Magento eCommerce Development Explained for Business owners, developers, and end users

Did you know that Magento was developed in early 2007 and it was originally called Bento? Due to the legal issues, it had to be renamed as Magento. The software was an instant success with a few Fortune 500 companies adopting it as an open source eCommerce platform. Since then, Magento has been evolving and bringing in a lot of new opportunities and benefits for its users. It is known for its flexibility and scalability.

Anyone who has wrestled with getting an online store for their business can use Magento to get a business website without digging a hole in the pocket. An experienced Magento development services provider company can help you get your dream website. The open-source platform offers the Community and Enterprise editions to make Magento website development easy. There are thousands of themes and extensions available to build an online store.

Some interesting facts about Magento

  • This CMS powers more than 315,000 online websites all over the world.
  • It is used by 70 of the top 500 companies.

Magento 2 B2B for eCommerce Business

Magento’s magic never fails to impress the users. Magento has been the number one choice for eCommerce business owners as it offers greater control over the website. Magento Enterprise edition is the premium paid version of this CMS and is meant for the users who believe that Community edition isn’t enough for building their eCommerce store. It costs $16,000 per year and is suitable for large online shops that need advanced features and functionalities. Magento Enterprise edition subscribers get full support from the Magento team. If you’re a small business owner who wants to experiment and learn how eCommerce business model works, Community edition can be the right starting point. You can take the advantage of Magento Connect – the Magento Extension marketplace to enhance the functionality of your store.

Wondering what makes Magento a powerful open source platform? Well, flexibility, enhanced security, scalability, and faster development are some of the major features that make it a trusted choice of developers and users across the globe.

Let’s discuss why one should choose Magento for their online business improvement. These are just some of the benefits of Magento website development for eCommerce business owners.

Vendor’s outlook

Simplicity and ease of use

Why do business owners pick Magento for eCommerce development? The answer is simple: It is easy and simple to use. Magento comes with a simple administration board that helps the website owners customize the website exactly as they may need. There’s no need to avail any training or experience in Magento eCommerce development. Multiple online stores can be managed from a single admin panel.

Mobile Responsiveness

Magento is known for its responsiveness. The websites built with Magento are compatible with all the mobile platforms and so, you do not need to spend money on making the site responsive. There are endless possibilities with Magento. Online store owners can target both desktop and mobile consumers.

SEO friendliness

Magento provides a lot of opportunities for your products to appear on Google and other SERPs. It allows the users to create user-friendly URLs and meta-description options needed for SEO. Magento helps you address some SEO issues and make your website rank higher in Google and other search engines.


Detailed reports can be generated by admin to get an idea about the website performance. Management of orders and tracking sales through analytics are some other highlights of this awesome platform. Highly secure websites and backend is built using Magento.

Easy Integration with Google services

Magento can be integrated with most of the Google services such as Google Checkout, Google Analytics, and Google Base.

Huge Magento community

As Magento is a popular open source, it has a large community of developers. If you are stuck anywhere, you can reach out to them simply to seek help.

Developer’s Perspective

With tons of CSS customization options, Magento is a developer-friendly open source CMS that allows developers to customize the page, content, and navigation with ease. Developers can install the required Magento 2 extensions to add the desired functionality to the website.

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Testing made easy

Magento 2 comes with 100% testing friendly environment, which means that it offers flawless testing for performing Integration tests, Unit tests, Statistic test, performance test, and Legacy and Migration test.

Third Party integration

Magento allows third-party integrations and so, it provides an online store with bigger room for custom integrations. It is easy to integrate your website with different payment gateways and web applications such as MailChimp, eBay, QuickBooks, PayPal, and Google Shopping.


As Magento is written in PHP, it becomes easier to add new features as per the project requirements. It allows great scalability and this makes it a trusted choice of several Magento developers worldwide.

Simple Coding

When compared to other CMS platforms, Magento core code is not very complicated. The development won’t be disrupted with addition of extensions or future upgrades.

Limitless options

Magento is considered to be a limitless eCommerce platform. It offers great instant flexibility and customization. It offers advanced solutions in a very simple form. As Magento has a friendly community for support and new updates or upgrades are available from time to time.

Safe and secure

Magento is known to be a highly secure platformMagento website development covers all the imperfections of the past version. With the new version release, one can avoid worrying about the bugs in the sites.

End users’ View

The end users do not have to worry about the stores that run on Magento platform. It offers easy to use navigation and highly secure shopping cart options.

Simple search

Magento provides easy search option for the buyers. The index posting is very simple and easy to understand. Searching for a particular product on the site becomes easier.

Easy checkout

Most of the online shoppers prefer buying from websites that offer simple checkout options. Magento satisfies this need and offers safe as well as straightforward checkout option for your online store. Magento store owners should ensure that their website has a simple checkout procedure that is free from bugs and glitches.

Fast loading page

Magento is known for creating fast loading web pages. The pages on the website load faster, resulting in saving a lot of time and efforts.

Google Smart Shopping campaigns with Magento

Magento has announced that merchants will be able to launch Google Smart Shopping Campaigns for their online stores. Google Smart technology uses automated bidding and ad placement for various channels such as YouTube, Gmail, Google Search, and more. This new technology ensures the highest return on ads. Merchants can simplify ad campaign management to maximize their conversion rates. If you haven’t signed up for Google Smart shopping campaign, you could be losing a lot of profits. Talk to our experts to know more. Hire Magento developers from i-Verve to get an easy to navigate and user-friendly eCommerce store.

Benefits of Magento & Smart Shopping campaigns:

  • Increase brand awareness across the networks
  • Maximize conversion rates
  • Simplify campaign and ad management
  • Save time and efforts
  • Automated product catalog updating
  • Generate more profits

With so many advantages for eCommerce business owners, developers, and end users, one cannot ignore Magento. i-Verve has a team of Magento certified experts to help you with all your website development needs. Give us a shout and we would be glad to help you.