Microsoft Dynamics 365: CRM & ERP Software Integration Helps Take Your Business To The Next Level

CRM is considered to be the heart(customers) of every business growth and ERP as an Oxygen(employees). When you treat your employees well, your customers are treated the best. (the secret of every organization’s success).

“As per the Forester, 50% of the teams have improved their productivity by using Mobile CRM.”

“88% of organizations consider their ERP implementation helped them to succeed.”

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a common brand name given to both CRM and ERP offerings from Microsoft. It is Software-as-a-Service built on common data service (CDS) designed to both transform and automates your front-office and back-office business activities. If you own a mall or big business, your business will flourish using CRM ERP implementaion services.

CRM software helps in increasing revenue and ERP in reducing costs. Together, these both can be proved as a Nectar for the companies growth, productivity, and sales. ASP.NET development company can help you to integrate CRM and ERP into your system for your business growth and helps in increasing sales.

Usually Small and Medium-sized companies do not have time or budget for failed investment yet, over and over, they keep investing in CRM and ERP separately to spin their wheels. This happens because they weren’t prepared for the investment, or they thought that CRM and ERP integration is as simple as “turning on the car and get started driving” without learning and they try or decide to drive alone with no guidance that ultimately leads to a “fail investment”

There are tons of problems at both phases, front-end which is where your sales and marketing team is interacting directly with your valued customers, and back-end which is where your employees at different positions with different designation are interacting with each other to fulfill the business and customer requirement.

Dynamics mobile solutions are widely used to make business intelligent, smoothens the process of an organization. Microsoft Dynamics Development Company can help you automate your business operations, process and increase customer engagement and also increase sales. Below are the some examples and benefits of How Integrating Dynamics CRM and ERP in to your system steamlines and optimizes areas of various businesses.


  • Increase profitability
  • Gives clear and holistic customer information
  • Improve customer retention
  • Identify error
  • Eliminate duplication
  • Reduce the ownership cost
  • Increase ROI


  • Accelerate production and product delivery
  • Unified solutions to manufacturing
  • Tracking, scheduling, and optimizing product manufacturing and delivery
  • Increases customer loyalty
  • Support the product to the customer and everything in between


  • Smooth and seamless operations
  • Unified retail experience
  • Centralized management system
  • Real-time data update on all channels (product information, inventory, customer promotions, and sales data)
  • Streamlines both in-store sales and online purchases

Supply chain:

  • Improve visibility and drive optimization
  • Streamline the supply chain from sales to fulfillment
  • Optimizes logistics across production sites, warehouses, facilities and transportation

Human resource:

  • Centralized data on a single platform gives real-time access to all customer and product information
  • Human capital management system
  • Enables employee success through administration, absence and leave management
  • Attract and onboard top talent
  • Necessary tools to ensure compliance

Logistics (Warehouse management)

  • Easy receiving and shopping good with ontime entry and accuracy
  • Multi warehouse support and management
  • Real-time inventory data update, access and monitoring
  • Easy managing bills, accounts and other finances
  • Timely transfer of goods between warehouses
  • Barcode and QR code scan for product identification
  • Signature and image capturing
  • Time-saving and cost-effective

Field sales:

  • Location integration
  • Streamline agent actions
  • Boost organizational productivity
  • Minimal interference and maximum results
  • Order and invoice tracking
  • Improved business operations
  • Payment collection
  • Customer engagement
  • Checking stocks
  • Sales reports
  • Detail customer report
  • Order warranty detection
  • Call and email integration

Geo Services:

  • Live monitoring and tracking
  • Geo-route tracking
  • Heatmaps
  • Area coverage
  • Custom reports and insights
  • Route compliance


  • Automate sales funnel
  • Make information access possible from anywhere
  • Sales analytics from Power BI

Customer Service:

  • Prioritize customer interactions
  • Empower customer service agents
  • Gather powerful insights


  • Advances data insights
  • Enhanced lead generation
  • Automated tasks

Integrate CRM and ERP Into Your System!
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an extraordinary programming to utilize. I prescribe Microsoft Dynamics 365 to all the forthcoming clients. It has extraordinary and splendid highlights. It is an efficient programming and its abilities are incredible. This software has given us numerous new capacities, for example, Upgrade dynamic Improve business measure results Drive advancement Improve business measure readiness Improve client relations/administration Drive income development Cost the board Improve provider or accomplice connections Make inward/operational efficiencies Lessen time to advertise
April from Hospital & Health Care

“With the Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI solution for customer service, we’ll be ahead of the game and reinvent the way we run our support and services business by providing a best-in-class customer experience.”
Gilbert Rossi: Global Head of Customer Support
HP Inc.

Features and benefits of Dynamics 365

Optimizes Business:
Microsoft ERP optimizes business operations, enables gaining control over disconnected areas of the business through automation, task prioritization, and data integration. It is found when the ERP implementation is not done by the professional, the entire project gets at risk where the time, energy, money all is wasted as to fix the same one that needs an expert. Getting the ERP implementation services from an expert will help you fuel your business success and get ensured about the ERP implementation would be a success.

