How to make the hiring process easy for Magento developer

The increasing trend of the eCommerce Website development and especially for the organizations with multi-products channels, they inevitably have to develop their eCommerce store on a stubborn platform like Magento and for which they need the Magento developers’skills to craft their site covering every minute requirement needed for an ideal eCommerce store. According to a statistic, that I recently came across is, 2,35,000 eCommerce websites being run on Magento eCommerce platform. Moreover, this platform is still in high demand with progressive figures. This is the reason why there has always been a great demand for the best Magento developer.

This write-up throws light on the steps required to be considered before you seek Magento developers for hire

But before we go into the depth of this subject, let us first be clear about what a Magento web developer does!

Magento developer or a Magento development services proviver company can assist you to develop, improve or support your eCommerce site. The prime functions of a Magento developer can be bifurcated into two main work areas such as;

  • The first part popularly known as Front-end development which includes the design, look, feel and responsiveness of your Magento eCommerce website.
  • Secondly comes, Back-end processes which include the addition of the required features and functionalities with the help of the Magento extensions or codes.
  • Considering the above two prime criteria, you should hire a Magento developer befitting to your requirements.

Analyze your store requirement. Set clear goals why and what do you need from a Magento Developer?

Hiring a Magento developer without understanding the need of your store and customers will lead you to bear a loss of timeenergy, and money. Google is open for all so as the friends for a reference to get the best Magento developer for eCommerce website development, but it is also true that not every cook is the best cook and not customer has the same taste.

If you are looking to build a whole new eCommerce store then you should analyze it accordingly and if you have your eCommerce store already then you might need an expert Magento developer to fine-tune it or upgrade it to the latest version.

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You should know why you need to hire Magento Developer? Check out the list of services that one should know before on-boarding a developer and add as an extension to their team.

  • For high performing custom Magento storefronts development solutions
  • Building responsive Magento theme to serve your mobile users better
  • Magento extension development to improve eCommerce website conversion rate and enhance user experience
  • For Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration services to migrate your present eCommerce store to a feature-rich Magento eCommerce store
  • Magento up-gradation and integration services to Modernize your legacy eCommerce store with the best up-gradation and integration solutions from the Magento developers
  • If you want custom eCommerce store development solutions for your business then hire dedicated Magento teams
  • To provide a long-lasting and non-disruptive shopping experience to your customers then you should hire skilled Magento developers that ensure 24/7 monitoring and support
  • Multivendor Marketplace development with high security and memorable user experience can be made possible by hiring an experienced Magento development team that possesses rich domain expertise

The steps you should follow while hiring a Magento developer or a Magento development agency:

1.Identify the requirement for the developer in respect of the time:
The first function you need to be clear about is to decide whether you wish to hire a freelance Magento developer or a full-time developer. The reply to this question much depends on your project requirements. The better-defined project requirements, the more clarity will be about the kind of the Magento developer you will need to complete your project. Moreover, Magento is such a platform that no developer will be much interested in any short term or one-shot project, they will turn up showing interest in your project only if your project has long term hiring requirements.

2. What will be the most suitable model for your project- A Freelancer or an Agency?
The answer to this question lies in the size of the project you wish to get developed by a Magento developer or an agency. In case of a project with multi-features and functionalities, obviously, you will need a topnotch Magento team. On the other hand, you can hire different freelance developers and create a team of your own for your project considering the cost structure you may have to bear.

Ideal thought would bean agency if you project is in fact comparatively larger in size with multi-functionalities and features. Because, in case of an agency, you will have 100% assurance about time and cost effectiveness along with a team handled and guided by a responsible project manager to take care of the whole SDLC.

3. Decide What expertise your project requires from a developer?

  • It will be a prudent practice to be clear about the following aspects in respect of the expected skill-sets from a Magento developer.
  • Cheap Developer or a quality developer.
  • Sufficient knowledge about the platform he is working on.
  • Experience in crafting multi-featured eCommerce websites.
  • Knowledge about the latest technology updates.
  • Communication skill and interpretation of your project requirements.

In short, there must be a multi-dimensional evaluation of the Magento developer you intend to hire for your eCommerce website development.

4. Where & How will you find the best Magento developer?
Once you are done with the above mentioned fundamental steps, you need to ponder over the best places where you can find a good developer matching to comply with your store requirements. The following are some of the best platforms where you can find the developers of your choice.

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However, keep it in mind that you just to distinguished developers with little knowledge or no experience from the senior and dedicated Magento developers.

  • Magento partners’ community.
  • Magento Certification Directory:
  • Freelancers’ portals.
  • Celebration and events by Magento communities.
  • Social media platforms like Linked In, Twitter, Facebook where you will find the Magento Community Page.
  • Personal networking

Setting Clear Objectives:
Setting objectives requires making tough choices and addressing realities. Where is your business now? What are its strengths and weaknesses? Where do you want your business to go? Objectives are important because they convert visions into clear-cut measurable targets. Once you have decided what you want then you can easily describe your needs to a Magento developer that will help him develop, and transform your business idea into reality.

