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Hire dedicated developers skilled at assisting all the shapes and sizes of businesses to address their development challenges.

Dedicated Resource Model

A Cost-Effective And Futuristic Engagement Model For Businesses

Dedicated resource model is a type of business engagement model which is preferred by a majority of the clients who seek a professional IT team for building a website, mobile application or software. This is due to its cost-effectiveness and efficient time utilization. It gives a company the flexibility to choose the kind of talent it needs and manage them in the way they want.

The practice of hiring new talent one by one and making a team is not only long and tiring but also is costly. Research suggests that by using the Dedicated Resource Model, one can bring down the project costs by up to 40%. It is thus beneficial for any business to outsource their work and directly hire a team of skilled professionals for a specified period of time in which those IT professionals only work for them.

Scope And Use Of Dedicated Resource Hiring Model

Usually, businesses don’t have a skilled IT team that can design and develop software, mobile application development, or website which a business might need. Even if they have a team of developers, they might not have the right knowledge and experience. Any IT project is created with a view that it will improve the productivity of the company. A business should not risk it by using its in-house developers.

Every IT project needs a dedicated team, if you use your own developers you are not only jeopardizing one but both their work. A dedicated resource model provides you a team as per your requirement.

Using This Form Of Engagement Model Is Best Suited For Projects Where The Requirements Are Unclear And Scope Of Frequent Changes Is High.

Dedicated Resource Model Stages Of Engagement

  • Client finds the area that needs improvement and decides to use a technology to improve productivity in that area.
  • Analysis is done whether the in-house professionals will meet the needs or talent will be needed from the outside.
  • The client goes through the skills and experience of the professionals they need and choose the one they think fits perfectly for the job.
  • A team is made and discussions are held about the project.
  • Jobs are allocated according to their skills and knowledge.
  • Project is controlled and managed by the client on the PMS platforms and communication is done via Skype, Emails and Conference Calls.


Everything starts with “Hi”!! i-Verve has a team of highly experienced developers that are trained to provide end-to-end web and mobile app development solutions for all sizes of businesses in highly cost-effective manners.

Clients have full control over the project delivery and teamwork due to the clear project management, progress tracking tools and convenient interaction means. Benefits of the Dedicated team model are quite numeral: … transmission of project knowledge and familiarity with the client’s business domain.


The costs of hiring employees, management and other benefits provided to them, along with infrastructure and system need to sum up to a very large amount. Also, the model itself is very clear and there is no hidden charge like the ones that other models usually have.

You can make your own team and customize it as per your necessity and budget. You can make a mix of experienced and young professionals to make sure you don’t overshoot your expenses and at the same time get the skilled and experienced professional on the key position.

This is the biggest advantage of this model. The client in this model gets the flexibility to change the team members as the project grows and different team members can be added and dropped as per the project-demand. This makes the DRM model risk-free and future-proof.

The whole process of hiring the right professionals and that too for contract basis can take very long. Dedicated Resource Model is a quick way to directly start the development of a website, mobile application or software rather than wasting time in these unproductive tasks.

Experts can be hired who have the knowledge of frontend, backend, UI/UX development and other technologies so that you don’t have to compromise on the quality of the product. Good cohesion and communication between the individuals working on the project will deliver a fruitful result which is only possible if you hire a whole dedicated team rather than hiring freelancers.

A technological solution will improve the profitability of a business by increasing the productivity of its employees and the accuracy of the system. Both these will help in increasing productivity while keeping the input cost constant. This will greatly improve the productivity of the business.

When your daily menial work will reduce, you will get more time to focus on your core business activity and think creatively about new products. This will help your business grow and give you new markets. Outsourcing IT projects to companies that provide DRM will give you the peace of mind so that you can get this kind of focus.

DRM team uses the Agile methodology of product development which ensures that the project is completed in the pre-determined budget and within the time allotted for the budget. The team usually has long experience in working with agile methodology and unless a team has worked on this, it is difficult to deliver the project in time. DRM is a great way to develop a project which needs to be developed quickly. The only downside of this project is, it would require your company to have your own in-house team of developers or enough technical knowledge to lead the DRM team.

How Can I-Verve Help?

At i-Verve, you will get a large number of choices of professionals who have worked for small and medium enterprises as well as large firms. Our clients come to us again and again because we are able to provide them the best of the dedicated developer’s team at the most competitive price at the market without any additional hidden charges.

