What makes Xamarin the new king of cross platform apps

With millions of apps on the app stores, customers expect high-level convenience and user-friendliness. Developing mobile apps for multiple platforms can be a time consuming process and an expensive affair.

Xamarin has become a cross-platform leader for the multiple benefits it offers. Around 95 percent of its code can be reused and it has a growing community of over 700,000 developers from all over the world. Xamarin is popular for building iOS and Android applications of various types. This technology supports the development system to test and debug products.

You can hire Xamarin developers to build outstanding apps for your business. This technology surely has a bright future and there are several reasons to invest in Xamarin apps because it minimizes the gap between several platforms after Microsoft acquired it. Did you know that brands like Siemens, Coca-Cola, and Pinterest use Xamarin for their apps?

Nowadays, mobile app development is independent of OS

Gone are the days when mobile applications were developed in a platform dependent manner. We all are aware of mobile apps being built specifically for a particular operating system. Both businesses and users didn’t approve of apps that were limited to one single platform, especially in the age of cut-throat competition. Hence, the need to develop apps over a platform arisen, which gave rise to mobile apps independent of OS. There had been a constant improvement in technologies and rising competition among the enterprises to build feature-rich, platform independent apps. Though businesses were reluctant to get tied to a platform, the development of cross platform apps came into the picture.

Xamarin to the Rescue

If you want to create a mobile cross platform app fordifferent platforms, you must understand different OS, have the ability to code in different languages and understand the UI paradigms for various platforms. This difficulty can be solved by Xamarin because it allows you code once and then share the application logic across all mobile OS. With Xamarin, one can code in C# for iOS, Android, and Universal Windows apps. With Xamarin Forms, interface design for all platforms can be achieved within the XAML-based framework. All the aspects of app logic such as input validation, database interactions, web service calls, and backend enterprise integrations can be coded in C#. Xamarin app development saves a lot of time and efforts put in by the developers to build the applications.

Importance of Xamarinin Startups

Startups may choose to hire developers for building their first mobile app. As they may not have a huge budget to develop applications, they may look for cost effective solutions. That’s when Xamarin can be helpful. Xamarin is a technology framework that supports multiple platforms and reduces the development cost. Xamarin is a preferred choice for many startups and small businesses as it can provide cost effective apps.

Being an open source platform, it helps developers to build native apps for any platform. Fresh developers hired in a startup can leverage the community help to resolve issues that become wedged, with the help of expert Xamarin developers.

Most of the business owners prefer having apps that work without the internet connection. It is possible to build apps that provide offline support feature with Xamarin. It ensures reliable data synchronization also.

Xamarin, as a technology is being adopted fast, and so, the probability of finding experts in it will be naturally high. For a startup, it is always desirable to have many options when it comes to hire Xamarin developers. Moreover, continuous innovation and adoption of new features also makes Xamarin suitable for startups. You can hire the best Xamarin app development company to start your first project.

Xamarin undeniably has the potential to enhance the mobile app development scenario for startups, it makes the development of cross platform applications easier and the quality of applications developed, superior with truly native features. One can expect a completely bug free app with Xamarin.

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