“Microsoft Dynamics 365 help your people take smarter, faster & effective business decisions with more confidence”

Simplify Lead Qualification:
Microsoft dynamics 365 CRM gives a process-driven user interface to simplify lead qualification and help drive the successful conversion of your leads into a customer. If you are an organization or a business that needs an expert for CRM implementation, the best choice is to get CRM implementation services to unleash the power of customer service excellence.

Aligning Team and Transparency:
ERP enables the flow of data between the departments, keep the organization’s employee of a single page by aligning team that increases business productivity.

Centralized Repository: 
Create a centralized data repository from all departments that helps in eliminating duplications, reduce errors, and boost data accuracy.

Improved decision making:
Dynamics use the AI module, makes predictive insights from the data, and customer behaviour gives accurate and real-time information about the organization, employees, and customers that empowers businesses in making calculated decisions.

Increase business efficiency and reduces costs:
Dynamics 365 ERP helps businesses increase efficiency and reduce costs overall by updating the informations in real-time and giving accurate insights to reduce mistakes and uncover possible issues.

Creating lasting customer relationships:
Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM enables businesses with better services and necessary interaction with customers that result in loyal customers.

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Quick conversion of leads into customer:
With the help of CRM, you get accurate information about the product and the customer behaviour to give answers to customers and create a strong bond with the leads that give more conversion.

Promotes productivity:
Train the agents with the best available information about the customer journey, behavior, and product to streamline the customer experience and create a smooth system for better service.

Improving project service automation:
Helps in identifying the issues and controversies in the project process, prepare plans and anticipate the solution as per the business requirement to automate the project service.

Famous companies using Microsoft Dynamics 365:
There are various modules available in Microsoft Dynamics 365 helpful in streamlining various industries’ daily operations and positively affecting the business revenue. Companies using Microsoft Dynamics AXMicrosoft Dynamics NAVMicrosoft Dynamics GpMicrosoft Dynamics for salesMicrosoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics ERP.

  • HP
  • Tesla
  • Visa
  • Prada
  • Pandora
  • BMW
  • Toyota
  • Unicef
  • Honeywell
  • Lowe’s

What Microsoft Dynamics can do for your business?

MD breakdowns the data silos and build intelligence to your decision-making.

We as a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Development Company believes segmentation is the key to success which is followed by the Microsoft Dynamics and that is why businesses who have integrated Microsoft Dynamics are experiencing high growth in terms of getting higher customer engagement, loyal customer-lasting customer, reducing errors-increasing business efficiency, and keeps the businesses ahead of the game.

For Large Organizations:
Finance industry uses Dynamics 365 Finance specially designed for the Finance industry and Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management is designed for Supply Chain Industry that empowers people to make faster, calculative, better, and accurate decisions and also is helpful in giving the future glimpse of changing and upcoming demands so that decision-makers can adapt the market demands quickly.

For small and medium-sized businesses:
Dynamics 365 Business Central specially designed for SMEs with all-in-one business solutions that are user-friendly, intuitive user interface, easy to adapt, simple to use that connects, grows, and takes your business to the next level.

Multi-functional top-of-the-line software for your industry growth. Check out your industry and Dynamics input that has benefited multiple domains.

Hospital and Healthcare:
Microsoft Dynamics 365 is extraordinary programming to utilize. Extraordinary and splendid highlights with new capacities to upgrade dynamics that gives:

  • Improve business measure results
  • Drive advancement
  • Improve business measure readiness
  • Improve client retentions/administration
  • Improve provider or accomplice connections
  • Make inward/operational efficiencies
  • Lessen time to advertise

Internet and IT Industry:
Easy to integrate even if the 3rd party tool is not of Microsoft and allows all software and online tools to work together.

Offers best contract management with DocuSign and MS drive CRM structure for the leads. Access management is better and the option of customizing reports for advanced reporting.

Paper & Forest Products:
Introduced flow/power automate and canvas apps to improvize the abilities of this business application to provide unmatched benefits to the businesses.

Keep you up-to-date with Microsoft account management resources.

Dynamics provide out-of-the-box benefits that you need to automate and scale your business process which cannot be touched by any competitor.

Beneficial in increasing the companies revenue, facilitates communication between the company and its clients.

Keeps employees up to date and attentive with its unique techniques that turns the weaknesses of the employees into strength and helps the company generate more revenue.

Other industries that can be assisted with Dynamics are Telecommunications, Food productions, Writing and Editing agency, Retail, Entertainment, Accounting, Internet, Building materials manufacturer, Information technology and services, Banking, Computer software, Non-profit organization management and more.

When you don’t find the exact solution for your business in the CRM and ERP, you always have the option of Custom CRM and ERP development tailored to your business niche and needs to improve your business process and increase customer loyalty.

Are you looking to implement management tools like CRM and ERP solutions to automate and streamline your organization’s process and business activities? We all know the core objective of any business on the planet is to earn and it is only possible with the right CRM and ERP integration into your system to align business processes with the customers to improve the quality and consistency of relationships to transform your business.

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