Microsoft Dynamics CRM Business Solutions: Positioned to help you succeed

There has been a much popular concept in the management studies- Re-organizing and Re-structuring. As an organization grows in terms of size and customer base, it needs to redefine and re-structure the processes being carried out in an organization. Microsoft Dynamics business solutions are meant to assist in these two fundamental concepts of business organization. In other words, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is much more than mere computer software because your existing processes and systems will have to be changed or modified according to the advanced features packed with this tool.

What is amazing about Microsoft Dynamics is it offers a fine blend of ERP and CRM in the form of Dynamics 365 which is a cloud-based platform. To be precise, ERP is cloud-based and CRM is an enterprise system. You get Microsoft Dynamics GPMicrosoft Dynamics NAV, and Microsoft Dynamics AX as Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM as Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform.

This industry-leading approach is rightly regarded as Microsoft Dynamics ERP as it has a direct impact on the core parts of an organization like business processes and plans, organization structure and culture, management and support system in an organization.

Microsoft Dynamics solutions are in fact highly intuitive as it offers two basic elements to make any software successful- ease of use and flexibility. It integrates and harmonizes customers services, marketing and sales processes carried out in an organization. The functional relationship within the organization and outside the organization becomes smoother due to the simplicity of dynamic business solutions. On the other hand, it saves the costs and time and delivers you highly customized and well-organized relationship management.

  • Customer Data: These dynamic business solutions facilitate you to avail with every minute information you might need about the client or customer no matter whether you on a business tour or somewhere else.
  • Integration with other products: Your business system can be well integrated with other products like Skype, Yammer, SharePoint, Outlook, Microsoft Biztalk and many more.
  • Dynamics CRM & Proven Project Methodology: Dynamics CRM integration straightens the path of each of your business projects in terms of customer relationship management and sales. The size of the project doesn’t matter when it comes to utilizing and implementing Microsoft Dynamic solution.

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Microsoft Business Solutions: an expert view

You get the same consistency and efficiency once you have implemented Microsoft Dynamics in your business processes.

1. Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Sales:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM support for sales helps your sales team in a number of ways:
Lead Interpretation software always shows you the contact information of the visitor, tracking of the same and also an option for follow-up via cold calling or fixing a primary meeting.

Identification of opportunities:
Once you are done with the leads, you need to convert the leads into an opportunity with adequate information about your product. Microsoft Dynamics CRM software is packed with a product catalog with which you can create a quote or order or invoice. Moreover, if this functionality is integrated with ERP software, any latest updates in the prices, products or sales policies can be automatically communicated. It removes the ambiguous process of ordering and invoicing.

Harmonious Sales Process:
The overall sales process revolves around Formal Primary Discussion, Scheduling a Meeting & Proposal and Decision to make a deal. CRM implementation services play an important role at this crucial stage in analyzing and reflecting the addition of a new record, its type, or disabling unwanted features and functionality.

2. Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Marketing:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a stubborn tool to manage your communication path with your existing and prospective customers. With this tool, you can collect, evaluate and automate your marketing activities. For example, with the results obtained through this tool, you can forecast your sales and craft a valid marketing strategy focused on a particular group of customers.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Marketing Automation offers the following benefits:

  • Sound coordination between Sales and Marketing team: With this tool, the sales team will be able to see the leads generated by the marketing teams and on the other hand, the marketing team can have a look at the follow-up by the sales team on the leads generated by them.
  • Pin-point measure of marketing steps: This tool facilitates you to pinpoint every marketing activity and with the help of the data received, you can change, modify or improvise your marketing strategy.
  • Ease of reference: You can inter-related all the marketing activities and therefore any teammate can easily access the details he needs for reference.

3. Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Customer Service:

Service module in Microsoft Dynamics CRM is perhaps one of the most powerful features. The highlights of the core features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM for customer services are as under:

  • There are two segments of the customer service functionality- Customer Service Scheduling and Customer Service Management.
  • The incident-based services are taken care of in the service management module.
  • This module facilitates to store instructions, FAQs, quick assistance, and past events for the reference in future.
  • You can also set a standard for the services to be rendered to the customers with the help of the performance tracker system.
  • You can also create and manage ticket tracking, contracts, service level agreements, automatic records, updating of the rules.

4. Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Social Media:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM facilitates you with the following Social Media Features:

  • You can identify the sentiments prevailing about your products or services on different social media channels. Similarly, you can trace the moves of your rivals, the market stand of your products or service, the impact of marketing campaigns, the current trend etc.
  • You can identify the worth of your virtual presence on different social media platforms, the conversions because of your promotional activities, the results of your posts on social media. This will help you get insights on the most trending posts.
  • You can pinpoint the source of the most promising leads with Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration. In simple words, you can identify which social media channel is more productive for you for the future promotions.
  • You can also have an advantage of multi-lingual posts as this tools can help with 19 languages of the world and lets you know how many posts relate to your products or service and in which language.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM development services can take your business to a new height with consistent and continuous growth and development of your business. What makes this tool amazing is to have a close encounter with your customers and that too with much automated processes on one hand and a very straightforward marketing and sales process. This results in nothing but speedier, dynamic and cost-effective business solutions. Talk to our Microsoft Dynamics Consultant and Expert for assistance.