Why Should Choose Laravel for Healthcare App Development

As the usage of the internet has evolved and 85% of the world has gone mobile, every industry is striving to offer services online. The healthcare industry is thriving to offer services online. Consider any reason, be it Population growth, evolution, and revolution of the internet and growing adoption of smartphones, or the new Covid-19 pandemic that has disrupted the entire world and affected many industries.

The online healthcare solution is the new normal in the world for all doctors as the majority of the healthcare companies have already started giving remote services and mHealth applications are used for the management of chronic diseases, rising focus on patient-centric healthcare delivery and increasing demand for home healthcare services are some of the key factors driving the greater uptake of mobile technologies.

The reason behind the failure of many healthcare apps is a selection of unfavorable technology that is unable to make and deliver an intuitive user interface, data and privacy security, and less dependability of the users. Thanks to Laravel that helps in building reliable, stable, beautiful web and mobile application including data privacy, security, and data interoperability.

“As per several market research [291 Pages Report] the global mHealth solutions market is projected to reach USD 213.6 billion by 2025 from USD 50.8 billion in 2020, at a high CAGR of 33.3% during the forecast period of 2020 to 2025.”

If you are planning to have your mHealth app developed, do have communication with healthcare mobile app developers who can help you know the real insights of the various tech stacks. Do not forget to ask why Laravel is the most selected technology among the Healthcare industry people for custom mHealth apps development.

Meanwhile, let me tell you about Healthcare app development for patients, doctors, clinics, and hospitals using Laravel and how it empowers the healthcare industry to take their business to next level.

Medical apps for doctors:

This app concept is designed and built for both patients and caregivers. This app streamlines the process and helps in:

  • Patient monitoring
  • Automating daily routines
  • Giving access to patient data
  • Providing remote consultations
  • Delivering personalized care.

Healthcare Apps for Patient: 
Patient apps are usually customized. The body has numerous parts and doctors get expertise in any one of them. The requirement of the reports, tests types, checking patient method is all different for different problems. Considering these points in mind, patient apps are designed and is helpful in:

  • Scheduling appointments
  • Allows keeping and monitoring personal health records
  • Medication reminders
  • Personal health records
  • Laboratory results
  • Remote conversation with doctors

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Other sub-patient apps can also be built to prevent any confusion and help you get more engaging users. Other apps that are useful and can be built are:

  • Appointment scheduling apps enable your user to book an appointment without getting confused in the heavily loaded website or app. This also is helpful for you to maintain records in a single database.
  • Patient Portal that allows to add and record all details from the inception till his death as it will be helpful in future to treat another patient if doctors meet any similar case. This is also helpful in training the new step-in doctors to learn, understand and gain experience.
  • E-prescription apps are helpful for both doctors and patients. A doctor can quickly go through the record and prescribe accordingly, patient do not have to visit the doctor in person, and get the rapid treatment on time at the same fees.

“Registering a CAGR of 37.2% from 2020 to 2027, the patient-centric healthcare app market accounted for $4,730 million in 2019, and is expected to reach $64,331 million by 2027.”

If you are looking to get a healthcare application that is the same as mentioned in the blog and as you expect, having a Healthcare App Development Company to your side will get you the app as you want. It will be secure, user-friendly, multi-screen responsive, and bug-free with fast delivery.

Medical apps for clinics:
It is hard to maintain the inventory, patients, workflow, accounting, and billing at once when you are a known doctor among the patients, holds expertise and patient’s strength is huge.

Having Medical apps for clinics can help you streamline your daily routine tasks with ease. Know how apps for the clinic can help you:

  • Workflow automation
  • Inventory and equipment management
  • Accounting and billing
  • Insurance management
  • Medication management
  • And other important tasks

When you own a hospital, you have a big nursing staff. You also have doctors whom you appoint on regular basis along with other employees entitled to different job designation. Not having the dashboard will lead you to face multiple problems and you will be stuck in gaining growth. Building a dashboard for your hospital will enable you in:

  • Monitoring healthcare KPIs
  • Making better decision
  • Lower costs
  • Optimize workflow
  • And improve employee and patient satisfaction

Apps for wearable devices:
No time to test multiple patients at a single time? Need proper data about the glucose level, blood pressure cardio, and more to assist patients quickly with accurate prescriptions.

Apps for wearable devices with sensors will empower you to retain your patients for a long time, build trust and help them stay fit and healthy. It is helpful in:

  • Measure blood pressure
  • Cardio and glucose monitors
  • Biosensors
  • Fitness trackers
  • And helps doctors make a quick decision.

