Building Magento 2 Mobile Apps For Ecommerce Sector

With the increasing use of mobile applicationsecommerce industry has been transformed since the last few years. Customers expect mobile friendly websites and applications that make the shopping easier and more convenient. Shoppers wish to complete their purchases within a few minutes with a few clicks on their mobile devices.

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Magento 2 is a fully native application that interacts with the device based options such as Geolocation, voice search, login, image search, and fingerprint login. Engage your customers with your brand by offer intuitive and easy to use mobile apps with Magento. You can make more sales with Magento 2 application development solutions from our team of experts.

With the assistance of REST API, all customizations can be made. We are known for creating impeccable designs for Magento apps that look amazingly beautiful. We integrate safe and secure payment options for Magento 2 mobile applications we develop.

Types of Mobile App

  • Hybrid app
  • Web app
  • Native app

Why Build a Mobile App?

The mobile apps are popular among ecommerce businesses as they are easy to use and more convenient as compared to websites. They have played a decent role in the economic process of ecommerce businesses since the last few years.

Features of Mobile App:

1. Product Types of Magento 2: Simple Product, Bundled Product, Configurable product, Group Product, Virtual Product, Downloadable Product.

2. Optimization of search: The Search Result is filtered via by layered navigation in page.

3. Payment Method: The apps support cash on delivery, cheque, PayPal method,

4. Multilingual Support: The app can be available for different languages. Simply the language
should be enabled on the shop. Note- The app supports RTL layout for languages having RTL formats like Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, and others.

5. User Friendly: Magento mobile apps are user-friendly with slider of banner category, featured product, new product, and bestseller.

6. Default Shipping Method: In shipping method, app can have multiple shipping methods but this platform comes with a default shipping option. The apps we develop can have different transporters from different industries.

7. Easy Configuration: The app may be designed from the admin panel, with all the basic features like a Banner, slider, notification, category icons and banner, and other sections.

8. One page Checkout: The app user can checkout with the merchandise in an exceedingly few steps, that makes the checkout method quick. Thus, such apps improve and enhance user engagement.


The homepage of the app plays a major role in the success of an ecommerce store. The homepage is enriched with multiple options and some of them are listed below:

1. Multiple sets of Slider: The home page of the app gives its user a great user interface.

2. Category Slider: The classes’ area unit displayed within the kind of a horizontal carousel that might be seen on the homepage of the app.

3. Featured Product Slider: The slider can have a set of exclusive products. User- friendly and Responsive slider to grab the attention of users.

4. New Product Slider: This will contain a set of newly arrived product in slider.

5. Recently Viewed Product Slider: If a user has visited a few product pages, the slider would display the recently viewed products so that users can remember them and make purchase online.

6. Banner slider: A sliding set of the second level of banner slider and display about new offers and advertisements set by the admin.


This might increase the user experience by decreasing the struggle of the client to appear for the specified product. The user can search product easily. And also find the various categories for products.

Different types of searches:

  • Typing Keyword
  • Voice Search
  • Search via Image

Layered Navigation:

In this, the customer will be able to search for the products supported their interest. Within the bedded navigation, the client can search any product by any attributes. The units selected by the admin will be displayed on the front-end and it is filterable.

It provides benefit the customer for searching the product. For example: T-shirt can be filtered by color, size, brand, gender etc.

This can be modified by keeping pace with different parameters such as product attributes. The shop owner will manage the filters from the rear finish and so end users get the benefits by:

  • Speeding up the products search
  • Saving time
  • Providing best search flexibility

My Wish List:

Customers can add products to their wish list and purchase them later on. My Wish list so that they can add the product to cart and purchase them. The app provides an option to the users to share the product and add to the wish list.

Product information contains different attributes such as:

  • Add to cart
  • Product name
  • Product rating
  • Price
  • Quantity
  • Note regarding product
  • Removing option


The more options for payment gateways you integrate with your Magento Mobile App, the higher will be your conversion rates and profits. It’s a no brainer that customers demand flexibility in terms of payment methods. We can integrate multiple payment methods for your ecommerce store. When you provide multiple payment options and multiple currencies, it becomes easier for your users to make payments. Boost your Magento conversion rate by following these tactics.

Also, the advantages of payment Gateway are:

  • Secure and reliable dealings.
  • Faster dealing process than manual process and customers will make It convenient for the users to make purchases from such online stores.
  • Expand client base exponentially by shoppers from around the world to possess access to your store.

Our team of Magento app developers has worked on several projects for our clients across the globe. Get in touch with us if you are looking for custom Magento app development solutions. We would be glad to assist you.