ideally, the developer you choose for your project should be a very good team player so as the interdependence can be harmonized.
  • The secondly, I would like to suggest about the Consultant type of the brains who have to play a short-period role.
  • In-house developers who are going to play a long-term role in the development process.
  • Fast learners who might be freshers but they are good at learning the things faster than the others and can get a grip over the react native JS comparatively faster than the rest breed.

How and where will you hire a topnotch react native JS developer?

Finding a right talent depends on the type of the project you wish to initiate.

  • Building react JS developers In-house Team
  • For your in-house team, you can find the right developer with the help of any reputed recruitment agency through the formal process of hiring like Screening, Technical Test, and final interview to discuss his/her monetary expectations etc.
  • Building an External Team of React JS developers
  • Where as if your project requires
  • Tight schedules to deliver and you don’t have even time for hiring an in-house developer.
  • Speeding up the pace of your project development cycle for a particular period of time.

For the situations explained above, you should hire a freelance professional developer who is competent to comply with your project requirements. You can find them on various good freelance work platforms like Linked In, Facebook community, Upwork, Meet-ups etc and can initiate your communication through proper channels like email, brief phone discussion, skype call to vet his competence and expertise, assigning paid/free test tasks.

What cost you are going to bear Cost to Hire React Js Developer:

When every single sale, visit, like, view and recommendation depend on the captivating and interactive app, there has been no other option than to choose to react JS with its rich library to integrate and create an engaging and responsive eCommerce website. And this is why you may have to pay a handsome reward to the react native app developer for your chat app development.

Hiring cost of a react JS developer largely depends on the kind of the project you are planning to take up and the number of interactive features you wish to integrate. However, the hiring cost can well be determined based on the following aspects:

  • The Scope of the work in your project.
  • The level of expertise and experience your project requires.
  • The detailed and elaborative project description and the communication of the same with the developer.


React JS developers are front-end developers and they re-incarnate your dream app in a very intuitive way with the outstanding user interface and user experience. The miraculous job of a react JS developer is possible only when there is a fine blend of experience, expertise, updated knowledge, and above all clear understanding of the project. The rest is best ROI you will earn from the job the developer has performed.