Certified Magento developers:
Magento offers several tiers of certifications like Magento 2 certified solution specialist, Magento 2 professional front end developer, Magento 2 associate developer, Magento 2 professional developer, Magento 2 professional javascript developer, Magento professional cloud developer. Magento platform evolves rapidly to provide memorable user experience and security to its users.

You should prioritize the developer with a recently earned certificate with hands of years of experience who can architect your store with intuitive design, follow standard coding method to build your site, helps you make any changes if and when required, and finally guides you with the best suggestions of how you can save cost and time without compromising in the quality.

Partner Company’s Experience:
An inexperienced Magento development agency or a Freelancer cannot solve complex issues in run time, do not have mastery in everything that Magento offers, and are unable to manage your site. When choosing a less experienced Magento Development Company or a freelancer then you are not saving time and money instead you are getting into more big problems.

You should ask a company since when they are in the business, how many Magento developers they have, how much experience they possess. Reputed Magento Development Company will have skilled and experienced Magento developers that can handle any issue, technical challenge, understand your needs, and complete your project before the time frame. This will enable you to give more time to expanding your business doing other important tasks like marketing and branding.

Partner Company’s Portfolio:
portfolio & case-study will help you know about the company’s professionalism and dedication towards their work. Analyze the portfolio of the Magento development company as it serves solid proof of the companies and developer’s capabilities, skills, and experience. Looking at the portfolio will give you a clear picture if they (company) are a good fit for your project or not.

The portfolio will help you know about the methods they use to develop the project, technologies they are experts in, a process they follow, management environment, project quality, deployment time, and commitment towards the client and work.

Online Ratings and Reviews:
The company is praised and criticized on the basis of the work done and deployed. There are several popular and trusted platforms such as goodfirms and clutch where companies register themselves and these platforms do audits continuously based on which they give each company a ranking.

Read reviews and feedbacks are posted on these platforms that have partnered or hired a company for the completion of their project. You can check those reviews, shortlist the companies you like based on the reviews. But you should never forget cross verifying the company with the below-mentioned questions before hiring a company.

  • What process did they follow for the project development?
  • At what interval were they doing scrum calls with the client and how effective was it?
  • Were they able to develop and deploy the project successfully in the given timeframe and within budget?
  • Did they delivered the same as needed and stood true to the expectations?
  • What steps were taken to manage the project?

Easy Access to Trained Resources:
There are 2 types of company, one, that works with all technologies and have huge staff with different departments of various technology and 2nd is a niche-based company who only focuses on either an industry or a technology. They might be working on just the ecommerce sector or working only with Magento to the development of an e-commerce website.

Not everybody can deliver what a master can. Thus we recommend choosing a company that is working only with Magento to develop ecommerce platforms that will help you get access to highly trained resources and you will get the best Magento ecommerce services with the up-to-date Magento versions with ease.

Mode of Communication:
As we have seen above many factors are important before hiring a Magento development company for e-commerce store development. Client feedback in the run-time is equally important as developers effort as the vision and objective are of client and developer is going to use his expertise to deliver what client needs.

With regular scrum calls with the client and regular updates of the work by the developer to the client, the client will be able to give changes and updates to a project if and when required to prevent any future bugs and errors. To make this possible a developer should be good at communicating and have the ability to understand and coordinate with the clients and their business requirements. The easy flow of communication between developer and client results in the best project deployment and a win-win situation for all.

Quality vs. Cost:
Low operational cost and delivery time comes with an unexpected price. It is everyone’s thought and belief to get quality under the budget. Hire Offshore Magento Developers with QA that can help you build an effective Magento ecommerce store at an affordable price. If you are non-techy it could be tough to analyze the quality under budget to ease this issue we have listed few important points below that you should consider before onboarding a Magneto development company.

Here are factors to look at:

  • What the engagement model? They charge hourly, fixed, or offer a dedicated team?
  • What scenarios can lead to a time and price increase?
  • Do they offer a transparent pricing policy to prevent any future misunderstanding?
  • Do they decide developer according to the task level?

Development Time:
When it comes to hiring Magento Development Company, it is always assumed and expected that they will have all sorts of experience from consulting to maintenance and support that includes every single task needed to build any eCommerce project.

Web development is always segmented into small milestones with strict deadlines. You need to know how much time your Magento developer will take to design and develop, who will be responsible for any unwanted bug caused due to developer, will they deliver the project in a given timeframe. Time is money, it’s not just about saving money from paying more to the developer but getting the project live to achieve business goals.

An experienced Magento developer who understands your requirement and expectations and is passionate and dedicated towards work will strictly follow the timeline and will deliver the project in the given timeline. Hire Magento experts who assure quality work and on-time work completion.

Quality Assurance and Testing:
Using the best practices of Quality Assurance ensures that the product complies with the requirements and works as it should. Make sure your Magento development company has an efficient QA specialist to test code that saves you time and money, makes your product competitive, and helps to create and maintain a good reputation.