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Hire Magento Developers

Hire IOS Developers
Hire IOS Developers

Hire .Net Developers
Hire .Net Developers

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Hire Sharepoint Developers

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Hire PHP Developers

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Hire Frontend Developers

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Hire Laravel Developers

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Hire Data Scientists

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Why Hire I-Verve

We Build You A Great Engaging Experience

There are many reasons to hire developers or to hire designers with us as an IT company and many more to hire someone else. But, what sets us apart is our values and how we do the work. We not only provide you the best solutions that give you great benefits but also give you positive experiences. We are with you from the beginning to the end, from conception to maintenance and every step of your product’s journey.

Top 5 Reasons To Hire A Developer For Information Technology Work With Us

Technology And Solutions

Cutting-Edge Technology And Solutions

We’re into end-to-end technology solutions and IT-enabled services from simple web development to mobile application development and technology solutions from enterprise mobility to big data and from cloud computing to the Internet of Things (IoT). They can be easily implemented on your current IT infrastructure or a new IT architecture.

We’ve developed an innovative and path-breaking method with Seven D which completes the full life cycle of any project.

(a mini version of the 7D process from our methods page.)

Tech Support And Maintenance

Tech Support And Maintenance

While we ensure that there are no downtimes, things go awry before we can say Quidditch. We take maintenance and technical support as a war task. It has to be acknowledged and reported within a few hours and taken upon the task in 24 hours, as a priority.

We can maintain any system whether it’s our own or created by a third party. Our team is capable of handling any situation and resolving any issue at hand. We are available 24X7, 365 days to support you in any technological or operational difficulty with products. All you need to do is to log an issue and we take care of it immediately.

Flexible Engagement

Affordable And Flexible Engagement Models

We are entrepreneurs and we understand the need for flexibility in terms of costs. Therefore, we’ve devised three types of engagement models you can choose to get your work or project through us. We also allow you to interview a resource before you hire giving you a glance into an individual’s technical strong points. And no we don’t charge you extra for interviews.

Quality And Security

Quality And Security

While we’re into business, making a profit isn’t our first goal but customer delight is. We don’t cut corners to meet a project goal or objectives. The quality and security of your data are our first and foremost priority. Moreover, we can vouch for the complete privacy of your data and only use industry-standard third-party tools for communication and data storage.

We deliberate on each process and specification, from gathering requirements to signing off the project. We follow First Time Right (FTR) as a quality and security policy to ensure that we give the best IT products and services in a secured and error-free environment.

Management Skills And Experience

Great Project Management Skills And Experience

We work the boring hours and tedious coding to do the magic. In the meantime, you can relax and do the things that need your attention. We will keep you informed about every detail and step taken of your work via phone, chat, and email.

Our team of expert project managers, UI/UX designers, developers, coders, and quality analysts work with immaculate efficiency and execute your work with pin precision. They’re like our guided rockets that launch satellites into space. We only employ the best. We have a knack for completing projects before the deadline expires. (use the below figures as we’ve used them on our site.)

Our hire dedicated developersmodels

Hire Passionate remote web and mobile app developers hungry and committed to deliver success.

We assist small businesses, individuals, consultants, enterprises, and big businesses to discover and implement the best information technology (IT) solutions to address their complex business challenges. We help companies accelerate their business by solving technical challenges and proposing new methods to address pain issues, enabling them to concentrate on their primary objectives.


We Provide Consulation For

  • Technical issues
  • Technology platforms
  • Web applications
  • Data
  • Software
  • Design
  • Business Intelligence(BI)
  • Internet of Things(IoT)
  • Mobile applications

On Various Complex Technical Issues, And New Technologies For

  • Startups
  • Takeovers
  • Business expansions
  • Ongoing operations
  • Enterprises
  • Small and Medium businesses

Analysis of systems, data and business processes is essential for any business to be successful. We deploy various data capture techniques on multiple platforms and use tools to analyze them to leverage them into our favor. We provide data and analysis services for own solutions, third party applications and industry leading tools. We cater to our clients for Google Analytics and Social Media analysis too.

  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Architecture and Modeling
  • Big data
  • Data analysis and mining
  • Data Migration and Management
  • Performance Analysis and Optimization


Our expert team can help you connect your systems be it on different applications, software, servers, remotely or even on mobile and web applications. We can assist you in on-going integration or even refine the integration by reviewing processes. Our experience in dealing with real-life events and live monitoring of integration over years have made us experts on all technical aspects when it comes to data or system integration.

