Android Instant Apps : A Native App Experience Without Installation Via ‘Try now’

I am sure you will agree if I say that you often delete apps after downloading them when you find them not fulfilling your need. Right? I am sure your answer is YES.

Have a look at the survey: In 2020, 54% of mobile apps remain unused after they are downloaded. As per the statistics, 95% of the installed apps are often deleted within a month.

I have experienced, don’t know if you did or not, imagine if your wife or your colleague have your phone in their hand and swiped page after page of apps on your phone. “Why do you even have most of these apps?” “Do you use’em?’ And that’s a genuine question as we don’t give all of our time using apps as we have filled our phone downloading numerous apps. Right?

To address this issue and help app users and end customers, Google has introduced Google Play Instant

What is Google Play Instant App?

Google instant apps (also called Google Play Instant or Android Instant apps) are one of the newest ways to reach out to as many users as possible and engage them with your app’s features without having them install the complete app.

Google play instant applications enable the user to use key functions of the app without having them downloaded by just clicking on the button “Try now” that saves the user’s storage space and gives the user a clear idea of the app is worth downloading or not?

As an app owner what benefit you will get by building an instant app?

You will experience that the lines on the graph of frequently deleted apps will start to reduce and you have a new line that goes up frequently that will be of your real app users.

What are the tools required to build the Android Instant App?

Following are the tools required to build Android Instant App:

  • Android Studio
  • JDK 1.8
  • Android SDK 6.0+
  • Android tools 25.x or above
  • Gradle 4.0

Remember: Android Instant Apps run only on Android 6 or higher versions. Hire Android Developers that follows the standard coding method, produces responsive user interface, reliable back-end programming using its technical expertise to develop android instant app

How do Android Instant Apps work?

“Deliver a native app-like experience through Google Play Instant without installation”

No Downloads. No Installations. No Waiting.

Android Instant App works similar to web page browser. When google play receives a request for a URL that matches an instant app, it sends the necessary code files to the android device that sent the request. The device then runs the app.

Learn: Why & How to develop Instant Apps?

These apps can be triggered by a simple click on a browser link and the user will get access to the instant app. Google Play Instant apps are the essence of the main app with key features that enables the user to use without installing the app and decide if the app is worth downloading and giving space in the mobile storage.

Benefits and limitations of instant apps


  • Opportunity to improve user experience
  • Ease of access
  • Pre-assurance and experience without downloading
  • Saves mobile storage space
  • Saves time while searching
  • Helps you retaining existing users and lower the number of app deletes
  • Enhance customer loyalty
  • Increases the reach of your business
  • Immediate feedback
  • Social sharing
  • Staying ahead in the competition
  • Start-up companies will be able to increase the acquisition of users through additional features

“Considering these terms, the objective of a Mobile app development company should be to develop Google Play Instant – a robust app with an amazing user experience tailored to the business niche that 100% meets the user’s expectations.”


If we talk about the limitations, Instant apps are safe to use as they do not ask for permission like regular apps ask after downloading and give an experience like Native Android Apps.

  • They don’t ask you to allow track location
  • They don’t ask you to allow access to your contacts
  • They cannot change the setting on the user’s device
  • They don’t ask you to allow access to your photos
  • They don’t ask you to allow the instant app to access your important files and documents
  • They do not sync any of your mobile data neither they are allowed to read and save your passwords

Instant apps are designed and coded in a way that they are locked effectively and won’t work completely until the user decides to download the full version.

The only limitation that could be experienced is Lack of support for background services for:

  • Push notifications
  • Accessing external storage
  • Looking at installed apps on the device

The main limitation that instant apps have is the File size limit for an instant app that being 4 MB for each “Feature” or each page.

A developer cannot pack an app full of rich media, all app functions, and features.

Why you should develop or upgrade android instant apps?

Instant apps convince users to download the full app version. If the user is amazed by the instant app’s performance, they become more curious to know more about your app and thus downloads the main app.

It is accepted by all app owners and developers that standing out in the crowds of the app in the google play store is a challenge but instant apps are more visible, explorable as users can search on google.

When your app is easier to find, the more users your app will have.

Some of the facts you should know to get your answer to WHY.

