Selecting the Best Technology Stack for your next web apps project

1. Summary

For any software product, the technology used to build it directly impacts its performance. The opposite is also true. Thus, when you want to develop a web app, you should first select the tools you need for your web app. With so many innovations for tech stacks in 2022, selecting the right technology stack for your digital product is an important factor that can make or break your app’s success.

In this blog, we will talk about various aspects of the web technology stack and show you how to choose the best one for your dream project. 

2. Tech Stack and Web Development Process

What you experience on a web browser is created by frameworks, programming languages, databases, and tools. Each combination of tools and techniques results in a web application called a web development stack.

Front-end and back-end dev stacks are essential when building web applications. The technology stack for web development is then classified into front-end and back-end. The devices powering both web components are separate yet fully synchronized to function.

backend and frontend development

3. Frontend Development Technology Stack

Front-end, also known as client-side, refers to the interface with which users interact. An e-commerce store on a browser is the client side of a web solution. Visualization, graphical layout and user-friendliness are key factors for a successful front-end.

To develop a front-end, developers use a combination of loose-fitting tools as a front-end tech stack. Here are some commonly used stacks for front-end development:

3.1. HTML & CSS Toolkit

HTML instructs the browser to display the underlying content. It forms the basic foundation of a website.

On the other hand, CSS provides styles for formatting HTML elements on the browser. CSS determines the front-end’s font, size, colour, and other static features. There are many frameworks used for HTML and CSS. Some of them include the following:

  • Bootstrap
  • foundation
  • Susy
  • Pure
  • Ulkit
  • Materialize

3.2. JavaScript frameworks for front-end development

JavaScript is a programming language that turns HTML elements into dynamic objects. It brings interactivity to the front end.

Modern web applications use JavaScript on the front end. The most popular JavaScript frameworks includes React, Vue and Angular. All three are the best Java frameworks for web applications.

technology stack

4. Back-end development technology stack

The back end, which is not visible to end users, includes business logic, authentication, database management, and synchronization with client applications. Also known as server-side, it consists of the server, the database, and the applications that run on it.

Back-end development includes the entire business logic of your product function. Back-end development will include:

  • The operating system of the development process
  • Web server setup
  • Database storage setup
  • Programming language used

A web development framework for fast and easy development

backend technology stack

4.1. Serverless Stack

Serverless computing services provide a platform for developing, running, and managing application functionality without the complexity of creating and maintaining the architecture typically associated with designing and launching apps. In other words, it allows developers to write and deploy code to make and run applications and services without thinking about servers.

You will need fewer servers to run and operate your project with serverless computing service. Other benefits to enjoy will include:

  • You don’t need to worry about hosting the runtime
  • It is economical because you only have to pay for what your application does
  • You don’t have to worry that the demand for the application increases because it is scalable
  • The provider manages web app’s security
  • Faster time to application deployment and changes

AWS Lambda is one of the first serverless platforms to redefine the back-end technology stack.

web development tech stack
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5. Web Technology Stack Picking: Determining Factors

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for the web development stack, especially regarding startups. While choosing a web stack, you must consider the following factors.


a. The scope of work & complexity of the websit

The technology stack required for a small project will differ from a medium-sized or large project. This is an important factor in choosing a tech stack. In addition to size, the complexity of the project is also important. The more complex the project, the more intensive the programming language.

b. The website requirements and features

When you choose the technology stack for your project, you must make sure you define the needs of your target audience and what functionality your product should have to address these issues. Follow up with market research or run this step with market research to find out which kind of digital products already exist and what additional features make sense for your software to beat the competition.

c. website operation process and opportunities

Here, deciding which technology stack to use goes a long way in determining performance, expected speed, and what the project needs to do for its users. It is the same factor as mentioned above. It double-checks linking projects’ efficiency and compatibility rate and the best web application tech stack.

d. Scalability of picked solutions

This is very important because technology is dynamic and is changing, upgrading and adapting with each passing day. So, you should first be aware of the advanced web development trends for the next few years and consider whether they are worth using in your project. This allows you to be sure of the flexibility and scalability of the modern technology stack for web development that you choose to keep your project consistent throughout all stages of change.

e. Security-focused tools

Due to increased technology usage, hacking, malware, and digital threats are becoming more common. You should integrate security-focused tools into your digital product to ensure the security of the data stored on the website. Security issues can lead to decreased credibility and trust of your loyal users.

f. current hard skills

You can solely depend on your in-house talent to do the core job. However, you should know your in-house developers’ limitations and technical abilities. It is better to outsource web development tasks to expand your technical competency and beat the competition in your domain.

g. prominent projects’ tech set

You can check out competitors’ analysis to determine which technology stack can be used to outgrow competition in your industrial domain. You can explore endless functionalities, features and innovative toolkits to build outstanding digital products in the market.

6. Tips to choose a perfect Web Technology Stack For Web Application

However, selecting the best technology stack and determining your web app requirement isn’t enough to build unmatched digital experiences. Here are a few tips that might help you to select the best technology stack for creating mesmerizing web apps.

I. The Your experience should come first.

This means you can implement your in-house technical expertise first. If your in-house developers have limitation or are over-packed with the projects, then you can hire an web development company to help you create responsive, and scalable web apps. You can also hire ReactJS developers to construct interactive single-page applications using ReactJS.

II. The Define the reqirements of your projects

You can use a simple web application stack like Python-Django for small projects or MVPs. Nodejs-React can also be a great option if you want a full-stack alternative for smaller applications. However, a full web application stack such as MEAN or MERN is essential for medium-sized projects such as enterprise or eCommerce applications.

