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There’s an ongoing debate about Magento 2 vs Magento 1 – Which one is better? Should you move to Magento 2.X?

Magento 2 has been live for a while now. Most of the ecommerce store owners have migrated to the newest version, while a few others are still thinking about it. Many ecommerce store owners have build Magento mobile apps to reach a wider audience and make more sales.

Tip: With the increasing competition in each and every sector, you should think of multi-vendor mobile app development solutions with Magento. Magento development services with advanced technologies can help you grab more customers by providing a great shopping experience.

“Mobile commerce is likely to make upto 45% of ecommerce business, which equals to $ 284 billion in sales by 2020. [Source: Businessinsider]”

What was the idea behind Magento 2?

Let’s talk about Magento 2 launching. It was created to provide a personalized customer experience to the shoppers and the users. It offers advanced features that allow small and large ecommerce businesses deliver high quality services. Magento 2 websites can be designed to fit any device.

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As Magento 2 offers a flexible architecture, it helps to increase the productivity. It can help B2B and B2C brands provide an engaging user experience. Ecommerce store owners can track sales and update the products list from their smartphones. Controlling the content of an ecommerce site has never been so easier.

The Final Result: A fabulous shopping experience!

What do numbers say about Magento 2?

The leading countries that use Magento as an ecommerce platform:

Country Number of Magento 2 users
United States 21,435
United Kingdom 4,643
Netherlands 3,368
Australia 1,631
Germany 2,403
Gabon 3,071
Central African Republic 2,986
Italy 1,099

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Why choose Magento 2 for multi-vendor mobile app development?

Magento 2 Multi -Vendor Mobile app

Though there are many multi-vendor mobile app development frameworks, Magento 2 is a preferred choice of several customers worldwide. Magento mobile application development can be the best option for building ecommerce mobile apps for businesses wanting to expand their reach globally. Being equipped with the most advanced features, Magento 2 can be used for developing a native mobile app for Magento marketplace.

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How to build a user-friendly Magento 2 mobile application?

Mobile commerce is the latest ecommerce that has been revolutionizing the world. Clicks and swipes are the user actions that dominate the mobile commerce industry. It is essential to choose to hire the best Magento mobile app development company to build an amazing application that matches your requirements and budget.

How to start with Magento mobile app development?

If you have made up your mind for building your Magento mobile application, this will be one of the best decisions of your life. Do some research online and understand what the existing trends in the market are. Identify your target audience and build feature-rich, user-friendly Magento 2 mobile app. The right Magento 2 ecommerce mobile app development company can help you get an app that promises an uncompromising performance.

The Best Way to Create your Magento Mobile Application

You should go for custom development for Magento mobile app. Some eCommerce business owners opt for readymade mobile app development solutions, but doing this would deprive you of the uniqueness. You may have some dependencies while choosing a ready solution for your mobile app. The best thing is to choose the best Magento 2 mobile application development services provider agency to build an amazing solution that provides room for customization, ensures enhanced performance, provides seamless shopping experience across all devices, and increases your sales.

9 Steps to build a multi-vendor native mobile app with Magento 2

A multi-vendor mobile app with attractive design and easy to use features would surely help you make more profits.

1. Create User Interface

We all know the importance of eye-catchy user interface for mobile apps. Magento 2 offers multiple design templates to choose from. Every business owner or Magento mobile app developer should focus on the visual part of the interface to create attractive and eye-catchy designs that pulls the attention of the potential consumers. Stunning designs and intuitive interfaces for mobile ecommerce apps can help you make more sales online.

2. Integrate essential features

Determine the features of the ecommerce mobile app with Magento. Multi-vendor mobile app with impeccable features can enhance the user experience. Make sure that your app has all the necessary features that are required in an ecommerce mobile app. Keep in mind that the users should have an enjoyable and hassle-free experience while shopping via your mobile app. Easy to use search filters, predictive search, social media integration, push notifications, predictive search and easy checkout process are some of the most important features needed in Magento mobile app.

3. Advanced Extensions

Magento 2 is loaded with a variety of extensions that helps the users and developers add the desired functionality. Each Magento 2 extension is designed to make the tasks easier for admin and vendors. Whether you want to add live chat or need a plugin for real-time data, Magento 2 has it all.

4. Install shopping app with API credentials

In-app purchases are a hot trend these days. Business owners expect high quality services. You can integrate a shopping app with API credentials. Magento 2 web API framework offers SOAP and REST API. Three different types of authentications are used for mobile apps.

5. Publish App to Google Store and App Store

This will be the final step of your Magento 2 mobile app development. Name your app before it goes live on the Google and App Store. Make sure that you follow the guidelines while submitting your app to the respective app stores.

6. Engage your customers

Visitors prefer to shop from stores or mobile apps that provide an option to chat or share products with friends. Real-time chat environment can be a good feature for your next Magento mobile app development. You can skyrocket your sales by engaging more customers with Magento 2.

7. Push Notifications

Push notifications can be a great way to engage your mobile users. Notify your users about discounts, offers, deals, and reminders through push notifications. Such push notifications can help your customers get information directly to their fingertips.

8. Promotional Programs

Customer loyalty programs and free giveaways or rewards can help you attract more customers for your Magento 2 mobile application. Promotional programs of any kind can be done by Magento mobile app to bring more users to your site and convert them into your customers.

9. Multiple Language and Currency Support

You can build a multilingual ecommerce site with Magento 2. Accepting multiple currencies is also possible with Magento 2 mobile app development solutions.

An Honest Opinion about Magento Mobile App Development

We would advise you to build your Magento mobile app before it gets too late. Hire Magento 2 app developers to get started. All you need to do is discuss your idea for ecommerce mobile app development and our team of experts would be glad to propose the best solutions that help you achieve your business goals.

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