How Can Mailchimp Help Magento 2 ecommerce websites make money?

Is email marketing dead? Nooooooooooooo.

With so many ways of communicating with your users and potential clients, some ecommerce business owners have forgotten email marketing for making their sales grow. Small ecommerce stores to big online retailers can use Mailchimp to grow their ecommerce sales. It is easy to connect your store with Mailchimp and start shooting out emails to your database. Almost all the ecommerce business owners would have a huge list of email addresses of the users. Sending out marketing emails to them with Mailchimp can engage the customers and make them interested in your brand.

Mailchimp for Magento 2 is a free option that helps your customers get the latest information about your products or services. Focus on planning for targeted campaigns with product info, promotional offers and discounts. With Mailchimp, you can make more sales and profits. Convert more users and enjoy repeated sales with Mailchimp for Magento 2 integration.

Why Mailchimp for Magento 2 ecommerce stores?

Mailchimp is a great tool that allows Magento ecommerce stores to send out hundreds or thousands of emails at once. Users can create and manage mailing lists and newsletters. Automate your email campaigns and reach out to a wider audience with Mailchimp integration for Magento 2 store. It is extremely easy to use and any layman can customize the templates without any coding knowledge.

A few ways in which ecommerce owners can use Mailchimp for your business:

Provide value to customers

You can send emails to your users with discount coupons and promotional offers. Mailchimp is used by several Magento 2 ecommerce owners to run promotional campaigns successfully. Customize the templates and shoot thousands of emails with a few clicks.

Save costs of marketing

Some email marketing tools are pricey. If you have a small business, you can opt for Mailchimp’s free version to make your ecommerce business grow. It helps you send 2,000 emails at once and 12,000 emails each month.

Grow your mailing list

Mailchimp allows you to grow your mailing list by embedding customizable signup forms on your website. Users can subscribe to your newsletters or mailing list by providing their email address and you can send out emails to them regularly.

Divide your mailing list

You can create specific groups and tailor your email messages accordingly. Divide your mailing lists according to the different audiences and send specific emails to them. For example: You can create a separate group for customers who haven’t purchased any item from your store since a long time. You can create customized re-engagement email content for them and shoot emails to bring them back to your store. Improve your conversion rate by using Mailchimp for your ecommerce store.

Track email results

Is your email marketing campaign generating good results? Mailchimp offers detailed insights about how your campaigns perform. You would get statistics about how many people opened your emails, how many are unsubscribing, and how many are making purchases from your mails. These results will help you plan the future campaigns better.


Personalization is the key when it comes to increasing ecommerce sales. When you connect your Magento ecommerce store to Mailchimp, you would be able to make more sales by sending specific email content to your users.

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