WaveSoft ERP: eCommerce Integration and its Benefits

Managing an ecommerce company is a cumbersome task. You need to have many software and managing all the data and information can be difficult. One particular software solution, which needs to be integrated with your ecommerce website to ensure a smooth functioning of your business is – ERP. In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of WaveSoft ERP over other ERP solutions, and the need to integrate it with an Ecommerce platform.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a software solution that manages all the main functional components of an enterprise. WaveSoft provides ERP software that is unique in its design and functionality. It has its component applications build in a modular way while having a single common database. This design helps in real-time data alteration, access, and sharing between its modules.

In order to get maximum benefit, your ecommerce platform needs to have WaveSoft ERP integration done properly.

Here are the 10 modules that the WaveSoft ERP system has:

  • CRM and CRM Nomad
  • Business management
  • Production
  • Point of sale
  • Accounting
  • Banking links
  • Assets
  • Decision
  • Financial state
  • Transfer machine

One can choose the modules as per one’s requirement. The ERP system is available in three editions namely: Standard, Professional, and Enterprise. Let us see what the advantages of this system are.

Advantages of WaveSoft ERP Solution

Centralized Database Architecture

The core architecture of the WaveSoft ERP is designed such that a single and centralized database is made and all the modules remain independent. This modular design makes the functioning of the modules fast while keeping a check on the data duplicity.


The main database and the applications are enriched with new features continuously. But because of the innate design of the software, there is no need of data migration and the transition is very simple and smooth. This makes the ERP software solution very much scalable.

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This means, the WaveSoft ERP applications are made in modules which are independent and are deployed at their own place. This feature helps in easy installation, update, and alteration of individual modules without impeding the working of other modules and the interface.

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High Availability

The system works on Microsoft SQL which provides a variety of features which increases the availability while providing fast and simple access to the data too with true presentation and clarity. WaveSoft gives easy access to the company’s information at one centralized location.

Lower IT Costs

When WaveSoft integration is done, it increases efficiency and reduces IT related expenses. These expenses include management/administration costs, support, infrastructure needs, and staff salary. Together, these expenses and the inefficiencies in the handling of the vital company information can lead to huge unproductive overheads.

Complete Customization

One of the biggest benefits of WaveSoft ERP implementation services are, it gives the flexibility to customize the features in each of its modules. This makes the system fit perfectly no matter what kind of business you have. The WaveSoft ERP customization is really easy and doesn’t require much technical knowledge.

Integrating Ecommerce website with WaveSoft ERP

If you have an ecommerce website, you need to find a right technology partner to integrate it with your ecommerce platform. With this integration, you can easily manage your articles, orders, stocks, etc.

It is imperative to study the kinds of modules that are available with the WaveSoft and the modules that you might need.

WaveSoft ERP extension is available for many ecommerce platforms. Following are the platforms that the software supports:

Platforms Support

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