We employ a variety of techniques and tools from one system to another, including:

Data Integration

  • ETL approach
  • SSIS
  • Custom SQL
  • Push/ Pull data
  • Simego
  • #code

Application Integration

  • Use existing web services
  • RESTful
  • Use secure authentication
  • SOAP
  • Custom protocols
  • Data transfer technology
  • OAuth for Authorization

Single Sign-On

  • LDAP protocol
  • SAML (AD FS) integration
  • Active Directory integration
  • implement Single Sign-On

We have a skilled, special, and dedicated DevOps team that can implement or Deploy any application, software, website, and custom configuration. We have our own seven D methodology and 5E processing systems that take care of any deployment challenges in an automated way. The goals of our DevOps team for deployment include improved deployment frequency, which can lead to quick turn-around-time (TAT), the lower failure rate of new releases, shortened time between fixes, and faster mean time to recovery in the event of a new release crashing or otherwise disabling the current system a Venn diagram showing 3 circles Development, QA and Operation and in the middle, we’ll show DevOps.

  • Quality Analysis
  • Custom UI/ UX deployment
  • Package installations
  • Code implementation
  • Testing

We offer flexible support services to ensure applications run smoothly with zero downtime, while our clients concentrate on new business opportunities and tend to vital business needs. As part of our services, we provide corrective re-engineering of solutions, adaptive maintenance in altered environments, third party takeover, and scheduled maintenance to guarantee applications with the latest technologies.

  • Technical Maintenance
  • Application management
  • Software Maintenance
  • Website Maintenance
  • CRM Management
  • Database Maintenance

Team Format

Whether you hire a single developer or create your own team of developers, our team structure remains the same. We work with the same vigor and maintain same quality standards for all our work and processes. We are fully committed to complete your work and maintain security to give you best IT support and services. And that’s our guarantee.


We help to achieve
mutual goals.

“Peter & his team carried out everything we wanted in the migration of our e-comm site from M1 to M2. Although we did the design in the UK the guys implanted everything & were happy to amend to suit our requirements. They have also done an excellent job in helping post launch to iron out any niggles. Great job guys.”
Mark Food

“Very quick and helpful! Still answering question i have even after the job is finished.”
Richard Meredith

“We have been working with i-Verve since the end of last year as an extension to our core team. We have steadily increased the team size at i-Verve which is a sign of our satisfaction with them. We experience a solid performance, little rotation and lot's of fun interacting with the team while teaching our goals.”
David Voute

“We have been working with Peter and his team on various projects. We are always impressed by the quality and professionalism regarding communication and code quality. You will be receiving daily status reports and previews of tasks to come for the next day(s). The quality of code is definitely far above average. If quality is your first priority, Peter and his team should be definitely among your first choice. We are looking forward to projects to come.”
Oliver Hinsenbrock

“We have over the past decade worked with several different firms trying to find the right combination between technical expertise and affordability. We are not web designers, we are a manufacturer of quality equipment and it is nice to have a partner like I-Verve support our site so we don't have to worry about day to day maintenance, SEO and trends. They have been great to work with. Always responsive, always listening and always delivering on what we need.”
Donald Enos

“We are happy with our choice of using iVerve. After a long and extensive search for the right agency, we decided on iVerve. We were not disappointed. A combination of good value, good communication, responsiveness, delivering on tasks, and having a single point of contact, all contributed to the success of our M2 migration. The webshop was up and running smoothly and the team's technical knowledge ensured that the back and front-end were set up to our wishes.”
Nadia Du Plooy

“I started working with I-Verve a few months back to finish out an SDK that was being built. The I-Verve team immediately started working and made sure to get the right developers working on our project. Not only are we getting the project finished, but the team went above and beyond to add some cool features that weren't in the original scope. Highly recommend.”
Zakery Debrine

“The team at i-verve were great people to deal with. From our initial engagement, they gave me the confidence that they knew what they were doing. They took our old website and expanded on the existing content. They used a new theme to make it better presented, easier on the eye, more logical to get between pages, added new images and improved some of the page structure. They helped us with the go live and they made several tweaks to the content upon 2nd review. I would use them again without a doubt.”
Frazer Cannadine

“The developers are all very well experienced. They deliver on time and on budget..”
Michelle Elia

“Dave and team have done an absolutely mindblowing job with my store. I initially found them on a freelancing platform and they have been nothing but professional and supportive to my custom made store that I found very hard for people to understand, let alone design. Their rates are super affordable and I would return to them for any of my work.”
Nadia Arain

“I-verve have been creating a new website for me based on a detailed brief from me & my team. They are efficient, professional and extremely good at what they do. I could not be happier with the service I have received and can recommend them highly. Elisabeth Hoff Photographer & Director.”
Elisabeth hoff


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