What Entrepreneurs Must Know About Building Social Networking App Development

Social networking mobile apps are transforming social entrepreneurs serving the business bottom-line profit in a more efficient manner. Social media apps dominate app usage by offering a comprehensive source of online content and harnessing the desire for social validation. Social media apps are used 4X more than gaming and messaging apps. Nearly three-quarters of social media app users (72%) read or watch news stories on social media apps making it the top platform to target by social entrepreneurs. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the evolution of social network app development and a number of emerging trends that are to shape the online space users interact in.

Let’s understand how Social Networking App Development Taking Social Entrepreneurship to the Next Level.

#1 Accessible:
According to a media agency, an average person spends FIVE years of his/her life on different social media platforms. On the other hand, the app stores are receiving more than One Thousand apps every day for deploying on the store. This is the reason why more and more social entrepreneurial businesses prefer to have a mobile application for far and wide reach.
#2 Monetization:
No matter even if you are running your business for a philanthropic cause, you will need money to run your business, to pay to your employees, cater your services. You can achieve your social goal with the help of the Social Networking Platform. You can utilize these earnings for the social cause you are running your business.
#3 Better visibility and discoverability:
Your business can get more visibility and discoverability with well developed social networking apps. According to the figures, in the previous last quarter, there were 19 billion downloads of the Android apps with a whopping lead of 145% over Apple’s app store. The business with a mobile app gets a great thrust to your business.
#4 Targeted solutions:
You can customize your app with which you can start with the local launch and then spread and increase your network. In the same way, you can reach very specific markets with the help of the mobile apps.
#5 Create a community:
Any social or philanthropic motive needs support from the public at large. With the help of the mobile application, you can create your own community and increase the fan-following and achieve your goal.
#6 Engagement:
It is needless to mention that if your social media app is crafted with captivating design, you are sure to engage your target audience and get the expected results.

What Entrepreneurs Should Know About Social Networking App Development

Custom built, beautifully branded social media applications that help brands & businesses harness the power of social networks to engage their audience. Businesses should start by understanding the know-how of social app requirements.

Why Social Media App Development:

Social media app development is imperative in today’s era especially when mobile apps are the medium of 90% of formal and informal communication. Technology-driven businesses get the market recognition comparatively faster with a unique stand and handsome market share.

How to Plan Your Social Media App Strategy:

Below are some of the proven and time-tested steps to plan an effective social media strategy:

  • Identify the core parts of social cause related to your business which need some boosting.
  • Share your aim behind the Social Networking App Development.
  • Bifurcate the target audience from the mass and identify their likes and dislikes.
  • Release your app among some limited number of users and collect feedback from them.
  • Improvise the app according to the feedback if required.
  • Make your app rich in terms of user experience.

Why Social Media App Development for iOS:

iOS Social App Development has two prime benefits.

  • First, it is iOS users’ number which goes to be 33.33% of the total population of 7.4 billion. This fact throws light on the scope of the business you are going to entertain.
  • Secondly, iOS ensures more conversion rate that the apps on Android.

What Expertise Required in iOS Social Media App Development:

You should note that the basic technical requirements like software development kit, programming language, IDE (Integrated development environment) and API will remain the same. You should choose the iOS and Android Social App Development company that has got developers with rich experience and deep knowledge of the latest versions of Objective C, Swift, and SDK.

What Are the Key Elements of a Social Media App:

To make your social media app successful it is important to take care of the basic features needed by an ideal social media application. It should have

  • Profile/Profile Customization
  • Feed
  • Connections
  • Liking/Favoring Content
  • Content Sharing
  • Ease of Connectivity
  • Privacy and Security
  • Push Notification
  • Clear icons
  • Linked to your website
  • Intimation to the users through push notification buttons
  • Security and privacy policy
  • Exit button

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How Much it Costs to Build a Social Media App:

Social App Development for Entrepreneurs might be challenging in terms of hiring an Android or iOS developer. Usually, the rate for the social media app development depends up the type of the apps you wish to develop and the requirements you wish to integrate into the app. Usually, the following are the rates for the iOS and Android social media app developers.

Where to Find Social Media App Developers:

You can hire social media app developers through:

  • Social Media Platforms
  • Universities & Colleges
  • Online Forums & Community
  • Freelance Platforms

How to Market Your Social Media App

You can market your social media app in various ways with versatile contents. Some of the best modes of marketing your apps are:

  • Make your app meaningful for the people by conveying the right message to your audience
  • Integrate your QR code to your website, emails, business cards, brochures etc
  • Plan for social media advertising to increase the specific reach of your customers
  • Start guest blogging on prominent blogging sites
  • Evaluate and compare the anticipated and actual results you gained through your inputs

Expert Tip

Success in social apps is by design & development, not by luck
The prime factor playing a vital role in the success or failure of an app or a business is “Blind Follow-suit” being followed by most entrepreneurs. There cannot be and never be the common problems faced by the entrepreneurs in the homogeneous business. Each business has its own limitations and strengths and therefore the design and development of a social app should be subjective rather than general.
Starting small can lead to a better app
It is rightly said that it is better to have someone loyal around your business than to have none looking at your product. Therefore, it would be wiser to make a start with a small group of people from the local community and to develop a geo-location based social app which gives you better results than to have a large community with negligible followers of your social app.
Top Social App Developers can make a bug-free social networking app
It is a mis-belief that top social app developers can make a bug-free social networking app. It may be right in terms of technicality but when it comes to the practical usage of the app, it may turn out to be completely wrong contention. Because every app inherently suffers from one or the other bug mainly because of its dependence on the platform on which the app is developed.

Social entrepreneurship is as said earlier a blend of commercial and philanthropic aims and need to be taken care of from both the perspectives. It is not merely business motive nor the service motive but the overall combination of the two should be presented in the form of out of the box social media app. Find the best mobile app development company? The i-Verve app solution is where you’ll find the best mobile app developers.