III. w Products’ required functions,speed, and performance 

You must select the technology stack that enhances your digital product’s required functions and features. Besides this, you shouldn’t compromise the speed and performance of your web apps.

IV. System load requirements 

This is another very important element. Many projects have different processing loads, and therefore, not all technical stacks can meet all processing load requirements. Consequently, you need to compare your potential product processing load with the capacity of the technology stack to ensure that it can meet that requirement.

V.  Flexibility and scalability of the tech stack

If you are building a web application to grow your business as it expands, you must select the right tools at the time of development. You can either go with MEAN or have your combination of Angular and Node.js web development stack.

VI. Time line of the project

The time required to develop your project will play an important role in determining the technology stack for choosing a timeline. You need more than just your preferred technology stack to meet the current needs of your project. Your technology stack must meet the timeline requirements of your product and product developers. You should ensure that the technology stack can meet the latter needs. You should still be sure of it, even if it’s open-source software.

VII. Tech stack ecosystem

Choosing a particular tech stack for web application development will depend heavily on the tech stack’s ecosystem. Reviews of people using it, its documentation and support available to developers are also important. For example, you should know how big its community of users is before integrating it so that you don’t end up being a lone ranger without any support and support when you use the tech stack.

VIII. Security and privacy of technology stack for web development

Another important question is the level of security and privacy your product description and design will enjoy using a particular technology stack for web application development. You want to avoid running your project and discovering that it is not well secured and can be compromised by external factors.

VIII. Qualifications of your developers

It has to do with the functional ability of your team of developers to handle and use the development stack. This means that you have to consider the qualifications of your developers. If they need to learn how to run the tech stack, it will be a mismatch problem. However, this is not a problem as you will outsource your project development.

X. Case studies of successful brands

You need do through research before selecting the right technology stack. You can also observe the success and working of successful brands and check out their technology stack.

technology stack
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7. Popular technology stacks for web application development

We have compiled a list of the best tech stacks for developing your web applications. Below we describe each of these stacks in more detail. One of them may suit your needs and business needs.

7.1. Lamp Stack

LAMP refers to Linux (operating system), Apache (webserver), MySQL (database), and PHP (programming language). Full-stack developers prefer LAMP over other technology stacks for its security, flexibility, and customization options.

Lamp technology stack

7.2. Python-Django

LAMP refers to Linux (operating system), Apache (webserver), MySQL (database), and PHP (programming language). Full-stack developers prefer LAMP over other technology stacks for its security, flexibility, and customization options.

python tech stack

7.3. MEAN stack

MEAN stands for MongoDB, Express.js, Angular and Node.js. It is the number one choice for full-stack developers as it provides all the technical aspects together. The best thing about MEAN is that it uses JS for both front-end and back-end, enabling the developers to focus only on one aspect of development.

mean stack

7.4. MERN stack

MERN is known for MongoDB, Express.js, React/Redux and Node.js. Again, it is also the ideal choice for full-stack developers for building responsive single-page apps and progressive web apps.

8. Web Technology Stack of Popular Projects

Lastly, let’s observe the technology stack of some of the most popular digital platforms.


 The major video-sharing platform works on various technologies, including Apache, Linux, Python, HTML and Amazon EC2.

youtube development tech stack


It works on visual communication, allowing users to share their images and videos with their followers. Popular technologies like JavaScript, React, PostgreSQL and Redux.js.

technology stack


One of the best over-the-top platforms offering mesmerizing online streaming experiences is based on technologies like Java, MySQL, Node.js, Dynamite and Hadoop.

technology stack

9. i-Verve Expertise: Picking Web Stack and Flawless Projects Delivery

i-Verve is a prominent web and software development company that delivers various software architecture services. From creating web apps from scratch to updating your current apps with the latest technology stack, our experts are profound in different technologies.

Our developers integrate the following technologies to deliver uninterrupted digital products:

  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • Node.js
  • Redux.js
  • Astro.js
  • MongoDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • React
  • Python
  • Linux

10. Conclusion

Selecting the perfect technology stack for your digital products is a complex task. There are many options for how to apply, but it’s worth thinking about all of them in advance. This will save time and money and make it easier to launch the finished web application on time. Of course, you can choose the best web development stack independently.

At i-Verve, we have extensive expertise in using various technology stacks for multiple industry projects and can handle your web development and MVP development jobs.


What is the technology stack?

A tech stack combines tools, frameworks, and programming languages that a development
team uses to build a web application.

It consists of two main components, client-side (front-end) and server-side (back-end).

How to choose a technology stack for web development?

Please consider whether there is a web application like your idea.

For example, you create collaboration tools like Slack.

You can see what is involved in the technical slowdown of this web application.

Or you can immediately approach software development companies, which will help you in search and development.

Why is it important for a business owner to participate in choosing a technology stack for a web project?

Business owners need to be on the same page as developers and aware of the technologies used for their projects
to understand what they are investing in.

If you know the specifics of a common programming language and framework, your development team won’t have
to spend much time explaining and justifying your every decision, leaving more time for actual development.

Why is it a reasonable idea to develop an MVP first?

Starting with an MVP rather than a full web application is more cost-effective.

You will see the first results quickly and at a reasonable price.

By evaluating the first version of your solution, you will know what to improve in
the next iterations to launch the best possible web system.

How flexible is the web development process if project requirements change?

Businesses do not stand still, and you may realize your project needs changes during project implementation.

It’s best if you know what you want from the get-go.

But if any changes are required, we can modify our development process and adjust it to your new needs.

However, you should remember that such a sudden change may require additional investment, time and technical expertise.