HEALTHCARE WITH SHAREPOINT – How we built healthcare portal for healthcare industry?

Do you think it could be a great idea to develop a portal to help healthcare professionals share knowledge, ideas, and experiences with each other? It can be a good initiative to help neonatal nurses nationally and internationally improve the collaboration between the healthcare providers and family members of the newborns.

A client approached us with a requirement of a portal development to help neonatal nurses collaborate among themselves and other healthcare providers to ensure that children get the best treatment and care. As he had been looking for a portal development partner, we suggested him SharePoint 2007. We shared a detailed proposal for SharePoint healthcare portal development with the client and that’s how the project started.


Client wanted a portal that bridges the gap between the neonatal nurses, healthcare providers, and family members of newborns. Registered users should be able to share knowledge, experiences and ideas with other healthcare providers both nationally and internationally. The idea was to develop two different logins, one for the admin for administrative tasks and end users.  There were a plenty of other features needed by the client for the portal. Our team collected all the requirements for tasks and delivered the project as per the timelines discussed. The major challenge was timeline for the project as the client needed the portal developed in the minimum time frame.


Our team has immense expertise and dedication to develop a complete portal for the clients. The final portal developed consisted of two different logins as demanded by the client.

  • Internet – For external users (Example: Nurses)
  • Intranet – For admin tasks (Example: Healthcare providers)

Our SharePoint developers built the project with two separate logins. Different pages such as Home page, About us, Events, SIG, Membership, and Contact us were created for the website. There were also other additional pages developed like Member Registration page, Member Log-in page, Member Landing page, My Profile page and many more. Some other pages such as Board of Directors, Education Committee, Conference Committee, Nutrition, and others were built for the privileged users.

The intranet zone only allows access to admin. The website has lists, picture libraries, document libraries, surveys, people and groups, membership access, and more features. The admin can add/edit/delete the items within intranet site. Some basic and generic information is available on the website for the anonymous users like Recent News, Upcoming Events, and more.

Any anonymous user can request for membership and upon approval by admin, he/she is provided with a username and password to login into the site and take advantage of the other features like Polls, Members Directory, Discussion Board, Announcements, Important Links, Blogs, Newsletter, Document sharing & downloading through different libraries etc. The admin can mention Board of Director and offer privileges for the access of the portal.

The system is capable of sending out different types of notification e-mails based on different dates through timer jobs running in the background. Also, a payment gateway has been integrated within the site for credit card processing during registration and renewal of membership. Thus, we had delivered the client with two different robust and efficient sites that can handle every request made by the admin or an external user smoothly.


As the client wanted the project within the timeline set by him, we employed multiple SharePoint developers and resources for the project. Our team of expert professionals delivered the project successfully before the deadline.

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