How Does Magento 2 Fit For B2B Requirements?

Today’s ecommerce is known for challenging and fast paced solutions. Ecommerce B2B merchants face a lot of challenges and issues to get more sales. B2B segment creates new demands for retailers.

Magento 2 is a long-awaited version that offers powerful B2B functionalities that would be an excellent advantage for scalability-seeking B2B operations. These days B2B customers want seamless self-service and convenient deal options for online shopping. Magento 2 migration has a lot of options to help B2B businesses deliver a seamless experience to the users.

Magento 2 version has terribly powerful B2B functionalities. We will discuss the major challenges and solutions Magento 2 features offers:

1. B2B Necessity: Approvals of order

When you sell your products to other B2B businesses, you often don’t sell to one buyer. Several firms have multiple locations with multiple consumers and appointed approvers for these purchases. The establishment of company hierarchies and access and approvals can require a lot of customized development on most traditional ecommerce platforms.

Feature of B2B Magento: Business Account Management

The self-service account tool for the sale of multiple buyers and organizational structures to corporate accounts includes:

  • Send a request to a business account
  • Appoint a super user to administer the account of the company
  • To match the structure of business, drag and drop consumers into the hierarchy
  • View orders and quotes for direct reports and approve them

2. B2B Necessity: Autonomous quotes and approvals

Due to bulk orders, endless product customization choices and extra negotiations, B2B trade can be an inherently more complicated process. The addition of quotes and new business processes to a traditional eCommerce system can take a lot of customization and development that is not compatible with the future needs of eCommerce stores.

Feature of B2B Magento: Quotation module

The business of B2B depends heavily on negotiation. To handle this, Magento includes a state-of-the-art quotation engine. This quote engine helps customers add products to their carts and convert them to a quote rather than placing an order. By setting a price and adding comments, Magento2 admin user can then examine and answer. Magento 2 website development facilitates shorter negotiation cycles and faster ordering process.

3. B2B Necessity: Rapid order / reorder

Magento Commerce enclosed the native functionality Order by SKU as a widget that allows customers to enter the SKU directly into a form or upload it as a CSV file. Magento 2 mobile apps needs to reconfigure native wish lists to include more B2B features that allow companies to have a set list of things they periodically reorder.

Feature of B2B Magento: Streamlined order placement

The placement of repeat orders is a standard in a B2B environment. Magento2 website development simplifies the function of frequent purchases by enabling them to order quickly via SKU, by importing excel files of the list of product references and related quantities or reordering on the basis of their previous history of ordering. Magento2 even permits requests for negotiated quotations to be converted from admin end to an order.

4. B2B Necessity: Products and prices specific to customers

Although Magento has enclosed a great feature set of advanced promotions, category permissions and customer groups for a short while, real B2B customer specific catalogs are required further custom development.

Feature of B2B Magento: Custom catalog and prices

Magento Commerce currently includes the ability to simply configure pricing and catalogs for companies and individual products. SKU pricing can be set to fixed or dynamic discounts using price rules against the default catalog when setting up the catalog. These tailored catalogs and rating also can be integrated together with ERP to make sure everything is synchronized across platforms.

5. B2B Necessity: Options of B2B Payment

Magento older version offered a few B2B payment choices such as enclosed purchase orders, invoice, and sophisticated authentications for various options like PO limits, good credit, etc.

Feature of B2B Magento: B2B Payments on Account

With Magento 2 web development for B2B, a new method for payment has been introduced that allows customers to check out their account by applying charges. This payment option can be restricted through the admin portal to orders with a subtotal to a minimum and/or a maximum. It also helps to integrate the customer credit status with external systems before approving the checkout method of payment on account. High performance B2B websites can be built with Magento 2.

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