  • OneSoft uses instant apps to boost the Galaxy Attack install rate by 15%
  • Hollar increases purchase conversion 20% with Google Play Instant
  • Wego increased purchased conversion by 27% with google play instant
  • Dotloop increases engagement by 62%

If you want to increase your installs, increase your purchase conversion and increase engagement by 15 to 62%, your should Build instant app to beat your competitors and lead the industry.

Does your business need Instant App?

“Modular, Instant, and Dynamic. The only future of apps on android and google play for businesses to leverage market potential is instant apps.”

The scope is expanding, each industry is jumping into the instant app to create new opportunities for increased engagement and sales.

With Google Android, Instant Apps have a proven track record, Instant apps will provide a way for websites to link to more dynamic content for mobile users that will increase in-app purchases and more.

Having an instant app will also prevent you from reporting negative feedback about the app from the users who didn’t like your app.

Instant apps are becoming a necessity for businesses that want to leverage the maximum marketing potential and reach the maximum targeted audience through mobile apps.

What are the companies that have built Instant app or have upgraded their existing app

If you go on counting, the instant app is a concept that is not new and has been in the market since 2016.

An industry that has adopted instant apps are:

  • eCommerce
  • Gaming
  • Music
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Recruitment
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Real estate

You are from an industry that is not listed but wants an Android Instant Application?

Android app development company can play a vital role for your business in creating responsive and cutting edge Google play instant app that can increase installation ratio and revenue.   

There are not a few but many industries and companies have adopted instant app to reach accurate traffic. We are mentioning a few of the prominent companies and their success ratio recorded by themselves to help you understand what you as a user and as an owner can gain benefits.

1) Evino:
It is an innovative online wine selling business based in Brazil known for making a wide variety, high-quality wines and selling globally. It has a regular android and instant app both.

Impact and results of building an instant app
– By allowing users to try the Evino app without having to initially download it, they recorded an 8% increase in app installation and also reported that 51% of the purchase made through the instant app were from first-time buyers.

2) OneSoft:
A Vietnamese game developing company OneSoft that has developed a famous Galaxy Attack alien shooter game that has 50 million reported installs and more than 500,000 five-star ratings.

Impact and results of building google instant app
OneSoft notices that users who had installed the app through the “Try Now” button spent 36% more time playing the game than the users who downloaded the app directly from the play store.

OneSoft reported 15% installs increased and Germany market installs increased reported by 30%. Users enjoyed the gameplay they were able to experience through Google Play Instant and wanted to continue playing later on.

3) Wego:
Award-winning travel search websites and top-ranked mobile apps for travelers living in Asia pacific and middle east regions. Wego harnesses powerful yet simple to use technology that automates the process of searching and comparing results from hundreds of airlines, hotels, and online travel agency websites.

Impact and results building google android instant app:
They reported a 27% improvement in purchase conversions compared to their mobile web traffic benchmarks.

The modular instant app showed 186% more purchase conversion.

It is an Indian employment website operating in India and the Middle East. It encourages job seekers to keep their profile up to date and check their personalized job feed often.

Job seekers all over India use every day to create candidates’ profiles, view job openings, and apply for jobs that suit their interests.

Impact and results of building Google Android Instant App: reported that they saw an average conversion rate of 4% from their promotional efforts and reported a 10% conversion rate via the instant app.

Seeing the phenomenal results started linking the instant app in their email campaigns sent to mobile devices.

List of Latest instant apps

  • Marvel strike force game app
  • OneSoft Vietnamese game developing company
  • Evino an online wine selling app
  • Ultimate guitar
  • Wego the travel search, comparing and ticket booking app
  • NOS a leading sports and news brand
  • Hollar an eCommerce app
  • MZ the game studio
  • Playtika the mobile gaming company
  • the job seekers app
  • Vimeo a personal and creative work moment sharing platform

Wrap up:

Instant apps are awesome as they are launched with the innovative idea to make apps available to users without installing them on their devices. A lot of benefits can be gained using this instant app by Entrepreneurs and Startups. They can achieve their business goals in terms of increasing traffic, high user retention, enhance customer loyalty, exposure of the business, and more.