New React Native App Development Trends That Will Help Enterprises Succeed In 2020

Before even thinking of whether to go with React Native or any other technology, lets us first clear if there is a requirement of mobile apps?

The answer is here with the dramatic stats gained in one survey that 365 US dollars was recorded as a global mobile app revenue in 2018 and is estimated to generate more than 935 billion US Dollars by 2023.

The stats will motivate you to have your own app asap however being an enterprisebusiness ownerentrepreneur it is always a crucial task to decide to hire react native developers for your app development.

“eCommerce store owners can integrate the latest react native mobile app development technologies into their estore to reach a wider target audience and more importantly, to gain growth & maximum revenue.”

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In this modern and digital Era, start-ups and Enterprises have their vision with a clear concept considering their business, however, they still need the right kind of experts to advise in the part of the technology that which framework or technology will be the best for their enterprise app development and its success.

Many technologies can be used to build apps, nevertheless, developers prefer to choose react native app development services as it offers cross-platform, the efficiency of native app development, great performance, adroit UI interface, single code base, an easy transformation of web project into a mobile decision and much more.

Along with the above-mentioned benefits, one of the surveys done by stack overflow in 2018, it was recorded that 69.4% of developers love to stick and develop apps in react native.

Your need takes you to the Right Solution

Need here is the requirement of your customers. A businessman always thinks for his customer first and self profit last, this is what makes his business successful. The purpose of the application development depends on the needs of the customer and yours too that gives the best user experience, satisfies your goal, achieves your target, demands, fulfills your needs, and matches your preferences.

React Native is a framework for Cross-Platform Mobile App Development for iOS, Android and windows. Using react native for mobile app development will save you time, money, and staff resources significantly”

Many successful and prominent behemoths have used react native in their development environment:

  • UberEats
  • Chop
  • Skype
  • Bloomberg
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Walmart
  • Uber
  • Vogue
  • Tesla, and many more.

Why React Native is so popular among the Developers and Enterprises?

In this article, we’ll give 10 top reasons Why React Native is worthy among the top technologies and Why opting React-Native tool for your app development will be worth it?

1) Offers Fast Performance with Code Less that Costs Less

Its but natural that money is the core factor of worry in the initial stage of a new company for any CEO that needs fast return at lower efforts. Business owners can save time, money, boost react native app performance with one-time coding for multiple platforms that are AndroidiOS and Windows by electing a React Native technology for Mobile App Development. To avail the maximum at lowest efforts you can hire dedicated react native developer from a well-known Mobile App Development Company that ensures quality and productivity.

2) Provides Cross-Platform Support

It means that it allows developers to use the same code to get an app for two platforms iOS and Android. It prevents using different languages such as JAVA, Swift, C++ or any and Hybrid Mobile App can be created with just having a deep Javascript developer in your team with a Native UI library and API.

3) Efficient Native Apps Development with different outcomes and versatility

Based on React ideas, using simple codes for the creation of Native Mobile Apps, it allows you to build strong mobile apps that enable you to perform a complex task. Fast delivery with “live reload” feature which is only available with react native framework that allows developers to work on changes in real-time and make corrections while the app is being loaded. These can be gained only if the app is developed in React Native.

To implement and execute ReactJS in the application development process, the system uses Facebook’s UI library.

4) Leading Frameworks for Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

And a big thanks to Facebook for building an Opensource React Native JavaScript Library which brings strong support and constant promotion by a mass community of developers due to which it has become the first choice of developers to build Cross-Platform Mobile Application and this has played a vital role in branding and increasing its popularity. For Cross-Platform app development and APIs, it is enough to have JavaScript Developer with expertise in Native UI elements and design patterns.

5) Equipped on UI and Access to Native API

React Native equips self in making UI look just like a JavaScript than any other framework. to make the UI work smooth and get fast responsive high-end results, this technique is used to have mobile app loads much faster than a classic hybrid one.

6) High and Adroit Performance

In this world of the internet where the speed is calculated in GB’s, now build your mobile apps 60% faster with React Native that offers the fast, high and adroit performance of the apps. It eliminates unnecessary features, avoid memory leaks, reduce application size, reduces the load on the bridge, improves app launch time, JSON Conversion, one thread at a time, Screen orientation, correct use of images, efficient use of maps, avoids unwanted re-rendering, and use simple selectors to beat the performance issue and nurture React Native Apps.

