Nest Js Development Company

Elevating Your Backend Development with NestJS: Your Trusted Partner

Leverage NestJS to elevate your backend development by partnering with I-Verve, a US-based Development Company. Tap into the readability, expressiveness and high extensibility of NestJS to build custom web and mobile solutions. Get expert and end-to-end NestJS development services to take your business to the next level.

nest js development

Nest Js Development Company

Elevating Your Backend Development with NestJS: Your Trusted Partner

Leverage NestJS to elevate your backend development by partnering with I-Verve, a US-based Development Company. Tap into the readability, expressiveness and high extensibility of NestJS to build custom web and mobile solutions. Get expert and end-to-end NestJS development services to take your business to the next level.

Want To Hire An Offshore NestJS Development Team?

We are proud to offer you a no-cost, no-risk opportunity to build your dream business. Our experienced professionals are here to help you get your idea off the ground. With our support, you’ll be ready to take the next step in no time. Try us out for the first 7 days at no cost and no commitment. Give us a try today!

Want To Hire An Offshore NestJS Development Team?

We are proud to offer you a no-cost, no-risk opportunity to build your dream business. Our experienced professionals are here to help you get your idea off the ground. With our support, you’ll be ready to take the next step in no time. Try us out for the first 7 days at no cost and no commitment. Give us a try today!


Our NestJs Development Services

Expert Nest.js Development Services provides comprehensive solutions for building efficient, reliable, and scalable web applications. This service is designed to help businesses create applications that maximize performance and cost-efficiency. Expert Nest.js Development Services has a team of experienced professionals that understand the complexities of the technology and can provide custom solutions tailored to the needs of the business. The company also provides comprehensive solutions for managing and deploying applications with ease.
NestJS Web Development
Professional, high-quality web development services for custom NestJS applications. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies and best practices to create secure, reliable, and scalable web solutions. Expertise in building web APIs and web-based architectures to create sophisticated, feature-rich applications and services. Comprehensive knowledge of the NestJS framework and its features, such as TypeScript, Object-Oriented Programming, Dependency Injection, and more. With a commitment to providing outstanding customer service and satisfaction.
NestJS eCommerce Development

NestJS eCommerce Development: Expert team provides custom, reliable and secure ecommerce solutions using NestJS framework. Offers comprehensive services such as shop setup, payment integration, product management and more. Delivers high-quality products with fast turnaround, competitive rates and responsive customer support. Focuses on building secure, reliable and scalable ecommerce solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of each client.

NestJS Backend Development

We provides comprehensive services for developing robust backend applications. It offers an integrated TypeScript-based platform for building efficient, scalable and maintainable server-side applications. It utilizes progressive JavaScript, modern tools and techniques, and provides comprehensive solutions for building APIs, microservices and web applications. The platform is highly extensible, making it easy to customize and extend existing features. It also offers a wide range of integrations and supports a wide variety of databases.

NestJS Custom Development

We provides expert services for developing custom NestJS applications. Our team of experienced developers create robust, secure, and reliable solutions to meet your business needs. We provide end-to-end development, including architecture design, code implementation, testing, and deployment. Our services are tailored to meet your specific requirements and timeline. Enjoy fast and reliable support. Get your custom NestJS applications today!

App Architecture Development

Our team of designers are ready to help you create an interactive and user-friendly web application, portal, or widget using AngularJS. We are committed to making sure the user experience is at the forefront of every build. We understand the importance of creating a product that is both visually appealing and intuitive to use, and strive to meet our customer’s expectations every step of the way. We use the latest industry standards to ensure our applications are reliable and secure.

NestJS Maintenance & Support

We provide comprehensive NestJS maintenance and support services, including troubleshooting, bug fixing, feature development, code refactoring, and system upgrades. Our experienced team of experts will help you maintain optimal performance and ensure your application is up-to-date with the latest NestJS technologies. We are committed to delivering quality service, reliable support, and fast turnaround times.


Advanced NestJs Development Services

Cross platform app development

We have expertise in creating dynamic and feature-rich applications using NestJs. We can develop end-to-end solutions in a cost-effective and timely manner. Our services include building custom APIs, developing GraphQL APIs, developing microservices, creating real-time applications, and more. We are committed to providing high-quality services and solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients.

Rest api development & integration

We are experienced in building and integrating secure, high-performance REST APIs using NestJS.We provide full-stack development services, from API architecture and design to deployment and maintenance. Our team is proficient in API authentication, authorization, and testing to ensure the best user experience. We can also help you integrate with third-party services and integrate with databases. Let us help you build your API quickly and efficiently.

Web application development

We have extensive experience in creating robust, secure and scalable applications. Specializing in developing enterprise grade, cutting-edge web applications using the latest technologies. Proven track record of delivering successful projects on time and within budget. Offering a complete range of services including design, development, testing, and deployment.

Plugin Development

Our team of experts specialize in developing custom plugins for NestJs to enhance the functionality of your application. We provide comprehensive solutions that are tailored to your specific needs, with a focus on scalability, performance and security. Our developers use the latest technologies to create robust and flexible plugins that are fully integrated with your system.

Support and Maintenance

Providing comprehensive technical assistance, troubleshooting, and maintenance to ensure smooth operation of Nest.js applications. Offering expertise in the development of Nest.js applications, including installation, configuration, debugging, and performance optimization. Delivering high-quality solutions tailored to customer needs.

