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PetHotels Mobile Application

Digitalizing Pet Care Services

Pet hotel is a concept to provide home-like care services by easily connecting pet owners and pet hotel owners through its digital service. It focuses on providing pet owners with the best nearby pet hotels for their Pet Animals boarding with the best care and amenities required to take care of the pets.


React Native
Adobe XD


Project Manager
Software Engineer
QA Engineer
Business Analyst
UI/UX Designer

Domain or Industry

Pet Hotels


United States

Pet Hotels

Project Concept

Pet Hotels is the concept of serving the end-user who owns a pet and pet hotels owners who provide service of veterinary and pet boarding. The business is going on for years but there and there have been many pet hotel apps in the market yet they are not as productive as they should be.

Research & Ideation

Looking to the market and after doing the deep research and survey of why pet owners are unsatisfied in trusting the pet hotels, or why pet hotel owners are not getting businesses as they should?

The client approached i-Verve to get an agile and scalable digital platform in the form of mobile applications for both iOS and Android for pet owners and pet hotel owners to help them get trusted and quality veterinary and pet boarding services whenever needed with pre-decided terms and conditions.

The Product

Pet Hotels is a unique concept designed especially to help Pet Animals to get real care when their real owners cannot take care of them due to any business trip or personal reason. The pet Hotels program is for any pet animal owner and all pet hotel owners. The Pet Hotel is a digital platform in the form of a mobile app to solve the real problem of the pet animal owners and helps pet hotel business owners get more clients and increase business.

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hotels booking app
pet-hotels case study


The challenge was to make a platform that allows pet animal owners to find the best and affordable Pet Hotels that offer pet boarding and home-like care that pet owners give their pets.


Cross-Platform app development challenges were to make an application for both android and iOS with advanced features in React Native, APIs integrated, Payment gateway integrated, user-friendly UI/UX, Secure application that saves all information of the hotels and users.

Communication Challenges that he put in front of the company and developer was to give a modern look and feel to the application, making the user experience more engaging, have a regular scrum call, and fix the run time errors if found any after completing the task assigned every week, while keeping the budget at a bay. And to this, our team took it as an opportunity and not as a challenge.


6 Responsible professionals namely, Project manager, business analyst, design manager, software engineer, UI/UX designer, Quality analyst played their role dedicatedly intending to deliver the project as committed without compromising with the quality and work environment. 


Our Approach: A business analyst is a key person, who digs deep with the client while on a discovery call, but the job is not completed here, our BA after completing the call with the client and after gathering the information, did deep research, took a sound understanding about the audience, their taste, competitor analysis to beat the competitors and keep our client lead the industry.

UI/UX designer used Adobe XD / Adobe Photoshop, HTML along competitor analysis to create a whole new but user engaging design that attracts the customer, easy to understand and navigate without making it glitch and confused. 

Architecture: The software engineer took the responsibility of making the back-end of the application bug-free assuring each feature worked perfectly fine. Our software engineer used react native technology to fulfill the demand of making the cross-platform mobile application for both OS that is iOS and Android.

pet hotels mobile app screens

View beauty services

The app allows the user to view all the beauty services available as per their need. Be it budget, luxury, basics, geo, or more.

pet hotels mobile app screen


The app is designed by experts with deep research and keeping the future demand in mind. Online 24/7 chat support is integrated to help the user clear their doubt at the same time when they are in search of Pet Hotels.

pet hotels mobile application

Manage hotel user

Integrated the security feature to help the admin to monitor and manage hotel users 24/7 automatically. Hotel users will be disqualified or disabled automatically if found breaching the contract and terms and conditions.



Customer Panel
View basic filter results
Beauty services bookings
Booking confirmation (pet beauty services)
Language settings
Manage products


More than 500+ active users and Pet hotel owners are experiencing an increase in business, customers, and revenue. More than 700+ users have downloaded the app.