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How to Build a Fantasy Sports App?

Table of Content:

  1. Introduction
  2. Overview of the fantasy sports app development market
  3. What are fantasy sports apps?
  4. How does the fantasy sports application work?
  5. Why are Fantasy Sports Apps Quickly Gaining Popularity?
  6. Top Fantasy Sports Apps Dominating the market
  7. How to create a sports fantasy application
  8. Tech stack for fantasy sports app development
  9. Cost estimation of fantasy sports app development
  10. How to Make Money with a Fantasy App?
  11. How to find the best sports app development company?
  12. Why i-Verve is an ideal choice for fantasy sports applications?
  13. Conclusion
  14. FAQ

1. Introduction

With the growing influence of cricket, football, polo, basketball, and other sports and competitions worldwide, the sports sector has grown into a multi-billion-dollar industry. Without a doubt, the fantasy sports app development industry has become the most profitable industry out there, and it continues to expand at a rapid pace.

But what exactly are these fantasy sports apps? Why do millions of fans across the globe so love this virtual sport? And how do you create your true self? If you are new to this industry and want to develop a bespoke fantasy sports app, then these questions can be problematic. As a prominent fantasy sports app development company, we’ve covered you!

This blog will go through all the information you need to know to create a fantasy sports app.

2. Overview of the fantasy sports app development market

According to a survey by Statista, around 85% of gamers prefer to play games through fantasy sports apps, while only 7% and 8% prefer to play on desktop and website, respectively. With additional fantasy sports applications on the way, the industry is poised to become one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. According to the study, the market will reach $48.6 billion by 2027.

The fantasy sports app combines prizes, cash prizes and a rollercoaster experience for which users of different age groups compete. Given this addictive behaviour, wild popularity and huge demand, we felt compelled to put together a comprehensive guide, which can prove to be a treasure trove for entrepreneurs or investors planning a fantasy sports app platform.

3. What are fantasy sports apps?

A fantasy game is played online where each user owns a team and creates a virtual group of real players playing matches. Millions of team owners own different teams, and these team owners clash with other team owners during specific matches.

There are certain parameters according to which one has to choose his team. The performance of a particular group is determined by the total points scored by their team during the match, and those points are generated according to the rules and regulations set by the app manager. The team whose 11 players perform best in the game wins the competition or event.

Users can win great reward points as part of their winnings.

4. How does the fantasy sports application work?

The way fantasy sports apps work is to connect sports fans with their favourite players. Users are digitally connected and allowed to play virtual games by choosing their team. They also have the option of selecting their players.

Here’s how it works!

  • Selecting Match – Users can select a match after logging in and verifying the password.
  • Creating a team – The next step is creating a group that meets the game’s standards. For example, if a user chooses cricket, he will need a team of 11 players.
  • Tournaments – The user creates different teams according to tournament rules. Online players can join any group of their choice.
  • Team Management – During most competitions, participants can change the formation they want at any time.
  • Rewards – Players are awarded points based on their performance.

Now we have discussed the overview of the fantasy league app. Let’s discuss why fantasy sports apps are gaining quick popularity.

5. Why are Fantasy Sports Apps Quickly Gaining Popularity?

Many factors have kicked off the utilities of fantasy sports apps. The arrival of the Coronavirus, strict imposition of lockdowns, availability of high-speed connectivity and the latest features in smartphones are some of the major factors that have made users actively engaged virtually in sports apps.

Besides, there has been huge competition in delivering mesmerizing and enchanting user interface that has taken users to experience the surreal virtual realm. Fantasy apps have become a deadly combination when users experience such fascinating interactions and explore options for monetizing their skills.

6. Top Fantasy Sports Apps Dominating the market

Any guide to starting a business will give you tips for researching the market and competitors. This also applies to creating fantasy sports apps, so we found it useful to list some of the most popular players on the market and the things users love them for.

ESPN Fantasy

The absolute leader in fantasy sports apps. ESPN combines rich functionality with an easy-to-navigate interface and the ability to stream, keeping players informed of all happenings on the field, including scores, injuries and anything else a player needs to know.

