Why should companies use Xamarin for enterprise app development?

Xamarin is the next big thing in the Application development world. It has taken hybrid and cross-platform applications to a new level. So much so that, every 4th out of 10 apps in the works today is based on Xamarin. Whether it’s iOS, Android, Windows or hybrid and cross-platform, Xamarin app development can combine all of them into a single application.

Xamarin is a product that combines .NET and C# to all major app development platforms like android, iOS, Windows, and Hybrid. Xamarin mobile apps development platform works on .NET that can produce true Android and iOS apps with the same code. It produces apps that are compliant with distribution requirements of both iOS App Store and Google Play.

Xamarin: What is it?

Xamarin is a Microsoft backed code language that uses cross-platform implementation of the Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) and Common Language Specifications (CLS).

Xamarin shares a C# code base for app development. Xamarin app developers can use Xamarin tools to write native Android, iOS and Windows apps with native UI and share the same code across multiple platforms.

Xamarin: Creating Real World Cross-Platform Apps

Recently Xamarin and Microsoft announced a global partnership that enables both the companies to use each other’s resources. Moreover, Xamarin offers integration with Visual Studio and produces fully compliant .NET portable Class Libraries for coding.

Xamarin has NuGet and Xamarin component store that allows app developers to add high-quality components to their apps directly from their IDE. It includes API, controls, web services etc.  It easily integrates with popular backends like Azure, Parse, Salesforce, SAP and more. Moreover, it is secure with encryption and authentication requirements.

Why use Xamarin?

Developing apps with Xamarin has many tangible and direct benefits. Xamarin programming has many components that make the life of app developers a bit easy. Xamarin app developers can use a wide variety of paid and free components and libraries depending upon their requirements for UI elements, cloud services etc. Moreover, it is backed by Microsoft which makes it all the more attractive for endless possibilities to add features. Listed are some of the benefits of using Xamarin for app development:

  • Cost effective – Allows cross-platform compatibility to cut down costs for iOS/Windows/Android/Hybrid platforms
  • Faster time to market– Application uses the same coding across all platforms ensuring we can launch app in less time
  • Native Interface – It allows developers controls that keep the Native UI of all platforms for user familiarity
  • Performance packed– C# writing code ensures smooth sharing of apps
  • Automated testing – Xamarin test cloud enables automatic testing on apps in Xamarin programming
  • Regular updates– Stay up-to-date with latest IOs and Android features in Xamarin mobile development

Xamarin is gaining ground amongst app developers and enterprise users for its huge cache of toolsets that support multiple functions with minimum work and less coding, and still being able to share the one app on multiple platforms without breaking a sweat.

We can help you build a customized app with Xamarin that works across platforms on iOS, Android and others.  If you have an app idea, we can turn your idea into a fantastic app with the help of our Xamarin developers.