Nest JS Consulting

We offers tailored solutions to help businesses build effective server-side applications. Our experts provide expert advice and development services to ensure optimal performance and scalability. We provide end-to-end solutions using NestJs, Typescript, and GraphQL. Our team of experienced professionals is here to provide support and guidance for a successful project.


Software Development Methodology

1. Requirement Gathering
Requirement Gathering


At i-Verve, we begin the custom software development process with a discovery phase where our business analyst and project Manager collect, research, and fully undertand the subject idea and specify the main requirements for the product. At this stage, we quickly validate if your business ideas are viable, feasible, and usable. At the end of this stage, we provides accurate time and cost estimates to our customers.

2. Designing


We are done with the discovery phase, our UX/UI design team begins analyzing project requirements. this helps our design team ensure that the app's information architecture is structured effectively. Next, our team create a wireframe, which are rough sketches that show the layout and position of elements on a web page. These wireframes do not include any logos or colors, and are designed to prioritize usability over visual appeal. Once the wireframes are approved by the customer, our UI/UX design team turns them into clickable prototypes that allow for the first user interaction. The final UI design is based on these prototypes.

3. Development


i-Verve follows the Agile philosophy in the software development process to reduce the risk of project failure, continuously improve our products, and be responsive to any necessary changes. This approach gives our customers full control over their projects through the inclusion of feedback, transparency, and quality control features. As a result, they receive high-quality digital products. To complete the software development process, we divide it into short sprints. We begin each sprint by prioritizing tasks in the backlog and then have our software developers build the required functionality. After a piece of functionality is completed, our quality assurance engineers test it to ensure it functions properly and is bug-free.

4. Deployment


So, basically, when we launch your software solution, it means we're releasing the final version to your end users. This happens after we've fixed all the bugs and made all the improvements. This is the last step in the development process, and it's when you can see how people are using your product. Along with putting the solution out there for everyone to use, our team will also put together some release notes. These are like technical instructions that have details about the bugs we fixed and the enhancements we made. The release notes are a big deal because they help us connect with users and get the word out about your new product.

5. Maintenance


To keep your PHP app relevant and responsive to customer needs, ongoing updates and maintenance are necessary. We provide high-quality post-launch maintenance and support services to ensure that your app is bug-free and available 24/7. We offer two options for maintaining your digital product: a set number of hours for a monthly fee, or a backlog of tasks that takes a minimum of 80 hours to complete.


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Our Flexible Engagement Models

Time & Material Basis Model

Time and Material hiring model offers flexibility, cost saving, access to expertise, scalability & time-saving for projects with dynamic requirements. Ideal for businesses with long-term projects needing future modifications.


hiring model

Flexibility to hire resources as needed.

cost-effective way to hire expert developers.

ability to scale resources up and down as needed.


opportunity to work with experienced professionals.

Quickly lunch projects with minimal overhead.

Access to specialized skills and expertise.

Dedicated Developer Model

Dedicated developer model is a cost-effective way for companies to hire full or part-time IT professionals for websites, mobile app, or software development. ideal for businesses seeking professionals It teams to effectively utilize time.

hire dedicated team

Ability to create a team around your project’s needs.

Long-term commitment to your project’s success.

Access to wide range of specialized skills.

Ability to use existing framework environments.

Increased accountability from a dedicated team.

Long-term cost savings from dedicated resources.


Why Outsource Your NestJS Project to i-Verve?



Building a website or application doesn't have to be expensive. Partnering with a reliable development company can help you save on costs associated with hiring an in-house development team, such as software licensing, taxes, hardware, salaries and compensation. With their expertise, you can create an attractive and cost-effective solution for your business.

Vast Knowledge


At i-Verve, we have the expertise and experience to create custom websites and apps that are tailored to your specific business needs. Our dedicated team of developers has the technical knowledge and coding. experience to handle any challenges and provide solutions that comply with industry regulations. With a proven track record of delivering successful projects, you can trust us to create the perfect digital solution for you.



launch your digital product quickly by outsourcing your development services to a reputable offshore software development agency. i-Verve's experienced developers can create a high-quality solution efficiently, enabling you to validate your business idea and adapt your promotional strategies and sales channels as needed. Don't waste time forming an in-house development team- outsource and get. up and runing in no time!

Experienced Partner


We have a strict quality assurance process in place for all our web development projects. Our dedicated QA team continously checks for bugs and errors, guaranteeing high-quality code. Our custom solutions are reliable, flexible and cost-effective, offering clients more features and functionalities within their budget and timeline. with us, you can trust that the solutions we provide are reliable and flecible.

Reduced Costs


Our team carefully assesses your requirements, understands your goals and applies a standard development process tailored to your project needs to avoid unnecessary costs. To make web application development more accessible for businesses, we offer cost-effective development models. This allows companies with limited budgets to complete their projects without breaking the bank.

Custom Solution


We help you achieve your goals one step at a time by scaling your idea in a budget-focused manner. Our customized web and application development approach, suitable for startups, businesses and enterprises, allows you to make small investments and move forward in a controlled environment with the best java industry expertise. Our standardized process helps you reach your milestones efficiently.


Why Outsource Your Project to i-Verve?


Tailored development solutions for all business types



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UAE Government Application – DTMC

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Marshalls World of Sport Website


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