Healthcare mobile apps have become a popular choice for several patients and doctors. Know the benefits of MHealth App Development Emerging Technologies & Solutions:

  • On-time consistent virtual consultation is maintained between patients and doctors
  • Helps in providing instant support and care for elderly patients virtually who cannot leave home suffering from chronic conditions
  • Allows patients to access essential health information quickly, reducing cost by preventing the patient from unnecessary hospital visits
  • Patients get expert feedback with real-time symptoms tracking
  • Every patient gets personalized treatment
  • Prevents facing human error of losing data through electronic real-time data collection
  • Patient can keep self-updated about their health by tracking and monitoring previous and current medical conditions
  • Virtual appointments help reducing the spread of infection and disease

HIPAA compliance app extensive checklist with Laravel:

When it comes to businesses and organizations that work with PHI (Protected Health Information), industries mentioned below should be HIPAA compliant:

  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Health insurance agencies
  • Pharmacies
  • Dentists
  • Psychologists
  • Nursing homes
  • Chiropractors
  • ü Health Plans
  • Clearinghouses

The HIPAA legislation had four primary objectives that Laravel solves easily

1) Assure health insurance portability by eliminating job-lock due to pre-existing medical conditions.

  • Allows data sharing within the organization, across a network, or within an app

2) Reduce healthcare fraud and abuse

  • Blocks the user from logging in after numerous failed attempts as it only develops a secure app

3) Enforce standards for health information

  • It encrypts data during transit

4) Guarantee security and privacy of health information

  • Data is stored on HIPAA compliant servers and is highly encrypted
  • Laravel developers build the structure of the app’s back-end according to HIPAA safeguard rules
  • Laravel’s encrypters use Open SSL to provide AES-256 and AES-128 encryption to protect users data
  • Keeps the app secure and updated with regular Laravel security updates
  • User information is deleted remotely if the device is lost or stolen

Why is Laravel the best choice for healthcare-providing businesses and organizations?

To deliver outrageous for the healthcare sector, it is not limited to hospitals and doctors but patients are also included who is the core reason behind the digital healthcare solution.

When talking about the healthcare industry, it is not only about increasing the business revenue but also offering a superior experience to patients, deliver high quality and rapid solutions, and protect the user’s data and privacy, and more.

On-Time Communication
Being a doctor to assist your patient virtually for a regular medical check-up or in an emergency, you need to communicate in both cases to provide accurate treatment and quality care. MHealth application empowers both doctors and patients to remain in constant contact for any medical help if and when needed.

Laravel developers can solve these issues using the carbon package offered by Laravel the open-source framework that enables the feature of maintaining dates, time, and scheduling appointments to prevent any unwanted and sudden health loss to the patient.

Authentication challenges
Healthcare involves the super-sensitive data of the patient which makes it a highly required point of transacting the data securely, storing it with the surety of complete data protection with no fear of data leak and loss. Laravel developers spend a huge amount of time writing authentication code and make sure that the healthcare industry is secure.

Laravel 5 has made it possible with the new update of Laravel 5 which is equipped with various security policies, defines access authority, and comes with a tool named scheduler that streamlines the Cron tasks management.

User Security
In this digital world, data is everything and is the most precious asset on the planet. It is very much important for you to know who will have access to your data and who will not. Talking about the healthcare industry, there are far more critical concerns about the data which can lead to a higher level of security threat

Laravel has a huge huge support of the largest community and a wide range of security features that your sensitive data is always secure. Hire Laravel developers for your healthcare app development using the latest technology to meet the future need and gain the advantages of taking your business to the next level with the highest patient satisfaction rate.

Maintain Authority with High Security
Laravel a PHP framework offers top-level security features and CSRF tokens that are rarely available on any other structure. This feature helps the hospital owner lead the industry with the surety of maintaining the private data where data is accessible to only those who are authorized by the patient.

Readymade application of your choice at a reasonable price
Laravel these days is getting more and more popular among the developers due to its security featureeasy to maintain serviceslarge community support to fix any issue if arrives in the future. Laravel offers numerous readymade applications that can be custom-tailored to the business needs with just adding a few more features if required. This will help in getting the app built in less time, with no compromise in the quality and security feature but at an affordable price.

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Our mobile medical app developers have experience in developing various types of applications with multiple features in a single app for the healthcare industry such as:

  • Telehealth/telemedicine
  • Patients apps
  • Doctors apps
  • Medical apps for doctors
  • Medical apps for patients
  • Dashboards
  • Wearable devices
  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Mental health
  • Super-lightweight EHRs for clinics
  • Uber for lab testing
  • Fitness & wellbeing
  • IoT medical apps
  • Apps for health insurance
  • AI-powered healthcare solutions
  • Medical staff on-demand apps

Laravel helps to create efficient, user-friendlyhighly securesimpleexpressive healthcare applications. Laravel is constantly updating since its inception and is adding more tools to the healthcare landscape intending to solve patients’ and medical professional’s challenges and daily problems in days.

Your decision to hire Laravel Development Company for healthcare app development can benefit your business and help you take it to the next level. To learn more about the benefits of using Laravel for your healthcare app development, you can always schedule a call to us and we will be more than happy to help. Free consultation for 30 minutes.

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