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The increasing trend of the eCommerce Website development and especially for the organizations with multi-products channels, they inevitably have to develop their eCommerce store on a stubborn platform like Magento and for which they need the Magento developers’skills to craft their site covering every minute requirement needed for an ideal eCommerce store. According to a statistic, that I recently came across is, 2,35,000 eCommerce websites being run on Magento eCommerce platform. Moreover, this platform is still in high demand with progressive figures. This is the reason why there has always been a great demand for the best Magento developer.

This write-up throws light on the steps required to be considered before you seek Magento developers for hire

But before we go into the depth of this subject, let us first be clear about what a Magento web developer does!

Magento developer or a Magento development services proviver company can assist you to develop, improve or support your eCommerce site. The prime functions of a Magento developer can be bifurcated into two main work areas such as;

  • The first part popularly known as Front-end development which includes the design, look, feel and responsiveness of your Magento eCommerce website.
  • Secondly comes, Back-end processes which include the addition of the required features and functionalities with the help of the Magento extensions or codes.
  • Considering the above two prime criteria, you should hire a Magento developer befitting to your requirements.

The steps you should follow while hiring a Magento developer or a Magento development agency:

1.Identify the requirement for the developer in respect of the time:

The first function you need to be clear about is to decide whether you wish to hire a freelance Magento developer or a full-time developer. The reply to this question much depends on your project requirements. The better-defined project requirements, the more clarity will be about the kind of the Magento developer you will need to complete your project. Moreover, Magento is such a platform that no developer will be much interested in any short term or one-shot project, they will turn up showing interest in your project only if your project has long term hiring requirements.

2.What will be the most suitable model for your project- A Freelancer or an Agency?

The answer to this question lies in the size of the project you wish to get developed by a Magento developer or an agency. In case of a project with multi-features and functionalities, obviously, you will need a topnotch Magento team. On the other hand, you can hire different freelance developers and create a team of your own for your project considering the cost structure you may have to bear.

Ideal thought would bean agency if you project is in fact comparatively larger in size with multi-functionalities and features. Because, in case of an agency, you will have 100% assurance about time and cost effectiveness along with a team handled and guided by a responsible project manager to take care of the whole SDLC.

3.Decide What expertise your project requires from a developer?

  • It will be a prudent practice to be clear about the following aspects in respect of the expected skill-sets from a Magento developer.
  • Cheap Developer or a quality developer.
  • Sufficient knowledge about the platform he is working on.
  • Experience in crafting multi-featured eCommerce websites.
  • Knowledge about the latest technology updates.
  • Communication skill and interpretation of your project requirements.

In short, there must be a multi-dimensional evaluation of the Magento developer you intend to hire for your eCommerce website development.

4. Where & How will you find the best Magento developer?

Once you are done with the above mentioned fundamental steps, you need to ponder over the best places where you can find a good developer matching to comply with your store requirements. The following are some of the best platforms where you can find the developers of your choice.

However, keep it in mind that you just to distinguished developers with little knowledge or no experience from the senior and dedicated Magento developers.

  • Magento partners’ community.
  • Magento Certification Directory:
  • Freelancers’ portals.
  • Celebration and events by Magento communities.
  • Social media platforms like Linked In, Twitter, Facebook where you will find the Magento Community Page.
  • Personal networking


Magento along with their recent version Magento 2, you will find a number of options before you and it is definitely a perplexing state of mind while choosing a Magento developer from thousands across the globe on one hand and the cost, quality and timely completion of the project are the factors determining the future of your project. The above discussed steps will definitely bring an end to your search for Right Magento developer and not The Top Magento Developer.

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