7) Easy Transition from Website to Mobile App

If you wish to transition from a website to a mobile app at any point, Native interfaces are explicitly and correctly interfaced with the fragmented module and intuitive code overlays which empowers Mobile App Developers to easily understand the entire sequence of codes in order to turn a website into a mobile app.

For keeping the app working, one can adapt and take care of the entire development and accessing of the application during changing the personnel for external boundaries.

8) Single Code Base for iOS, Android and Windows

Using the Solo codebase for different platforms simultaneously, the platform module easily identifies the operating system the app is running on and automatically picks up the correct file. The programming at the base stage is deployed to multiple mobile operating systems.

9) Less Consumption of Memory

React native is compliant with 3rd party plugins and offers smoother run-time. Its lucrative framework and well-diversified modules 3rd party involvement are made much easier. React Native prevents cross-bridge linking and codes are used during the run-time that makes React Native for Android and iOS platforms consume less memory space. As it allows easy connection of the module to the plugin via native module without using a Webview which directly links to the resulting features of the apps, enables the immense and quicker response.

10) Long Term and Bright Future

React Native Mobile App Development Services are going to be used and continued for decades by developers as Facebook ensures it is going to stay longer which is popular not just due to Facebook but with the unbeatable Cross-Platform Mobile App Development qualities.

React Native’s entire module is based on the solutions to different problems where developers don’t have to learn new languages and developers can create almost anything using React-Native.

Is React Native perfect for your upcoming project?

Well, yes it is, as React Native solves several core issues of mobile app development that includes:

  • Iteration period
  • Less memory consumption
  • Differences in codebase
  • Modular and intuitive interface
  • Imperative programming
  • Live update feature

React Native has set a new frontier for the businesses in 2020 for those who are looking to invest in React Native-based applications with the new improved updates.

The new updates in react native assure:

1. Better Accessibility holds several key points that were not available before 2020 for Android and iOS platforms.

  • Several missing roles added for several components
  • Support for Reduce motion and iOS accessibility flags in iOS
  • Support for Accessibility Info. announce For Accessibility in Android
  • Accessibility State API added for web support

2. Auto-linking for OS for both Android and iOS

3. A new start screen with a user-centric and friendly appearance which will show instructions clearly

4. Rapid Fresh introduced in September 2019 that gives live and hot reloading to fully support modern React

React Native App Development Cost in 2020

React Native App Development Cost in 2020 would depend on the features and size you require. It takes 200 to 400 hours to build a basic app in react native. You will be able to save money by having built your app in cross-platform with react native. You can hire dedicated react native developers for your upcoming project to build an app for both platforms Android and iOS.

  • Basic react native app development cost would be between $9000 to $12000 this will have simple to use features that will keep you and your user limited from using advanced features.
  • Custom React Native app development cost would be between $25,000 to $30,000 this will have some added features allowing access to you and your users to use some extra features.
  • React native Enterprise-grade level app would cost you around $50,000 to $70,000 which will cover everything from the basic to premium features that will help you and your users to have access to all features.

However, the price of the app would differ for your basic, custom or enterprise-grade level app with the selection of the features you want from which some as mentioned below and your choice of features are welcomed too to add in your application.

  • App complexity
  • User authorization
  • Add-ons
  • App category
  • App Features
  • Pages you need
  • Developers experience
  • App design
  • Team size
  • Location of the agency
  • App distributions
  • App maintenance and support, and more

Why should you choose i-Verve for React Native Mobile app development?

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There are prominent behemoths that have their application built and developed in React Native that ensures us its duration, quality, and the future requirement is going to be increased as Facebook and React-Native community is constantly working on its improvement with passage of time that is playing key role in the rapid growth of mobile market and mobile app revenue.

Everything indicates that the future of React Native is not just bright but long and beneficial for almost all industry domain that includes Enterprises, eCommerceHealth IndustryEntrepreneursBusinessmen and many other. React Native has leveraged in productivity of both Android and iOS App Development Services and its considered first and extreme choice with its higher popularity, functionality, and effective.