NFL fantasy football

Users appreciate NFL Fantasy Football for its timely and reliable news, which is no wonder since the app is the official app of the NFL. As for the gaming side, as the name suggests, the app is only suitable for football fans and doesn’t offer as many options as ESPN Fantasy, but unique features like player comparison tools and extra detailed stats compensate for this, as well as a streaming component.

Defy Games

In Defy Games, players will find everything they can think of, from decentralized experience, advanced team management and score tracking to performance predictions. Apart from being a platform for playing fantasy sports, Defy Games is also a valuable source of topical information and news for users. They appreciate the platform for quality podcasts that cover the hottest news in the world of football.

Yahoo Fantasy Sports & Daily

Another leader in the industry has been around for a while and started as a fantasy sports website for NBC Sports. An ideal app for those who enjoy playing fantasy sports occasionally, as Yahoo Sports allows a variety of options for quick games. There are tons of fun to play, both season-long and daily, and some unique features like weekly recaps of players’ squads and super easy player swaps when not needed.

Now on to the most important part – from idea to action.

7. how to create a sports fantasy application

Follow the steps below to create the best fantasy sports app!

Research your competitors

If you’ve been thinking about launching a fantasy sports app or even a clone, now is the best time. The fantasy sports section is in high demand. It’s great to look at competing apps and see how they perform, as this will give you an idea of how to compete with them. If you succeed, you can slowly build a dedicated fan base while beating your competitors.

Partner with the right mobile app development company

To develop your fantasy app, you need to hire the best fantasy app development company and developers. In this scenario, quality should come first, hire app developer or enterprises that deliver long-term results. If you hire someone who is not very good at their job, the quality of your application will suffer. Also, your software will be riddled with problems, making for a less pleasant experience for users. They may also present negative reviews on your app, suggesting it is unsuitable for business. You should first consider your options and research the developing market.

Keep up with trends

To stay ahead of competitors, you must keep your app up-to-date with current trends. Most businesses operate intending to expand shortly. Likewise, your fantasy league app should also have room for improvement. As a result, you must continue to innovate with the application while saving time for testing during the development phase to continue to perfect areas as you progress. Here are some of the key trends in fantasy sports apps today:

  • AI/ML Algorithms: Machine learning-based algorithms can be built and implemented on the Fantasy Sports application framework. This will help the admin determine the app users’ prospects based on their behaviour patterns. You can successfully employ AI to deliver personalized services by collaborating with Fantasy Sports App Development Services.
  • Blockchain-Powered Imaginary Applications: Blockchain is a decentralized technology network. Integrating blockchain with the help of fantasy sports app development business can ensure data security by speeding up processing. This results in less chance of losing payments, documents or other information.
  • AR/VR: Thanks to cognitive technologies, users can enjoy a life-like world. With Augmented Reality, you can create a unique fantasy game environment with machine players and competitors. With this, users will get a more authentic experience. You can also create 3D demo videos for any game.

8. Tech stack for fantasy sports app development

To build an impressive fantasy sports app, your mobile app development team needs to use the best technology to make the app. Below, we’ve listed the top technologies our fantasy app developers use to create high-end fantasy sports apps!

  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • React Native
  • Node.js
  • Vue.js
  • MongoDB
  • Braintree
  • Objective c
  • Xcode
  • Swift

Qualities of an ideal mobile app development team

In addition to the tech stack, you’ll need the following team members to build your ideal fantasy sports app!

  • UI / UX Designer
  • iOS developers
  • Android developers
  • Frontend developers
  • Backend developers
  • Project Manager
  • QA engineer
  • Business Analyst

Now, let’s talk about real business in the Fantasy sports app, that is,

9. Cost estimation of fantasy sports app development

The cost of fantasy sports app development can vary on different factors that are connected to your project. If you are considering hiring a freelancer or amateur developer for the project, it might cost you $50 per hour. However, hiring an amateur developer comes with a long list of risks you don’t want to take for such an expensive project.

