On Demand App Development for Startups: Strategy & Steps

With 2.6 billion people using smartphones and over 77% carrying their devices in hand around 22 hours a day! The on-demand service is the next logical step for startups. Digitize your business with intelligent on-demand service apps is the best-in-class mobility solution for service and delivery business.

From multi-million-dollar acquisition programs to startups launching their next IOS/Android on-demand mobile application, they need support from on-demand app development company. The company offers On-Demand App Solutions for Taxi, Food/Grocery delivery, healthcare, home cleaning services & many on-demand apps idea.

Why the on Demand Business is a Successful Model for Startups

Most of service based agencies have started taking advantage of growing popularity of mobile applications. Running an on-demand business requires you to manage a smarter solution for smart people. An on-demand app allows easy engagement with customer app, an administrative app – to manage services, staff, appointments, payments, etc, and dispatch/delivery of services dashboard.

We can clearly say, “It is a simple solution for complicated deliver/services business”.

Before we dig deep into strategies and steps to get an on-demand app developed for your startup. Let us understand what is the on-demand economy?

In the on-demand economy model the goods and services are not sold but rented and access to them is provided exactly when it is needed. For instance – an Uber taxi app can prove handy when you need a ride quickly, there are numerous delivery apps that can deliver you can thing from clothes, gifts, medicines, flowers to your place on-demand.

Advantages of on-demand economy include:

  • High speed of providing necessary services or goods
  • Relatively low price for customers since all unnecessary steps are removed
  • It’s easier for suppliers to contact customers

Let’s now explore the real meat of this article…

On-demand Mobile App Development Strategy and Steps for a Startup

Business to customer (B2C) mobilization is a hot trend with no signs of slowing down. From healthcare, banking, shopping, taxi hire, to grocery customers are looking get all these solutions within their smartphones. And as startups, it’s a good opportunity to reach customers and meet their expectations in your service areas.

  • Choose your region and audience
  • Understand the need of the target audience
  • Explore the market and opportunities to cash on
  • Study your competitors
  • Develop MVP (Minimal viable product)
  • Launch MVP on-demand app and analyze
  • Add functions and features then launch an updated version
  • Keep on enhancing the app with the analysis and feedbacks you get

On-demand app development services: Read this before building your app

The users of your app can be business users as well as consumers. So, it is crucial to select the right tools, technologies, processes to develop on-demand app, and experienced app development partners as such it’s a complicated application.

For a startup, it is important to define a strategy to get the app developed within the timeline, it’s upgrading, maintenance to give a flawless user experience to the customers.

Here we have listed some proven steps that can be followed by startup organizations and by mobile app development companies for on-demand mobile app design and development:

Identify and list the purpose of your app – your app purpose should be catering to the audience and markets defined and fulfill their needs. Based on the initial idea of app startup should study the market, talk to sample target audience, users of your competitor’s apps.

Strategize the app development – from validating the app idea, to design a beautiful product, implementing the design, prototyping, and launch of mobile app; even the resources and budget should be strategized to get the optimal results.

Choose a Scalable development platform – an on-demand app need a constant upgrade, maintenance, functionality addition to keep the app robust and aligned with the trends. Investing in a non-scalable platform may result in revenue loss in the future.

Bug-Free and Secure app development – consistency matters, it is extremely important to keep the codes, screens, and functionality bug-free and secure. To achieve consistency be proactive in the collaborative efforts of the app development team for designing, coding, testing, and implementing the application as per the defined process.

Launch the beta (MVP) Version of the app – allowing people to experience your product is the best way to communicate the idea behind it. A functional MVP helps you do that in a matter of weeks, not months. Analyzing the feedback, engagement with the MVP will help you understand how your product should be changed or improved so that users will be encouraged to use it.

Get updated with emerging new technologies – since the mobile technologies are evolving, it is highly recommended for startups to keep the features up-to-date and efficient to give an utmost user experience.

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Wrapping up
For startups, technical skills aren’t the most important hiring criteria. Instead, 69 percent cited work experience as the top priority in hiring, followed closely by cultural fit at 60 percent.

Choose startup experts and enthusiasts as your partner for on-demand app development requirements. Startups and entrepreneurs have unique needs, and it takes customized app development solutions to satisfy those needs. That’s what we’re doing.

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