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We are building Xamarin cross-platform mobile apps for enterprises to SML organizations. Like many businesses if you are looking out for cross-platform app development while ensuring that the user experience and overall quality remains high then we have the team of certified developers to deliver mobile solutions using Xamarin.

Building High Performance Native Apps

We’re good with Cross-platform Application Development

Build cross-platform applications that have truly native interfaces.

Xamarin Platform

Why xamarin app development ?

Xamarin builds native and cross-platform applications to meet your business needs.

Why i-Verve is Leading App Development Firm

By the Numbers


  • 9+ Years of Experience
  • 50+ Certified Developers
  • 1000+ Projects Delivered
  • 24*7 Support and Services
  • Post Development Support

Domain Expertise

  • Creative Product Strategy
  • Interactive Designs
  • Rapid Development
  • Custom Integrations
  • Support and App Maintenance


We understand the changing business scenarios and requirements. Therefore, we have customizable and convenient engagement models you can choose from. If you want to pay a Fixed price for your development cost, you want to pay by hours for development work or want a dedicated development team for a project or switching between these options. We can customize them according to your needs without delay and hassle. Isn’t it conveniently fantastic!

Fixed Price
  • Fixed deadline of project
  • Quoted costs & overheads
  • Pre-defined solution in detail
  • Specified Scope
Time and Material
  • Greater project flexibility
  • Variable budget and cost
  • Pay per hour model
  • Flexibility for changes
Dedicated Team
  • Handpick Dedicated resources
  • Control Cost and Milestones
  • Convenient for large projects
  • Flexibility for iterations

Mobile Application Development Service Offerings

Xamarin – The King of App Development

We build outstanding cross platform apps using Xamarin for different platforms. We offer the best web services, themes and UI controls for Xamarin development. As we are backed up with a team of expert Xamarin developers in India, we are confident that we can cater to all the different types of mobile app development requirements. With extensive knowledge and expertise in Xamarin development, we combine our innovative ideas and skills to come up with out-of-the-box solutions. Whether you want to develop Xamarin powered app for iOS or Android, i-Verve can help you get the best value for the money you spend.

Xamarin – A better Way to Build Mobile Apps

Xamarin has emerged as a cross platform for building apps for smart devices. Rather than building three separate apps for each platform’s SDK (iOS, Android, and Windows), Xamarin’s code can be used upto 80% to reduce the work required to release the apps for different platforms. As this technology possesses characteristics such as seamless API integration, easy collaboration, and rapid development, it is a trusted choice of several developers as well as users across the globe. With the help of C#, Xamarin ensures flawless cross platform apps. It is capable of wrapping all native and iOS libraries. Xamarin allows code reusability, which means that same C# code base can be used for building Android, iOS, and Windows apps.

Building Cross Platform Apps with Xamarin

Gone are the days when developers had to build separate apps for different platforms. Xamarin allows cross platform app development with any backend and API. We deliver custom cross platform Xamarin-based solutions that reduce time consumption and expenses by keeping your apps up-to-date.

Our Xamarin developers have huge expertise in understanding clients’ requirements and business goals, competitor analysis, use of latest technologies, customer feedback messages, and creating excellent solutions. As Xamarin has automated testing frameworks, it is always up to date. One does not have to worry about the compatibility with new versions of OS. If you are looking for game development services using Xamarin, we can help you with the best solutions. Our team is known for creating engaging and attractive games that keep the users glued to their mobile devices for hours.

Our services include
  • Xamarin Android App Development
  • Xamarin iOS App Development
  • Xamarin Windows App Development
  • Xamarin Forms App Development
  • Xamarin for Enterprises
  • Xamarin for Startups
  • Xamarin Migration
  • Xamarin Consulting services
  • Xamarin Testing services
  • Hire Xamarin Developers
  • Xamarin support and maintenance

Being a leading Xamarin app development company, we have achieved many milestones in delivering custom cross platform application development services to the clients across the globe. We have worked with clients from different industry verticals and helped them achieve their business objectives. We have hands-on experience in developing user-friendly and result-oriented Xamarin apps.

Xamarin Forms

It is a great cross platform UI toolkit that allows the developers to create native interfaces that can be shared across multiple platforms. Xamarin Forms application development framework helps enterprises to implement enterprise mobility strategy within their organization. By leveraging Xamarin framework, small and large enterprises are able to achieve enhanced security for data, better asset management, easier accessibility to enterprise data, and improved efficiency. We use the latest technologies to reduce the costs and boost your revenue.

End-to-end Xamarin Solutions

Xamarin supports MVC and MWWM architecture, it makes the applications more secure. Our company has worked with small, mid-sized, and large enterprises to deliver game-changer apps as per their requirements and business goals. We keep an eye on the latest versions of Xamarin to ensure that our clients get futuristic solutions from us. No matter what your requirements may be, we deliver solutions that simplify the complex business processes. We have a team of expert developers, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and rich experience in building apps without any compromises.

Hire Dedicated Xamarin Developers

If you want to have full control over your project, you can hire Xamarin developers from us on part-or full time basis. Our developers have huge expertise in delivering apps according to the exact clients’ business needs. We’re a group of innovators and experts who are passionate about something new for our clients worldwide. Keeping in mind the clients’ business requirements and expectations, we deliver custom Xamarin app development solutions that are stable and reliable. The solutions we deliver leave a lasting impression on the users.

FAQs About Xamarin Development

Xamarin is used for building cross platform mobile apps using C# language. We make use of Visual Studios as well as Xamarin studio. We can reuse the codes to develop high performance apps. Get in touch with us to know how we can help you.

How much does it cost to develop Xamarin application?

With more than ten years of experience in developing smart mobile applications, we have catered to several clients across different industries. What would you do if you want to purchase a house, you would do some research and check out the features for different homes. Isn’t it? How much does a house cost? – There’s no definite answer to this question. The cost of a house will depend on different factors such as facilities, area, size, and more. Same applies to Xamarin app development cost. If you are wondering how much would a Xamarin application cost, then it can range anywhere between $2,000 to $10,000. It can even cost more if you need some extraordinary features. Let’s explain to you what can be the cost of developing a Xamarin app.

A Professional Mobile App Cost Estimation:

Whether you are a startup or a large enterprise, you want a trustworthy estimate of the cost to develop an app for the sake of your budget. You would need an approximate estimate for the cost of Xamarin mobile app development. You can look for an expert Xamarin app development agency to understand your requirements and help you get an outstanding application that makes you meet your business goals.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself:

  • What features for the application do you need?
  • Do you need the app for Android, iOS, or cross-platform application?
  • Do you have your existing server or would you like to use cloud services?
  • Do you want to launch a Minimum Viable Product?
  • Do you have a set date for launching your application? The cost estimate depends on the timelines. If you have a shorter timeline, the cost of Xamarin app development would increase.
  • Do you wish to hire freelancers or agency for your project?

You can collect quotes from a few Xamarin app development agencies and compare them. It can be a good idea to send your project requirements to a few companies and collect quotes from them.


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