Hire Dedicated Remote Resources For Web & Mobile App Design Development

After brainstorming and deep analysis 79% of big companiesenterprises, or businesses found 2 options to convert ideas into reality with the help of technology by building software, Robust mobile app development, customized website.

First is, You can have your in-house team that includes Web designersdesignersMobile application developers, Marketers, and Programmers. The con having of the in-house team is you might don’t have the requirement of all the remote resources you hired once the project is live. It would turn into a loss-making decision later as you will be paying the cost of talent acquisition, retention, and maintaining the associated infrastructure.

To avoid the extra expense and save the company from unwanted spending, many smart small and big enterprises choose to go with 2nd option that is to Hire Dedicated Resources.

When you choose the 2nd option, no matter how complex your business objective is, research suggests that the external dedicated resources model can bring down project development costs by 40% and also speed up deployment times with long term benefits, the hassle-free process through the increased productivity offered by teams of specialists focusing on a single task.

Top 10 Benefits of Hiring Dedicated team to build successful products

1. Saves your time –
Dedicated Resources Model is a time-saving model to directly start the development of a websitemobile application, or software development and you can be assured of getting the things done within the agreed timeline.

2. Money-Saving –
You can be confident when you hire dedicated resources for your project as the model itself is very clear with no hidden charge and packages are client-friendly.

3. Privacy Assured –
NDA is signed when you Hire professional remote developers as your privacy protection is the foremost to companies offering dedicated resources.

4. Professional services –
Choosing dedicated resources for your project from the reputed companies like i-Verve you get professional and competitive services to fulfill your requirements.

“Keep in Mind: To get result-oriented dedicated resources, make sure you choose a company that has certified developers and best world portfolios to showcase and keep you intact.”

5. Dedicated Professionals –
You can all relax with the company offering remote developers as they make their bread and butter with this expertise, thus you will get passionate and highly experienced professionals who will finish your project with full dedication.

6. Better Infrastructure –
You can be confident in terms of your project’s infrastructure and you will get it as per your expectation When you hire dedicated programmers. Their better service won’t let you brainstorm and you won’t seek an alternative even in the future.

7. Getting build terrific bug-free Digital product –
You will get access to the experts with knowledge of the front endback-endUI/UX development, and other technologies that will give you uncompromised products.

8. Improve Profitability –
Better technology solution from a result-oriented company helps you increase the profit of your business by increasing the productivity of its employees and the accuracy of the system.

9. Focus on the Core Business –
Relying on the reliable company having dedicated resources in your team will reduce your headache from technology aspect and you will get more time to focus on your core business activity, you will be able to launch new creative products which will ultimately help your business grow.

10. Team Flexibility –
You get the Control to change the team members as the project grows and as per the project demand while the development process. This is the biggest benefit of this model which makes the DRM model risk-free and future proof.

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Do you know Companies that hire dedicated remote resources?

Well-known companies that one cannot imagine would hire remote developers but they do are:

Microsoft: Multinational technology company, a software provider for operating systems, enterprise servers, and desktop applications.

CNN: The worldwide known leader in news and journalism

Samsung: International manufacturer on consumer technology

HP: Manufactures computer, and provide computing services

and many more like NascarVerizonBank of AmericaConde NastCoca-Cola, and list on.

9 Steps to Hire Dedicated Remote Developers for your Startup, Mid-level business or enterprise

1. Finalize your Software Development Objective –
Requirements and Budget are the base that will define your team hiring. Segment your goal, figure out the specific project, its objective, stack holders for the desired team to work on. The more clear and specific your objective will give you speedy and better results.

2. Decide your Budget –
After specifying the objective, determine the budget to achieve your objective by hiring dedicated resources. With your budget, you will determine several factors such as:

  • What technology developer do you need?
  • How many developers you can hire or recruit?
  • Where to hire dedicated resources from that will match your budget and quality you expect?

3. Determine the expertise you need –
Check within your internal team, identify what skills you already have in-house and which not. Your lead developers may help you refine which expertise is lacking in your team and accordingly you can ask in the market. A consultancy agency can also help you to hire programmers.

4. Analyze and Explore Dedicated Developers
once you are done with the above 3 steps, you should brainstorm and explore the market to see what and how is the market. There are different places where you can hire remote web developer. You can look to hire remote developers in:

  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Latin America

PRO TIP: Asia is affordable and matches the expectation.

5. Check Portfolio Samples and Development Availability –
Check the website of a company you will get an idea about their skills, reach them out to know more, question them, analyze their expertise, and do not forget to take a portfolio sample related to your industry or any live project if they did recently.

6. Shortlist the companies you think are promising –
After searching for hire remote mobile app developer, reaching to several companies, here the time comes to shortlist the companies based on the review, portfolio sample, their budget, expertise, and similarities between your project and a project that they did earlier.

