Asp. Net VS Laravel: A Complete Guide

1. Quick Summary and Introduction

The most uncertain decision for an entrepreneur is to decide on a web framework for their web development. Most entrepreneurs need clarification on whether to consider Laravel web development services or ASP.NET development services. We will help you make the tough choice by explaining both frameworks’ advantages and disadvantages. Informative analysis of ASP.Net vs Laravel performance, scalability, usage, cost, market share and much more will give you a clear picture and help you drive your startup growth.

2. VS Laravel Overview

What is Laravel?

Laravel is a PHP-based framework that works with elegant and expressive syntax. Laravel is designed by Taylor Otwell to take the pain out of development by simplifying common tasks used in most web projects such as authentication, routing, sessions, and caching. Laravel aims to make the development process enjoyable for the developer without sacrificing application functionality.

Laravel Features

  • Intuitive unit testing
  • MVC compatible
  • Simple authentication
  • Artisan Command Line Interface
  • Object-oriented Library

Benefits of using Laravel

  • It is an open source platform.
  • It is ideal to simply complex projects.
  • It works wonders for accessing data across diverse data types and for
  • High expertise of Laravel developers.

Limitation of Using Laravel

  • Low performance compared to other coding languages
  • Poor error handling
  • Compromised coding quality due to a customized approach

What is

Microsoft has developed a server-side web application framework for creating dynamic web pages. is the successor to Microsoft’s classic Active Server Pages (ASP) built on the Common Language Runtime (CLR). You can build excellent cross-platform enterprise applications with ASP NET. Features

  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Asynchronous coding
  • Encrypted data
  • NET web API
  • Language dependency

benefits of using

  • It offers high scalability.
  • Microsoft ownership leaves no stone unturned.
  • All programming languages support the asp .net framework, which works well with the app or C#.
  • It identifies development errors before compile-time.
  • There are a lot of support tools and features available to developers.
  • It works flawlessly on the Windows platform.
  • Capable of creating amazing enterprise applications.
  • Rapid development with various pre-coded options.
  • User-friendly UI

limitation of using

  • High license cost
  • Works only on windows
  • Poor technical support

In-detail Comparison of Laravel vs ASP.NET Framework

Usage Statistic of Laravel and ASP.NET

Currently, 9,258,086 live websites are built with ASP .net, while Laravel hosts 1,213,741 websites. As you compare the trends of these two technologies, ASP.NET is facing a decline, while Laravel’s scope in the market is increasing.

Asp.Net Usage Statistics

However, server-side programming has made ASP.Net one of the most popular choices for businesses. Asp .Net has better usage coverage in more website categories. These include science and education, computer electronics and technology, law and government, finance and 20 other types.

3. MVC vs Laravel: Key Comparison

We have explained each point separately to give you a better idea of the comparison points between Laravel Vs ASP.NET Framework. All the major aspects of the comparison are mentioned here for you.

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Asp Vs Laravel Usage

PHP powers more than 77% of the website, and Laravel holds a prominent market share. Due to MVC architecture, Laravel has gained immense popularity, while on the other hand, the usage of ASP. Net is declining. However, ASP.Net has always remained a popular choice for enterprises and technology companies for its encrypted data security and high flexibility.

Asp Vs Laravel Performance

Laravel is a relatively new framework that has gained popularity due to its clean and streamlined codebase and support for the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural pattern. One of the main advantages of ASP.NET is its flexibility. The language can develop various applications, from simple websites to complex enterprise-level systems. ASP.NET supports Windows and web-based development platforms, allowing enterprises to build applications you can deploy on any server.

Asp VS Laravel Scalability offers vertical scaling, and Laravel provides horizontal scaling. So, before choosing your web development framework, think about how you want to expand your next project.

Asp VS Laravel Project Size

Laravel is suitable for developing small projects, whereas asp .Net is ideal for medium to large projects that do not require additional support. Laravel projects demand help that is not readily available, whereas is scalable to cover all large project metrics.

Asp VS Code Execution uses compiled code which executes just like machine code and uses system hardware. Such processing makes the code platform-specific and therefore adds restrictions. On the other hand, PHP makes the program platform independent by using interpreted code.

Asp Vs Laravel Community Support

Thanks to the large community of PHP developers, you can quickly get help and solve your problems. Additionally, the official PHP documentation is a great help to developers. However, is supported by the Microsoft network, and even a non-technical person may face problems as it is object-oriented programming.

4. Asp Net Vs Laravel – Cost

When it comes to cost, Laravel is a clear winner. Laravel is an open-source platform, while Microsoft-based Asp.NET comes with a hosting fee. Thus, ASP.NET development is costlier compared to PHP Laravel web development

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5. vs Laravel: tech giants using technology

Laravel and .NET have influenced most technology companies. Here is the compilation of tech giants leveraging these two frameworks’ capabilities. Let’s segregate them to have a better understanding.

Asp Net Core

  • Cisco
  • Alibaba
  • Dell
  • Stackoverflow
  • Ray Gun


  • BBC
  • 9GAG
  • Pfizer
  • Radio
  • TourRadar
  • RazorPay

6. Vs Laravel: When to Use


There is a high demand for PHP developers across the globe, as Laravel is an affordable platform for developing dynamic web pages. Laravel is an open-source framework that provides MVC architecture to simplify complex tasks. You can use Laravel with a limited budget and a complex project.

Asp.Net Core

Whereas ASP .net being a robust framework, can create much more than simple websites. Most big companies choose the framework because they have enough project budget.

7. Conclusion

We must know your business needs to choose the right framework for you. The comparison between ASP.Net and Laravel never ends. In some cases, Laravel development is ideal, while others would be better suited for .NET development. However, you can take the help of Laravel or .Net development company to learn about the most appropriate technology for your project.

8. FAQs

Is .NET faster than Laravel?

To build a secure system, you must look for skilled developers who can make use of the in-built features of and the capabilities of PHP Laravel. Comparatively, is faster than the Laravel framework

Which companies are using ASP.NET Core?

Technology companies like Dell, Cisco, Alibaba and many others are using Asp.NET core for handling their regular software operations.

Which companies are using PHP Laravel?

Broadcasting and media companies like BBC, 9GAG, Webedia and others run on PHP Laravel.

What’s the major difference between PHP Laravel and Asp.NET?

PHP Laravel is an open-source server-side coding/programming language, while ASP.NET is a web application framework. There are many differences between Laravel and ASP.Net, including costs, community, flexibility and performance.

Which is better development: Laravel or ASP.NET?

Both technologies hold their prominent place in several factors. When it comes to costs, Laravel is superior to Asp.NET, and when it comes to customization and flexibility, ASP.Net has the upper hand.

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