How to choose best Magento Upgrade Service

Are you still using older Magento version while the future of eCommerce latest Magento 2 is already serving enhanced functionality, new features, security improvements, bug fixes that can lead to the better shopping experience in your Magento stores!

Why opt for Magento upgrade service?

Upgrades are always refreshing & Magento upgrades bring you so much advancement that your store can work better & can enhance the shopping experience. Magento upgrade benefits are endless, some of the top advantages of migrating to new Magento versions are:

  • Faster Page Loading
  • Increased User Experience
  • Higher Conversion Rates
  • Secure Payment Gateways
  • Streamline Checkout Process
  • Reduced Card Abandonment Rate
  • Increase Search Engine Visibility

Stuck with slow Magento store? Improve Magento performance with these steps.

Upgrading your existing Magento store is one of trickiest and need an experienced Magento developer team to help you with smooth upgrade ensuring zero data loss with almost zero downtime. Therefore, it is highly recommended to hire an expert for such important operations.

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We have listed some of the traits of the best Magento Upgrade Services that Magento store owners can use as a checklist while choosing a Magento development services provider company for the Magento 2 migration services.

1. Magento Development team that offers full-cycle Magento Upgrade Services including:

  • Magento core upgrade
  • Store theme transfer
  • Upgrade of Magento database
  • Update of the installed extensions
  • Installation of the latest security patches
  • Final QA testing

2. Magento experts that offer Magento service and support for

  • Magento 1 to Magento 2
  • Magento 1.x or Magento 2.x
  • Magento Community 1.X+
  • Magento Enterprise 1.X+
  • Magento Community 2.X+
  • Magento Enterprise 2.X+

3. Hire Magento Upgrade services that have a dedicated & highly expert Magento team to carry out the upgrade for you.

4. As a site owner, you don’t want your site to be down either your business. Make sure they offer 0% downtime. All the complications should be checked on test sites before implementations.

5. Proactive in using test sites and backups to ensure no data loss.

6. Bug fixing – it’s absolutely okay to have some bugs while upgrading but it should be fixed to improve website operations and tested thoroughly before delivery.

7. Professional Magento migration services do not end with implementation it comes with support when every customer need it.

8. 100% security – developers ensure the security of your Magento store with vulnerabilities insights.

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Prerequisites before starting the Magento Migration/Upgrade Process

Before starting the upgrade, you would require some information & resources handy. Often Magento upgrade service providers will help you get this information.

  • Magento Database Size
  • Site URL with Admin Credentials
  • Magento Theme
  • Extensions installed on the site
  • 3 third-party extensions details

Upgrade procedure – How it works?

The complete Magento upgrade procedure usually takes 3-5 business days depending on the complexity of the project.

The Magento Migration process consists of many stages such as:

1. Download and Backup – prepare and download a pre-upgrade backup file, restoring the backup file on our test servers to prepare Staging Environment.
2. Upgrading in staging environment – experts develop and perform an upgrade of your store in Staging Environment and solve any problems that occurred during the process.
3. Approval – once upgrade path is developed and staging instance is upgraded. They share a link to verify upgraded store. The client can login to Backend or Frontend and check every aspect of the upgraded version. Check extensions working, identify any issues that need to be fixed and shared with the Magento development team.
4. Fixing issues – Issues are fixed as per client’s review of staging upgrade. And review request is shared with the client and once everything is satisfactory with the upgraded version in the staging environment, they schedule an upgrade of live store according to the upgrade path developed.
5. Deploy – upgrade path is deployed to live store. The live store is switched into maintenance mode during database upgrade and it usually takes 30 minutes to complete it. [It’s done during non-peak business hours].
6. Testing – the live store is double-checked for bugs, basic tests such as login, register, password reset, checkout, contact form tests are conducted.
7. Notify and delivery – Magento upgrade process completion is notified and the project is delivered.

Note: – One of the important stages of Magento upgrade is Quality Testing which helps to avoid issues if it has after the upgrade. Business owners and developers both need to be proactive at this stage to identify and fix all bugs and vulnerabilities.

Excellent, responsive and technically competent Magento experts with quick turnaround and great communication (including unprompted aftercare follow-up), reasonable price are some of the things you expect from your Magneto upgrade services provider.

Wrapping up

If you’re thinking of having a fully customizable online store, with powerful features, and customized interface that looks, feels and works exactly the way you want it to and Magento upgrade solutions, i-Verve is here to make your online ecommerce business grow.

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