Marshalls World of Sport - Website Developed in ASP.Net

The client, Marshalls World of Sport, approached us with a set of specific and complex requirements for the development of their sports web portal. They sought to enhance their betting management system in both the admin and front panels. Additionally, they desired to display the number of bets placed by individual users and provide multiple sports categories along with tips for sports and betting.

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About the Client

Marshalls World of Sport is a renowned South African company that specializes in providing online betting services for horse races and international sports events. They have earned a reputation as leaders in the South African betting industry.

About the Project

The project aimed to design and develop a comprehensive sports event website that would allow users to log into their accounts, place bets, and manage their previous bets, which would remain pending until the outcome was determined. The client also emphasized the need for integrating multiple payment options to enhance user convenience and drive business growth. Furthermore, the admin panel required the ability to cancel bets in cases of fraud or cheating. It was crucial to ensure that the website could handle a large number of visitors simultaneously, providing a seamless user experience.


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Project Functionalities

  1. User Account Management: The sports web portal allowed users to create accounts and log in securely.
  2. Bet Placement: Users could place bets on various sports events through the portal.
  3. Bet Management: The portal provided features for users to manage their previous bets, which remained pending until the outcomes were determined.
  4. Multiple Payment Options: Integrated multiple payment options for seamless and convenient transactions.
  5. Admin Panel: Included a comprehensive admin panel with betting management capabilities, allowing administrators to cancel bets in cases of fraud or cheating.
  6. Sports Categories: The portal displayed multiple sports categories, providing users with a wide range of options to bet on.
  7. Tips for Sports and Betting: Users could access tips and guidance related to sports and betting, enhancing their experience and knowledge.
sports website development

Project Result

A. Client Satisfaction

The completion of the project resulted in a satisfied client who expressed that their dream of promoting responsible betting had been achieved.

B. Responsible Betting

The developed web portal played a significant role in promoting responsible betting practices.

C. Enhanced User Experience

Users benefited from seamless account management, convenient bet placement, and access to a variety of sports categories and betting tips.

D. Business Growth

Integration of multiple payment options and the ability to handle a large number of visitors contributed to business growth for Marshalls World of Sport.

E. Reliable and Secure 

The robustness of the sports web portal ensured its reliability, handling thousands of visitors simultaneously without compromising user experience or security.

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