Ruby on Rails

Build a Social Network Using ROR
How to Build a social network using Ruby on Rails

17 Jul 2019

Developers need a basic understanding of Ruby on Rails, CoffeeScript, and PostgreSQL. This article can help you understand how to build a social network using Ruby on Rails. Prerequisites Ruby & ...
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Performance of Ruby on Rails App
Tips to Speed Up Ruby on Rails App Performance

17 Jul 2019

You build a web application with Ruby on Rails, and you wait for the results. Your web app has an intuitive user interface and business logic works well. If you get disappointed with the app as it doe...
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Who said “Ruby on Rails applications cannot scale?”

15 Apr 2019

Ruby on Rails is an awesome framework, but some people worry about its scalability issues. With the expansion of your organization, you may need to scale your website or web app. A good example for Ra...
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Who wins the war? – Ruby on Rails OR Node.JS

28 Mar 2019

Ruby and Node.js are two popular server-side technologies that are used for web development. Which one should you choose for your next project? – This is a question of debate. Node makes use of Java...
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New Feautres of Ruby 2.6
What’s New About Ruby on Rails 2.6?

11 Mar 2019

Ruby on Rails is a boon for programmers as it requires less coding. It facilitates swift and quick development of websites and apps. Some of the big players in the industry use Ruby for developing com...
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Common Mistakes In Rails Development

19 Feb 2019

Ruby On Rails, nowadays, has become the most commonly used development framework across the globe. Its open-source behavior helps in easy development of an efficient server side application. Its prope...
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Ruby on Rails and ReactJS
Ruby On Rails + ReactJS = A Perfect Combination..!

08 Feb 2019

In the present scenario, most of the applications are cheering up the dynamic content. All users accessing the mobile applications expect it to be responsive and well engaging. For fulfilling such exp...
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