7. Compare Reviews –
Check the reviews of the shortlisted companies on “google reviews”“Good firms”, and “Clutch”. See what people are saying, clients’ reviews about the company will give a better idea to choose whether to go with this company or not.

8. Interview the Lead Developer –
Once you are all set to hire dedicated resources, interview the company and its remote developers to check their expertise and communication skills as after hiring them you will be having them in your team thus you should be aware of who you are getting in your team. An expert or a fresher? You can conduct interviews using various mediums like:

  • Skype
  • Phone
  • Hangout

9. Finally, pick the team that suits your project and need –
Confident after taking the interview, reading reviews, seeing Portfolios & Case Studies? If your answer is yes, you are now ready to make a decision. Check for the price but do not let the price get your product quality compromised. Make sure overall capabilities are made available by the service provider.

Begin your work signing service contract by agreeing on terms and conditions of the business relation. Make sure you see all the legal and contractual aspects of the collaboration before you sign the contract. If everything seems good. You are ready, to begin with, your dedicated developers.

Greeting: Congratulations! You hired a dedicated developer.

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Comparison Between Fixed Cost and Dedicated Hiring Model

Fixed Cost Model:

  • Less Financial Risk as you will get the access to put a budget limit
  • Time- saving as you don’t invest more time with the developers to describe your task
  • Task management and delivery will be developers and companies responsibility
  • Quick and easy to engage, connect with the developers

hire dedicated remote resources

Dedicated Hiring Model:

  • Flexibility guaranteed you can add or omit the resources as per your project need
  • Saves Your valuable time as IT remote resources work dedicatedly to meet your project need
  • Increases higher ROI and deliverables as expert developers work devotedly for you
  • A timely report of each stage and milestone completion
  • You get Domain Expert
  • You can hire them on your terms and conditions
  • You have to choose to select and make your team from the available resources in the company
  • You get linguists manager that maintains the quality, speed and make possible on-time delivery

“Thinking to hire Niche based dedicated developers? You got it! We offer dedicated developers expert in technologies like iOS, Android, Cross-platform, Blockchain, AI, ML, On-demand, and PHP.”

How shall I manage dedicated remote resources?

  • You can connect with your hired dedicated developers through multiple media like email, phone call or Skype
  • You will get the regular updates from the hired resources and assigned manager of the insight of the project
  • Company/dedicated resources will provide daily/weekly or monthly progress report
  • Response time on IM chat is instant and in an email a few minutes
  • 24/7 virtually available to respond to any query of the customer
  • You can use a tool like Trello, Jira or Kantree to track the progress of the project

hiring dedicated developers

Mandatory Qualities of Dedicated Developers

Self Reliant:
Risk management skills, Problem-solving, and easing the complicated task quality should be a must while the development process within the dedicated developer.

IMP: our developers covers it all

Self Motivated:
Enthusiasm, passion, love towards coding, and work must be in the remote resource to get the work done on the given timeline.

Be Passionate:
The software engineer should ask for the required details about the project, seek and investigate in deep about the project, industry to deliver good quality and unique projects.

Regions to Hire Dedicated Developers

Confusion and a lot of confusion in the mind who to choose? Which country would be the right choice to hire a dedicated developer for the completion of the project without compromising quality?

Several factors need to be considered before jumping into the hiring process.

Time Zone:
Check with the company who is flexible and comfortable in working with your time zone as if you choose Asia it would be the opposite timezone for them.

Be very cautious to choose the dedicated developer having English speaking and better communication skills to avoid miscommunication and meet your expectation.

Hourly Rates: The hourly rates of the developer depends on the region.

  • USA: $105 – $170
  • Europe: $25 – $70
  • Asia: $10 – $60

Why Choose i-Verve to hire remote resources for your custom software development


  • There are many reasons to hire developers or to hire designers with us as an IT company and many more to hire someone else. But, what sets us apart is our values and how we do the work.
  • We not only provide you the best solutions that give you great benefits but also give you positive experiences
  • We are with you from the beginning to the end, from conception to maintenance and every step of your product’s journey

hire dedicated programmers

Relationship Oriented:
We believe in the long term business relationship. 60% of our business comes from our existing client and client reference.

Flexible Hiring Model:
Your team, your hiring. We offer service as per our client’s timezone.

Quality is our Culture:
We believe quality products are made and delivered only from the organization that has the quality culture

One-Stop-Shop: You get all under one shade from your software development partners to unmatched experience in innovative technologies and creative solutions.

We strictly follow NDA:
We sign local agreement and NDA as per your business requirement, your privacy is a priority to us.

100% Transparency:
We keep it easy and simple and loves to build relationships on the base of trust and eagerness to build enjoyable relation with every client of us.