The only way to cut off the cost of your next fantasy sports app project is to partner with the right fantasy app development company like i-Verve. Our fantasy app development services aren’t restricted to game developers. Still, you can also get complete technical support at a fraction of the cost, saving hundreds of dollars from your budget.

10. How to Make Money with a Fantasy App?

Applications are made to earn income, and there are many ways to make money from mobile apps. However, there are some ways to generate revenue from fantasy sports app development.

  • Advertising Model: Advertising is one of the easiest ways to start trying to profit from fantasy sports app development. You can make money intelligently by combining advertising banners and processes. In addition, you can specify a space in the application for brand advertising.
  • Freemium model: Users can download the app for free, but they can only get full access to advanced capabilities after purchasing this model. You can go this route by offering additional benefits, such as ad-free gaming, to paid subscribers.
  • Tournament Fees: Fantasy sports come with a lot of content, deals and prizes, among other things. In exchange for a small fee, fantasy sports companies host a range and offer members a chance to win incredible prizes.

So far, we have discussed the important points you need to consider during fantasy sports app development.

11. How to find the best sports app development company?

A safe and practical option to develop your dream mobile app is to approach a reliable Sports App development company. However, before you entrust a project to your technology partner, you should look for the following features:

  • Check out the portfolio: Check their previous successful projects and what kind of mobile apps they have delivered.
  • Check out the review: Read the testimonials of potential customers on their website and social media. You can even connect to their previous clients to take a personal inspection.
  • Value-added services: Check if the company offers post-delivery technical support, QA analysts and upgrades. Select the company that offers all these services for continuous output.
  • Set a realistic budget: Discuss the realistic budget with the company, and clarify the features and the deliverables before starting the project.
  • Means of communication: Lastly, discuss the modes and means of communication with the project manager, the developers and other professionals through emails, phone calls or instant messaging on their respective platforms.

12. Why i-Verve is an ideal choice for fantasy sports applications?

I-Verve is a prominent mobile app development company leveraging expertise, talents, and project management for different industrial domains. Whether it is a FinTech app, VR app or Fantasy Sports app, we are well-equipped to deliver excellent solutions for multiple industries.

Our mobile app developers cultivate the latest trends, their technical expertise and immense experience to craft the fascinating user experience that they cherish for life.

Defy Games is one example where our mobile app developers have successfully blended their creativity with the latest technology to deliver a robust output. As the decentralized gaming app, we have also integrated the most advanced React technologies to deploy dynamic web apps.

13. Conclusion

Apart from the challenges, it is not an impossible goal to accomplish if one knows where to start. In most cases, it begins with the road development process. Engaging with a website development partner is extremely important so that you can rest assured of launching a fantasy sports website that you can be proud of.
With plenty of experience and many happy customers behind us, we at i-Verve can develop the fantasy sports website or app of your dreams. We are dedicated to providing quality services at every application development stage. We advance the cost after thorough discussions with our clients and start working on your vision for a timely launch.

14. FAQs

How to create a fantasy league app?

The easiest way to create a fantasy league app is to hire the best mobile app developer for your project. And the most advanced step is to partner with the right mobile app development company that delivers dynamic results, provide technical support and helps you to establish a successful business.

How much does it cost to make a Fantasy sports app?

Estimating the actual cost of creating an effective fantasy sports app like Defy Games is difficult. The fantasy sports app development cost depends on various factors such as:

  • Application complexity
  • Application features and functionality
  • Using the platform
  • Techniques used
  • Geography of the Development Company
  • Monetization model

Schedule a call with our experts if you want comprehensive details on app development costs. Our experts would love to estimate your project.

What are the features of Fantasy sports apps?

The fantasy sports apps have various features, including live scores, team building, reward management, social media sharing and inviting friends for league matches. Besides, you can discuss your project requirements, and our gaming experts can suggest the best features suitable for your industrial domain and the type of sport you have selected for your app.

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