Ongoing support and maintenance
Problems do not come knocking on the door. Having an ecommerce store that is strong with millions of users or a small store with limited customers, some problems might come that can affect negatively your store and business performance.

Magento support and maintenance services include post-deployment that is further segmented in managing technical that often takes place when making the store live. It helps you get the support your store need and enables you to focus on business priorities.

Do You Need Front End, Back End, or Full-stack Magento Developer?

The visible part that we all see is a Design part, actions that customers take to buy product clicking on the button and operation that happens after clicking the button is a development part, and management of your site are all very different things.

Your vision, objective, and knowing the capability and certification of the developer are important as not all Magento developers are Full-stack developers. Knowing the distinctions is important because not all Magento developers are full-stack developers.

Front-end Magento Developer:
A Magento 2 Certified Professional Front End Developer creates and customizes Magento themes including templates layout CSS, JavaScript, handles the appearance of your site including the colors and design, site navigation and other components of the front end including translation of a Magento site.

Back-end Magento Developer:
A back-end developer is a technical person that builds the pillar of the website, writes efficiently reusable and documented code, implements security and data protection, manages server-side logins, database, develops service extensions required for projects development optimization, app, and store functionality. Your back-end developer architect the store’s engines to make your store provide a memorable user experience and generates maximum revenue.

Full-stack Magento developer:
A full-stack Magento developer excels at both front-end and back-end development. They have skills like Strong experience in Magento 2, A strong knowledge of PHP, Experience working with agile methodologies, strong interpersonal/communication skills. They are not easy to find but they are capable and passionate about new technologies and willing to drive/contribute to digital innovation and working on all aspects of your Magento store.

Is it a One-Time project Vs. Ongoing Developer Needs?
You can have both, a developer for your project who will develop and deploy it one time, and the other you can have is full-time Magento developer as an extension to your team that will give his undivided attention and complete support whenever needed in the run time and after deployment too to give your customers non-disruptive and memorable user experience and help you increase customer engagement and business performance.

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fication provides independent verification of a certain level of expertise in a particular area. Magento offers various levels of certifications and a Magento Developer with Magento certifications reflects more professionalism specific abilities and knowledge. Check out few Magento certifications:

  • Magento 2 Certified Solution Specialist
  • Magento 2 Certified Professional Front End Developer
  • Magento 2 Certified Professional Developer
  • Magento 2 Certified Associate Developer
  • Magento 2 Certified Professional Developer Plus
  • Magento 2 Certified Professional Cloud Developer
  • Magento Certification

Hire Magento 2 Developer: Skills You Should Look Out For

Magento is a complex platform and its flexibility also means that you should determine a range of skills in a developer before hiring them.

A few skills Magento developers should have included:

  • Installing and setting up Magento.
  • Taking care of site speed and responsiveness.
  • Building Magento themes with available designs.
  • Combining other business systems with Magento
  • Performing Audits of Magento for SEO
  • Working on Magento’s online performance
  • Customizing themes for personalized website design.
  • Developing and Customizing plugins and extensions to enhance features and functionalities.
  • Integrating payment gateways, account management, other business systems like CMS and also CRM and ERP if the business is similar to Walmart and Alibaba.
  • Making sure the website accepts multi-currency payment and supports different languages and multi-currency payment gateways.
  • A/B testing to enhance user experience.

Backend Developer:

A backend developer will be more responsible for making the store engine work smoothly boosts server-side functionalities. They are hard to find but their tasks should include:

  • Develop custom extensions and install them to meet your website needs.
  • Perform support and development tasks on Magento e-commerce platform
  • Interpret written business requirements, technical-specific documents, and developing, customizing, and installing modules.
  • Debug complex issues and bugs using debugging tools and Optimizing site speed and performance.
  • Upgrading the core files when new Magento security PATCH is available.
  • Creating code for importing products on the website and conduct code reviews.
  • Integrating payment gateways and other required business systems.

Technical skills required:

  • PHP (especially PHP 5.6-7 for Magento 2)
  • Python
  • Java
  • MySQL
  • MVC architecture
  • XML
  • Zend Cache and cache techniques in general.

Frontend Developer:

A frontend developer will be responsible for the client-side interface to create custom themes to tailor Magento storefronts for a specific customer. Their tasks will include:

  • Decide website design and structure.
  • Develop most needed features as per the business requirement to enhance users experience
  • Developing and customizing Magento 2 themes and also modifying the existing ones according to your business needs.
  • Making your website responsive across all devices and screens.
  • Make sure the user experience is memorable and optimized by deploying best practices.
  • Keep the brand consistent throughout the whole design
  • Build reusable code for future use and Coordinate with the backend developer to make sure things run smoothly.
  • Have a basic knowledge of SEO to make your website search engine friendly.


Magento along with their recent version Magento 2, you will find a number of options before you and it is definitely a perplexing state of mind while choosing a Magento developer from thousands across the globe on one hand and the cost, quality and timely completion of the project are the factors determining the future of your project. The above discussed steps will definitely bring an end to your search for Right Magento developer and not The Top Magento Developer.